Colors of Niigata - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

The picturesque port city of Niigata has many interesting symbols and traditions. Travelers who want to get acquainted with the traditions of the indigenous population tend to visit the city during the period of traditional holidays and festivals. The largest and most beautiful event is the Nigata Matsuri - a colorful festival, which is always accompanied by mass dance and music performances.
The main component of Niigata's traditional cuisine is seafood. Local restaurants serve wonderful shrimp and shellfish dishes, as well as rare varieties of white meat fish. The most exotic … Open
The festival program lasting several days opens with a traditional dance parade, in which more than 20,000 people take part. All the parade participants wear beautiful national costumes, which makes the procession even more spectacular. The second day of the holiday also involves colorful processions. Among other things, the festival program includes gastronomic entertainment and children's activities. Interestingly, the Matsuri Festival is held in many Japanese cities but has some special features in Niigata.
During the parade, full-sized ship models made of wood are carried through the city streets. This feature indicates the importance of marine traditions for the city. The final entertainment of the festival is grandiose fireworks. The townspeople love pyrotechnic shows so much that they make them an indispensable part of literally all holidays. Within the framework of the Matsuri Festival, they always launch a huge 300 kg pyrotechnic shell called “Phoenix”. This is the largest shell allowed by local law - the diameter of the burst reaches about 2,000 meters. The beautiful festival is usually held in the early days of August. The tradition of its holding originated back in 1879. Copyright
Niigata has a lot of amazing attractions, acquaintance with which will make any vacation exciting and informative. The city's most famous historical symbol is Aizuwakamatsu Castle dating … Open
Music fans would probably be interested in visiting Niigata in July when the annual Fuji Rock Festival is held in the city. Rock music performers from all over the world take part in the event. In recent years, it has been gathering at least one hundred thousand spectators. For the first time, this festival was held in 1997 when open-air stages were equipped for it at the foot of Mount Fuji. Despite the fact that two years later it was transferred to another place, it was decided to leave its original name.
Shibata Castle Besides daily concerts, guests of the music festival can enjoy a sea of treats and beer, meet-and-greets with eminent musicians, as well as the natural beauties of the region. Despite its huge scale, the Fuji Rock Festival is considered one of the most environmentally friendly festivals in the world. Its organizers undertake a number of special measures to cause minimal damage to the environment and ensure proper garbage disposal.
In Niigata, fans of unusual entertainment will have the opportunity to visit Marinepia Nihonkai Aquarium, which is considered one of the largest and most interesting in the country. It is … Open
Apart from interesting holidays, Niigata also boasts of some original symbols. One of the cutest is Senbei rice crackers. Today they are produced in many cities around the country, but Niigata has been the leading producer for many years. You can buy the crackers in every local store, not to mention numerous specialized cafes. The latter often hold workshops on cooking the popular local delicacies for foreign tourists.
Niigata\/Ibaraki 16 #3 Another important gastronomic symbol for the region is sake. In Niigata, there are several large factories for the production of the so-called Japanese rice wine. They've long become popular tourist attractions offering guided tours and tastings. Speaking of traditional local crafts, it is worth noting the production of premium knives and kitchen utensils made of steel. They began to be produced here several hundred years ago, and now accessories by local craftsmen are considered one of the best in the country. Local knives are popular tourist souvenirs. The city also has specialized shops selling kitchen utensils.
1. Niigata has a large international airport that regularly receives flights from various Europen and Asian countries. Many travelers come here through Tokyo - from the capital of Japan, the … Open
Furumachi District, one of the three largest geisha quarters in Japan, becomes an unexpected discovery for many tourists. Its history begins more than 200 years ago. Today, they conduct a lot of themed tours for tourists here. They can see geishas dressed in traditional costumes, watch beautiful dance performances, and even participate in tea ceremonies. Niigata residents are very cheerful and welcoming. They are proud of their culture and historical heritage and have great respect for foreign tourists enthusiastic about local culture. Literally all local holidays are open to participation by foreigners.
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