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JR EAST E129-100_A20_1 In Niigata, shopping enthusiasts will have a huge selection of places to explore. The city has big shopping centers, electronics stores, cosmetics and perfume boutiques, as well as attractively priced jewelry stores. One of the city’s most popular stores is Ponshukan offering dozens of types of sake to its customers. This store shares the same building as the museum dedicated to the main national drink, so many tourists visit it as part of a tour.
Niigata provides a lot of entertainment to suit every taste, including nice places to be visited with children. The city has a beautiful indoor water park called Yusuikan, which welcomes … Open
The store features an interesting and beautiful design, it often hosts tastings and other interesting events. Miniature gift-wrapped sake bottles are among the most popular tourist souvenirs. Apart from alcoholic beverages, they sell other interesting regional products in this store. You'll be offered to buy local rice with excellent gustatory qualities, miso pasta, and various types of soy sauce. Many tourists come here for all kinds of pickles and convenience foods, while others are attracted to its fresh pastries.
Among the shopping centers presented in the city, Bandai City Bus Center Bldg stands out. It houses shops of various kinds so it can be of equal interest to those looking for fashion accessories or electronic gadgets. The mall has a large GU store, Loft and Lovela pavilions. It is also known for its rich selection of kid-focused stores. There isn't enough time in the day to explore all the stores presented. Customers can combine shopping trips with tasting specialties at restaurants and cafes. Copyright
The main component of Niigata's traditional cuisine is seafood. Local restaurants serve wonderful shrimp and shellfish dishes, as well as rare varieties of white meat fish. The most exotic … Open
Nishibori Rosa Shopping Center is attractive not only with a variety of shops but also with its original themed design. Its interior is fully dedicated to beautiful roses - at every step, one can see paintings and themed elements, as well as open spaces decorated with wonderful artistic lighting. Among its men's and women’s clothing stores, there are suitable ones for fans of classics and those who prefer modern and trendy styles. Ladies will surely appreciate stores selling beautiful fabrics for future outfits and a number of large cosmetics and perfume stores.
Travelers who give preference to the most sophisticated and famous brands must visit Isetan Shopping Center. It has gathered stores of the most renowned global brands, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes. Despite the above, even budget tourists will find this mall interesting. The reason is regular sales and numerous attractive Japanese brand stores that serve as an alternative to expensive fashion boutiques.
The picturesque port city of Niigata has many interesting symbols and traditions. Travelers who want to get acquainted with the traditions of the indigenous population tend to visit the city … Open
It'd be a great idea to explore Niigata's grocery markets. One of the largest in the city is Farmers' Market Ippe Court. This market is covered, which makes it comfortable for visiting even on a hot day. The market sells the most popular regional products, including affordable seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, and popular spices. Farmers' Market Ippe Court is primarily aimed at locals, so it may be difficult for foreigners to understand all the packages and bundles marked with Chinese characters presented on the shelves. As souvenirs, many tourists buy packaged miso pasta, small bottles of rice vinegar and soy sauce, and various sushi accessories.
NTT Base Station_1 Although Billboard Place is not among the largest shopping centers, it is still of great interest. Ladies will like elegant underwear and accessories stores, while men will be able to visit sporting goods stores and pick up trendy modern clothes. This mall is never crowded, here you can do shopping in a calm and spacious atmosphere. Apart from shops, it houses several nice cafes and restaurants representing regional cuisine.
Niigata has a lot of amazing attractions, acquaintance with which will make any vacation exciting and informative. The city's most famous historical symbol is Aizuwakamatsu Castle dating … Open
Aeon Mall located in one of the remote areas of the city is an outlet attracting all budget tourists. The bulk of its space is occupied by stores of popular Japanese brands where clothes and shoes can be bought at the most attractive prices. This outlet always presents a large selection of children's goods and provides playgrounds for small visitors. The shopping center and its surrounding area feature beautiful design. After shopping, you can walk in a landscape park.
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