Photogallery of Niigata, Japan

Niigata by Máximo Novas @flickr
NTT Base Station_1
NTT Base Station_1 @flickr
Niigata by maurizio.mwg @flickr
JR EAST E129-100_A20_1
JR EAST E129-100_A20_1 @flickr
Mountains in Niigata
Mountains in Niigata by threepinner @flickr
Night time of Niigata City (ILCE-6000 + Carlzeiss Touit2812)
Night time of Niigata City (ILCE-6000 + Carlzeiss Touit2812) by tadanori.inoue @flickr
Guard House (?)
Guard House (?) by Mr. FRANTaStiK @flickr
Niigata\/Ibaraki 16 #3
Niigata\/Ibaraki 16 #3 by tt64jp @flickr
Shibata Castle
Shibata Castle by Mr. FRANTaStiK @flickr
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More to see in Niigata
In Niigata, fans of unusual entertainment will have the opportunity to visit Marinepia Nihonkai Aquarium, which is considered one of the largest and most interesting in the country. It is home to more than 20,000 representatives of marine fauna, among which there are rare species of fish and marine predators. The main feature of the aquarium is a transparent tunnel, and everyone can feel like another inhabitant of the mysterious underwater world passing through it. Every day, the aquarium conducts fascinating tours, during which its visitors can learn a lot of new things. Besides, they organize shows with sea lions and dolphins. Near the aquarium is Niigata Field, a landscape park that would be of interest to all nature enthusiasts. This is a theme park - landscapes typical of the prefecture are recreated throughout its vast territory. During a walk, visitors can see rare plants that grow in the region and admire some original landscape compositions. Not far from the city, there are amazing natural attractions, including Lake Hyoko. This artificial pond became an important point on the path of migratory birds. At a certain time of the year, over 5,000 rare species of swans flock to the lake. Not only tourists but also professional ornithologists come to watch them. Near the lake is a beautiful park, which has also become home to rare birds. November is the best time to walk along the lakeshore. Bird feeding remains a favorite pastime for tourists. Trips to Sado Island, … Read further

Chapters of the guide to Niigata

Travel guide to Niigata

The city's most important entertainment facility is Marinepia Nihonkai, one of the largest aquariums in Japan. It offers a unique collection of marine life: you can observe rare fish, shellfish, sea turtles, and, of course, watch a spectacular dolphin show. The beautifully decorated oceanarium has a large transparent tunnel and many other thematic aquariums with information plaques. Fans of unusual excursions … Open

Niigata for children - what to visit

Niigata provides a lot of entertainment to suit every taste, including nice places to be visited with children. The city has a beautiful indoor water park called Yusuikan, which welcomes visitors at any time of the year. It houses many beautiful pools, including a special one designed for kids. Adults will be more pleased with the presence of a chic relaxation area with a jacuzzi. Among other things, the water park … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

The store features an interesting and beautiful design, it often hosts tastings and other interesting events. Miniature gift-wrapped sake bottles are among the most popular tourist souvenirs. Apart from alcoholic beverages, they sell other interesting regional products in this store. You'll be offered to buy local rice with excellent gustatory qualities, miso pasta, and various types of soy sauce. Many tourists … Open

Advices for travellers

3. Niigata is famous for its natural attractions. Fans of outdoor activities and tours will be more interested in visiting these places in the warm season. 4. Japanese yen is generally accepted in Niigata while paying in a different currency can be problematic. It's recommended to exchange money at home before the trip. That's how you make an exchange at the most favorable rate. 5. Most of the local … Open

Traditions and mentality of Niigata

The festival program lasting several days opens with a traditional dance parade, in which more than 20,000 people take part. All the parade participants wear beautiful national costumes, which makes the procession even more spectacular. The second day of the holiday also involves colorful processions. Among other things, the festival program includes gastronomic entertainment and children's activities. … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Those who wish to try the best regional delicacies should check out Ika No Sumi Eki-Mae. At this restaurant, you can always try crabs prepared according to original recipes, as well as enjoy rare types of seafood that are not found in other countries of the world. Despite the huge popularity and variety of gourmet dishes, the restaurant offers quite affordable prices. In Toh Lee Restaurant, guests are offered … Open

Top sigths of Japan

There are more than thirty museums in the city, the most popular of which are Bridgestone Museum, Tenri Gallery, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Underground Museum, Kite Museum, Idemitsu Museum, and Ota Museum. These museums are mostly dedicated to collections of art and historic artefacts. However, in Tokyo there are more unusual museums, for example, the Museum of Spectacles, the Museum of Water Pipes, the Museum of Underground, the Museum of Bags and the Museum of Bicycles. … Open

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