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Beautiful tea plantation in Ciwidey Bandung - West Java The territory of Indonesia is one of the oldest places that ancient people began to settle. The first states were formed before our era. The region's rich history, diverse cultural traditions, and beliefs make Indonesia one of the most interesting countries for tourists. The number of attractions is so large here that it is completely unrealistic to visit all of them in one trip. In addition, they are located on different Islands. 17804 Islands are part of Indonesia. More than 6,000 of them are inhabited.
1. A visa is required to enter Indonesia. You will need a passport and a couple of photos to make it. You can apply for a visa directly at the airport …
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Prambanan is a religious complex in Java. Sri Maharaja of Mataram Kingdom started building it in the X century. It consists of 224 temples dedicated to various Hindu deities. The three central, most grandiose temples are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The temples located nearby are smaller. They are dedicated to their transport animals.
The grand Buddhist temple complex Borobudur is located near Prambanan. It was also built by the Sri Maharajas of Mataram in the VIII-IX centuries. The temple is designed in the form of a mandala, which is a diagram of the world. The complex consists of eight tiers. Another 72 stupas (hemispherical religious buildings) are located on the upper tier. According to recent research, the temple stood in the middle of the lake in the past. It symbolized a Lotus flower with a Buddha sitting on it. Copyright
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Tirta Gangga is an incredibly beautiful sight. This is a water temple on the island of Bali. It was built by the last Raja of the Karangasem Regency in the XX century. The complex is a beautiful park with ponds, bridges, fountains, and statues. There are 9 sacred temples that protect residents from evil spirits in Bali. All of them are deserve attention. Pura Oolong Danu is one of the most beautiful temples. It is located on Bratan Lake. It is a temple complex consisting of 285 shrines and pavilions. The three main shrines are dedicated to Vishnu, Brahma, and Krishna.
Ulun Temple at blue hour Rice terraces of Tegalalang and Jatiluwih is a beautiful sight. Rice terraces are created on the slopes of mountains artificially. The full cycle of rice maturation is 3 months. The terraces look different at each stage. At first, it is a water mosaic of thousands of puddles. Then the slopes are covered with bright green young shoots. They turn yellow later, turning the terraces gold. Viewing platforms are arranged for tourists.
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The eruption of the Krakatoa volcano between the Islands of Java and Sumatra at the end of the XIX century was one of the most destructive in the history of mankind. More than 36,000 people died then. Sunsets and sunrises became more intensely colored throughout the planet for several years. The volcano is still active. Smoke billows over its crater. The Bromo volcano on the island of Java is still active. Its crater is very picturesque. The Merapi volcano in Java has been constantly erupting for the past few centuries. It destroyed the entire Mataram Kingdom in the XI century. It also destroyed several settlements in the XVII century. The last major eruption occurred in 2010. 370 people died then despite the timely evacuation.
Taman Sari Water Castle on the island of Java was built by the first Sultan of Yogyakarta. The castle got its name because of the complex system of reservoirs, ponds, and fountains. There is an artificial lake with Islands and gazebos, swimming pools and another small lake on the territory. Water from artificial reservoirs was used to supply gazebos and fountains. This engineering solution is a real masterpiece.
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The Ubud Monkey Forest (Bali) is very popular among tourists. This is a well-maintained park, decorated with sculptures. Several hundred conditionally tamed monkeys live here. They receive food from humans and willingly communicate with tourists, climbing on them and taking food from their hands. You can see the amazing Komodo monitors in the National Park of the same name. It is the world's largest lizard, reaching a length of 3 meters. Monitor lizards are predators. They feed on other mammals, sometimes quite large. It is believed that an adult monitor lizard can kill a deer with its tail.
Bat Cave in Bali is an unusual tour. It includes a visit to the XI century Goa Lawah Temple (translated as "bat cave") and a visit to the cave. Many stories and legends are associated with this cave of natural origin. It has never been explored since the expedition disappeared. Thousands of bats have chosen it as their home. The entrance to the cave is forbidden. You can only look into it. It is better to go to this place at sunset to see how the bats leave the cave.
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The Pagaruyung Palace in Sumatra is built entirely of wood. It burned several times. Therefore, the last version is an exact copy of the palace. The Mosque Raya Baiturrahman was built in the XVII century. It survived the devastating earthquake that triggered the tsunami. Many residents of the region escaped on its domes.
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Art galleries in Indonesia
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♥   Art museum 'National Museum of Indonesia' Jakarta. On the map   Photos
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Cathedrals and basilicas in Indonesia
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Extreme Guinness-type places in Indonesia

Merapi Volcano

From the series “Sleeping Super-Volcanoes Capable of Destroying Whole Regions”
Merapi Volcano is also one of the most dangerous supervolcanos in the world. Island’s Java volcano doesn’t look like its supervolcano “brothers”. If once it erupts, a lot of damages will be done to the Earth. For the last 100 years, its activity becomes rather high and that makes keep scientists’ head on a swivel. The volcanoes high is 2 914 meters. Every seven years it has large eruptions but small eruptions happen much oftener – twice a year. The strongest eruption was in 1930 and became a reason of 1 300 deaths. In 1974 the eruption has destroyed two villages and in 1975 another village was raised to the ground and claimed the life of 29 people.

However, the researchers say that regular eruptions are quite a good estimate for the planet. That means that Merapi Volcano … Read all

Volcano Toba

From the series “Sleeping Super-Volcanoes Capable of Destroying Whole Regions”
In Indonesia in the central part of Sumatra island has placed the biggest, 1 775 square meters area, Volcano Toba. Today this large caldera is filled with the beautiful lake. On its shores have placed picturesque green hills. After the detailed researching, the scientist concluded that the last eruption was about 75 000 years ago. It was a kind of critical test for our planet.

It was the strongest and the largest eruption for the last 25 million years. After the eruption the earth was covered with snow and a long-lasting ice period has begun. Some scientists say that only 2 000 people had lived after this catastrophe and many land and sea animals have also died. Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. Its shores have a lot of walking routes. This area is visited not only by … Read all
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