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Heian Jingu Shrine Numerous Japanese cuisine restaurants represent the main gastronomic dignity of the city, however, fans of other culinary cultures wouldn’t find Kyoto boring and monotonous. National cuisine restaurant Issian Pontocho is one of local attractive places. It is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, but this aspect has barely affected prices. Marvelous ethnic dishes prepared by classic recipes will please all fans of Japanese cookery.
Kyoto is a unique city of festivals - beautiful celebrations are carried out here almost every month. Many celebrations have a long history; a large part of them are devoted to the important … Open
A more modest establishment is Musashi Sushi restaurant; its special treats are sushi. Fans of seafood, sushi and rolls will enjoy a dinner here; a large selection of national drinks will be a nice addition to meal. In the Grill Miyata restaurant visitors can taste a variety of dishes from the grill. Customers appreciate beef with special sauces; fans of vegetarian food like hot vegetable salads and stews.
For those who can’t imagine a meal without exotic delicacies, we can recommend the Hyoteihonten restaurant. Dishes of Japanese cuisine represent the basis of its menu; treats list is regularly updated with chef’s culinary masterpieces. It is worth to mention that the price level in this place is pretty high, but the Hyoteihonten restaurant has lots of loyal customers, and their number is increasing year by year. The Omenginkakujihonten restaurant points out from budget places in the city. Noodles, which are served with a variety of sauces and condiments, are specialty treats of this modest and cozy restaurant. A large selection of soft drinks will delight guests. Omenginkakujihonten is a place to relax with family. Copyright
Kyoto has been preserving the status of the cultural capital of Japan for many years. It is an amazing city that managed to preserve old-world charm over the centuries. There are beautiful … Open
For breakfast, it’s better to go to the Iyemon Salon Kyoto restaurant, as in the first half of the day a special menu would be offered for you. The main regulars of the restaurant are employees of nearby offices and tourists, so it always has a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Fans of the real Japanese tea and sweets will be impressed by Tsujiri Honten cafe, which serves visitors from the early morning. Hundreds of visitors come here every day to enjoy the tea ceremony and signature sweets in Tsujiri Honten. According to the locals, the best green tea is served here.
big buddha To try the traditional cuisine of Kyoto, it's enough just to stroll through the city streets. Small cafes serving wonderful noodle dishes are widely spread here. The most popular version of this food is “udon”. This is noodles in the broth, which may be cooked with a variety of vegetables and seafood. The whole year wouldn't be enough to try all udon versions. In every restaurant in Kyoto, it is prepared according to an original recipe.
Many entertainment venues in Kyoto will help to diversify the rich excursion program; anyone could find a place to stay at his liking. Travelers coming to vacation with kids are sure to … Open
A significant part of the local gastronomy is devoted to seafood dishes, which are often sold in open market stalls. Small fried octopuses cooked with an original sauce are considered to be a national delicacy. Admirers of exquisite delicacies will have the opportunity to try dozens of shrimps, crabs and other crustaceans, as well as all kinds of soups and other fish dishes.
Climbing Fushimi Inari Kyoto restaurants delight travelers not only with a great variety of dishes but also with affordable prices. The finest seafood would cost guests of classic restaurants up to $ 10. Here they cook salmon according to special recipes, fantastic octopus carpaccio, various chicken and seafood kebabs, and various seafood salads.
1. Major shopping centers are open every day, seven days a week. They begin serving visitors not later than 10:00 am, and the working day ends not earlier than 9:00 pm. If the store is … Open
Noddles continue to be the most important everyday dish for locals. It is still used for cooking hundreds of unparalleled dishes. This product is so popular that one of the city museums was dedicated to it. A visit to this museum will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the culinary traditions of Japan. In the museum, you can learn about the history of cooking many popular dishes and taste some special delicacies.
Goldener-Pavillon-Tempel Many travelers find tasting local sweets Kyoto's most exciting activity. Here you must try special cookies called “Nama Yatsuhashi”; miniature cookie boxes are among the most popular souvenir options. The recipe for this cookie was invented at the beginning of the 17th century; in many local pastry shops, Nama Yatsuhashi is still cooked by hand. No less original dessert is Baumkuchen, a cake prepared with green tea. The cake looks very unusual, a bit like a cut of a tree with circles; the taste of this sweet is equally original.
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