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In Niigata, shopping enthusiasts will have a huge selection of places to explore. The city has big shopping centers, electronics stores, cosmetics and perfume boutiques, as well as attractively priced jewelry stores. One of the city’s most popular stores is Ponshukan offering dozens of types of sake to its customers. This store shares the same building as the museum dedicated to the main national drink, so many tourists visit it as part of a tour. The store features an interesting and beautiful design, it often hosts tastings and other interesting events. Miniature gift-wrapped sake bottles are among the most popular tourist souvenirs. Apart from alcoholic beverages, they sell other interesting regional products in this store. You'll be offered to buy local rice with excellent gustatory qualities, miso pasta, and various types of soy sauce. Many tourists come here for all kinds of pickles and convenience foods, while others are attracted to its fresh pastries. Among the shopping centers presented in the city, Bandai City Bus Center Bldg stands out. It houses shops of various kinds so it can be of equal interest to those looking for fashion accessories or electronic gadgets. The mall has a large GU store, Loft and Lovela pavilions. It is also known for its rich selection of kid-focused stores. There isn't enough time in the day to explore all the stores presented. Customers can combine shopping trips with tasting specialties at restaurants and cafes. Nishibori … Read further

Our guide to Niigata

Cultural excursion through Niigata - things to see

Fans of unusual tours would be interested in visiting the Ponshukan Sake Museum located in the city. Niigata is one of the country's leaders in the production of sake. This became possible due to the fact that there are extensive rice plantations in the immediate vicinity of the city. The prefecture is also characterized by special clean water, and that's why rice vodka produced here is considered one of the best … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Travelers with children would be happy to explore the Niigata Science Museum located in the city. The museum is largely aimed at young visitors - almost all of the exhibits presented are interactive. Children are told how planes and cars work and invited to conduct fascinating experiments in physics and other fields of science. The tours are organized so well that even adults find the museum really interesting. … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Those who wish to try the best regional delicacies should check out Ika No Sumi Eki-Mae. At this restaurant, you can always try crabs prepared according to original recipes, as well as enjoy rare types of seafood that are not found in other countries of the world. Despite the huge popularity and variety of gourmet dishes, the restaurant offers quite affordable prices. In Toh Lee Restaurant, guests are offered … Open

Traditions and mentality of Niigata

Apart from interesting holidays, Niigata also boasts of some original symbols. One of the cutest is Senbei rice crackers. Today they are produced in many cities around the country, but Niigata has been the leading producer for many years. You can buy the crackers in every local store, not to mention numerous specialized cafes. The latter often hold workshops on cooking the popular local delicacies for foreign … Open

Travel guide to Niigata

Fans of unusual excursions will have the opportunity to visit the island of Sado, which is 35 km from Niigata's coast. This island is an important historical site, hundreds of years ago it served as a place of banishment for "enemies of the state". A lot of high-ranking officials were exiled to this island. The exiles worked on gold deposits previously discovered here by the local researchers. The Japanese island's … Open

Niigata for children - what to visit

In Niigata, you can visit the Niigata Science Museum, which is designed more like a colorful entertainment center. This museum is aimed specifically at children - literally all its exhibits can be touched and interacted with. Children will have a chance to see the structure of the car and hear about the structure of aircraft and helicopters. Among the museum exhibits are very interesting ship models, as well as … Open

Japan - moving around the country

Bus service is also well developed in the country, although the speed of movement on this mode of transport is inferior to that the train. Buses in the country are always clean and comfortable. The fare is paid to the driver when boarding. In some cities, trolley buses and trams operate. In the largest cities of the country, including the capital Tokyo, underground and surface subways are operational. It is worth noting that the metro in Tokyo is the first metro in all of Asia and so far, it is one of the most congested in the world. If you want to independently regulate your movement around the country, you can rent a car. Although, it should be pointed out that this method of transportation is the least popular here. You will need to have a driver’s license and purchase Japanese insurance. It is worth noting that road signs in Japan are different from European ones, so many tourists find it very difficult to navigate in the left-hand traffic. Moreover, it is very difficult to find parking in large places. … Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in Japan

One of the most loved events of the people is New Year. Its symbols in Japan are; Hamaimi (Special blunted arrows with white feathers believed to protect the house from evil spirits), Takarubees (boats with rice for the seven spirits of luck), Kumade (bamboo rake), “shovel” in the house for happiness and luck. The brightest event of the Japanese winter is the February festival of snow sculptures in Sapporo. During the week of this festivity, guests of the holiday can admire realistic ice palaces and figures of heroes of famous Japanese animated films. At night, a skillful illumination gives the ice and snow sculptures a truly majestic look. The festivity area is equipped with an ice park with attractions. Concerts are held and snacks with local food and drinks are distributed. … Open

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