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Traditionally, rice and fish are the most popular ingredients in the national cuisine of Japan. Kanagawa prefecture is no exception. Food with tuna as the main ingredient or at least with some tuna is particularly popular here. The reason for this is simple – there is a city called Miura that has a large Misaki port. It is one of the main trade centers of fishing in Japan that provides fish not only to Kanagawa but also to other regions of the country. That is why tourists should try gourmet ocean fish during their vacation in Kanagawa because it is always fresh and delicious here.
Kanagawa prefecture is located on Honshu Island. Today this is one of the main industrial centers of the country. Despite the fact that Kanagawa was severely destroyed by the earthquake in … Open
Sushi is a traditional dish with tuna. A slice of fresh fish is put onto pressed rice and then slightly sprinkled with vinegar. Such ingredients as the eel, shrimps, caviar, pickled ginger or cheese are popular additions to the classic recipe. You only need to pick the variant you like and enjoy the unusual taste. However, be careful when selecting a place to eat. As the fish is served raw, there is a risk of getting an illness or food poisoning if all ingredients are not properly processed or a dining establishment doesn’t have strict sanitary rules.
If describing the cuisine of Kanagawa prefecture separately, there are certain dishes that are available in virtually every restaurant. These are Kaigun Kare, Namashirasu Don, and Sanmamen. The first dish is basically rice with curry. The recipe of this dish is very simple and is almost identical to the classic recipe that is popular in many countries of the world. However, Kaigun Kare has some difference – only a special type of curry produced only in Japan is used in this dish. This spice adds a special flavor and taste to the dish. Copyright
Many consider Japanese to be quite cold people who always follow their own strict rules and different honor codices developed through centuries. However, behind the mask of self-possession, … Open
Namashirasu Don is a rice bowl with fresh baby anchovies. The literal translation of the name is “raw baby fish with rice”. The recipe of this dish is quite simple: fresh baby sardines or anchovies are used as a topping for freshly boiled rice. To make this simple dish taste more original, local chefs use such ingredients as ginger, wasabi, soy or any other Japanese sauce – local cuisine can offer many different combinations of tastes.
eternal recurrence Sanmamen is one of the variations of the traditional dish in the national cuisine. The name of this dish literally means “bean sprout noodles”. The classic recipe of this dish includes ramen – thick wheat noodles – that is boiled in soy sauce. The most typical vegetables in Sanmamen are bean sprouts, sliced carrot, cabbage, onion and scallion, and sweet pepper roasted in oil with spices. You can ask a sauce for this dish – sweet, hot, or piquant depending on your preferences.
Kanagawa is one of the most modern and economically developed prefectures in Japan. Besides breathtaking natural landscapes, the region is home to many interesting cultural landmarks. The … Open
When dining in a café or restaurant, tourists need to remember about Japanese table etiquette. This will help to prevent confusing situations. If you ordered a soup, first eat all ingredients in the broth and then drink the broth directly from the bowl. If you are eating sushi and want to add a sauce to the dish, do not dip the whole sushi in the sauce. Simply take a piece of fish from the sushi, dip it in the sauce, and put it back on the rice. When you finish your meal, put chopsticks aside or on the tray, but do not put them into the bowl. According to Japanese traditions, a bowl with rice and chopsticks inserted into the rice is a gift to the deceased.
China Town In Kanagawa prefecture, there are many unusual dining establishments. For example, Shian Gyoza specializes in serving Chinese food. This restaurant is open in the city of Kawasaki, in quite a silent place. Despite the fact that this café is not incredibly popular, a visit to Shian Gyoza will leave many pleasant memories. This café has many advantages. For example, all gyoza are handmade and cooked in accordance with old family recipes. Among the signature dishes, it is important to mention ninniku gyoza – small Chinese dumplings with garlic.
Unique sulfurous springs remain one of the most important calling cards of the region. These springs are mostly located in Ōwakudani valley. Travelers are welcome to participate in special … Open
Menbahamatora is an Asian cuisine restaurant located in Yokohama. At this restaurant, you can try the most popular Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. The charming design of the restaurant is perfect for relaxation, while quick and friendly service will not let you feel bored while waiting for the food. The menu is diverse, but Asian noodles and soups are the most popular. Regular customers recommend trying traditional ramen noodles, fish soup, and baked meat with rice.
Shonan Sunset If you want to get acquainted with traditional Japanese cuisine, Sushiro Higashikanagawaten in Yokohama is the right place. It is a traditional national cuisine restaurant that offers not only sushi and rolls but also other authentic dishes of the Country of the Rising Sun. An attractive design of the restaurant and English menu are also among advantages of Sushiro Higashikanagawaten. Tourists are recommended trying sushi, chicken in a soft dough, ramen, udon and glass noodles with various toppings, such as tuna, mussels or meat.
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