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Mountains in Niigata The main component of Niigata's traditional cuisine is seafood. Local restaurants serve wonderful shrimp and shellfish dishes, as well as rare varieties of white meat fish. The most exotic specialty for foreign tourists is raw seafood, which, however, has long been an everyday food for locals. The most common garnish to fish and vegetables is rice. Usually, it is served boiled without any spices and seasonings. “Koshihikari” rice widespread in the region is now appreciated in many countries of the world for its high palatability.
Niigata provides a lot of entertainment to suit every taste, including nice places to be visited with children. The city has a beautiful indoor water park called Yusuikan, which welcomes … Open
Restaurants serving traditional sushi prepared from the freshest seafood are widespread in the city. To prepare one of the main national dishes, they use fish and shellfish, various types of shrimp and seaweed. Visitors to some upscale restaurants can taste crab-meat sushi. One of the main local sushi specialties is northern shrimp having a unique delicate taste.
Niigata's traditional cuisine will surely appeal to adherents of a healthy diet. They prepare a lot of interesting dishes for two, which are usually called "wappameshi”. The dish was named so due to special round containers in which they are cooked and served. Wappameshi is prepared from various components, including rice, fish and seafood, chicken, vegetables or seaweed. After that, the container is covered with a tight lid and steamed. It is customary to serve this kind of dishes hot. Copyright
The picturesque port city of Niigata has many interesting symbols and traditions. Travelers who want to get acquainted with the traditions of the indigenous population tend to visit the city … Open
A common dish in local cuisine is traditional Soba noodles made from buckwheat flour. It can be served as an independent dish with soy sauce and fresh vegetables. It is also used to prepare difficult meat and fish dishes. Among popular local meat dishes, it is worth mentioning “Katsudon” - small deep-fried pork slices. The tradition of cooking this dish goes back almost a hundred years. Depending on the characteristics of cooking oil, it can acquire original flavor notes. Fans of sweets in Niigata would be happy to try strawberry desserts and fresh berries grown at local gardening farms.
JR EAST E129-100_A20_1 The city has many upscale restaurants, and Kaisenya Negibozu invites you to try popular Japanese dishes. Its guests are offered a huge selection of sushi and regional dishes from fish and seafood. This restaurant will appeal to adherents of healthy nutrition and those who watch their waist. It always serves original dishes of vegetables and rice. Kaisenya Negibozu is also notable for the fact that all its dishes are distinguished by a spectacular presentation.
Niigata has a lot of amazing attractions, acquaintance with which will make any vacation exciting and informative. The city's most famous historical symbol is Aizuwakamatsu Castle dating … Open
Those who wish to try the best regional delicacies should check out Ika No Sumi Eki-Mae. At this restaurant, you can always try crabs prepared according to original recipes, as well as enjoy rare types of seafood that are not found in other countries of the world. Despite the huge popularity and variety of gourmet dishes, the restaurant offers quite affordable prices.
In Toh Lee Restaurant, guests are offered not only popular Japanese but also Chinese food. It features an elegant modern design with a hall in light shades. Here you can taste original dishes cooked in wooden dishes for two, including various types of wontons.
In Niigata, fans of unusual entertainment will have the opportunity to visit Marinepia Nihonkai Aquarium, which is considered one of the largest and most interesting in the country. It is … Open
Head to Shungyo Shunsai Goro Bandai for fresh seafood and exquisite meat delicacies. Its guests are offered original dishes in a modern style and a broad selection of seafood and meat dishes. Octopus and eel specialties are particularly noteworthy. Most of the meat dishes are prepared from pork here.
NTT Base Station_1 Sankichiya Keyakidori Restaurant can hardly be called popular or refined. This is a good place for gourmets who want to try daily local dishes. This restaurant is mainly visited by local residents for whom they prepare simple and affordable food. Fried or steamed fish, original soups with noodles and seafood, steamed dishes and traditional desserts - everyone can find something to their liking in this restaurant. One of the nice local bars is Sumibiyaki Grill. Here you can taste wonderful grilled dishes, as well as signature cocktails and wines brought from around the world.
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