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In southern Bali, Indonesia, tourists can visit the marvelous resort of Kuta. This destination is particularly popular with young travelers. Although it is hard to call this resort calm or tranquil, tourists enjoy visiting it all year round. As a rule, people come here to relax on the beach, sunbathe, and swim in the warm water of the Indian Ocean. Besides that, this is a favorite destination for surfers because the area near Kuta is perfectly suitable for this kind of sport. Finally, affordable prices are one more reason to visit this paradise-like place. Kuta was a small village until 1936. Local people were mostly farmers and fishermen. Once, a couple from the United States, the Kokes, was traveling in Bali and visited the poor village. The beautiful Indonesian region deeply impressed them, and so they decided to build several bungalows and offer them for rent for other tourists. Soon after that, one more American girl decided to build a hotel in the village. However, the period of Japanese occupation, which started in 1942, changed all plans. The hotel and bungalows were destroyed. A new hotel opened in Kuta only in the mid-20th century. Its name was Kuta Beach. For long twelve years, this hotel was the only accommodation available for foreign tourists. The popularity …
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From the series “Majestic and Spectacular Craters and Crater Lakes”
In Indonesia, on Flores Island is the strange natural sight - the Kelimutu volcano. It was famous all over the world for the lakes formed in the crater. Each of three lakes is unique and has the unique color. Tivu-Ata-Mbupu is considered to be the most impressive lake, whose water is usually rich blue. It is remarkable that the color of the crater lake changes constantly due to the ascent of the deep water.

Excursions to the summit of the Kelimutu volcano are very popular with the followers of active recreation. Before a hike you can never foresee what color the lake will have on that day. After the long and strenuous ascent, always a surprise awaits the tourists. The crater Kelimutu is located at the height of 1 639 meters. Even the untrained travelers can go on the volcano.

Around … Read all

Museum of Smoking

From the series “Strange, Weird and Unusual Museums Amusing its Visitors”
Although millions of people around the world report about the health damage from smoking and propagate the healthy lifestyle, there is the incredibly interesting museum of smoking in the Indonesian town of Kudus. The emergence of this cultural institution in Indonesia is not accidental. For the locals, smoking is not the bad habit, but a real part of the culture. They believe that smoking enlightens the mind and soothes the human being, as well as the magical powers.

The museum contains a very interesting collection of exhibits related to smoking. In the glazed racks you can see the beautiful whistle of handwork and shisha, the old tobacco cans, the boxes and the tobacco bags, as well as the interesting equipment with which the cigarettes can be assembled and filled independently. The … Read all
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