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Guard House (?)

Visit Sado Island

You can go from the Niigata port to Sado Island. At first, it was a place of exile for criminals. Then silver and gold were mined on it. Its mines are a tourist attraction today. If you come here you can watch Japanese irises and test your hand at playing on a huge drum. If you go to the aquatic center Ogi, you will be able to water-skiing, yacht, or canoe, go kayaking in the cave or diving.
Niigata provides a lot of entertainment to suit every taste, including nice places to be visited with children. The city has a beautiful indoor water park called Yusuikan, which welcomes … Open
The most popular entertainment on the island is the voyage on the boat "Tarai-Bune". It looks like a big bowl. Such vessels were used during the collection of seaweed, shells, and shellfish, which are consumed in ancient times. You will have the opportunity not only to take a walk on an unusual swimming vehicle but also to control it yourself. You will follow the instructor's advice. He will be dressed in national clothes.

Visit the Aquarium Marinepia Nihonkai

You will most likely be interested in the opportunity to visit the Marinepia Nihonkai aquarium. Sardines, penguins, swallow fish, seals, beavers, shellfish, turtles, and even several species of sharks live in it. You can see the inhabitants of the aquarium if you walk through a long glass tunnel. An employee of Marinepia Nihonkai will talk about each of these creatures during the tour. You will also find interesting performances with trained dolphins in the aquarium. You can also go on an unforgettable sea safari. Copyright
The main component of Niigata's traditional cuisine is seafood. Local restaurants serve wonderful shrimp and shellfish dishes, as well as rare varieties of white meat fish. The most exotic … Open

Niigata Ski Resorts

Many ski resorts are located in the surrounding area. For example, you can go to Yuzawa to ride on 8 tracks. You will be able to ride at night. The tracks have electric lighting there. Naeba Ski Resort is located on the slopes of Takenoko. You can ride a snowboard and choose the ski slopes that match your level of training. You can also rent the necessary sports equipment, use 30 lifts, and learn from an experienced instructor.
Night time of Niigata City (ILCE-6000 + Carlzeiss Touit2812) If you prefer the resort Ike-No-Taira-Onsen, you will have the opportunity not only to go skiing and snowboarding but also to take a walk on snowshoes accompanied by a local guide. You can go on a night hike through the forest between the end of January and the end of March. You will see the snow plains and the Myoko plateau bathed in moonlight.
The picturesque port city of Niigata has many interesting symbols and traditions. Travelers who want to get acquainted with the traditions of the indigenous population tend to visit the city … Open

Climbing to the Mountain of Yahiko-Yama

If you like hiking in the mountains you should pay attention to Yahiko-Yama. Its height is 634 meters. There are two ways to get to its top point. The first method is a 1.5-hour walking trip. The second way is a 5-minute cable car ride. It is open from 8:45 to 17:00 daily from the first days of April to the end of November and from 9:00 to 16:10 from December to the end of March. Its trailers arrive at Yahiko station at intervals of a quarter of an hour. If you get to the top of the mountain, you can admire the blue waves of the Sea of Japan, rice fields located on the Echigo plain, and Sado Island.
Mountains in Niigata

See Niigata from the Observation Decks

You will have the opportunity to visit several viewing platforms while visiting the sights of Niigata. One of them is located on the 31st floor of the Toki Messe business center. It offers a magnificent view of the entire city. The second platform is located on the 19th floor of the Next 21 building. It is built in the shopping district of Niigata. You can enjoy the beauty of the Sea of Japan standing on it. You can also view the city from above if you visit the revolving restaurant. It is open at the top of the Bandai tower. It has a height of 100 meters. The tower is painted with rainbow colors.
Niigata has a lot of amazing attractions, acquaintance with which will make any vacation exciting and informative. The city's most famous historical symbol is Aizuwakamatsu Castle dating … Open

Voyage on the Shinano River

The largest river in the country flows through the central part of Niigata. It's called Shinano or Shinano-gawa. It divides the city into 2 parts. Business centers are located in the Eastern part. Shopping and entertainment districts are located in the Western part. You can make a trip along the river if you go onboard one of the pleasure boats. You can feed the gulls during the trip.
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