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Indonesia is a surfer's paradise. The island state is surrounded by water on all sides. You can find waves here at any time of the year. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. This is due to the difficult terrain of the bottom and coastline, the high level of tides, and the fact that the Islands are in the path of a swell (a wave formed by a storm or a stable wind system). Bali Island is the most convenient for surfing. This is due to the well-developed surf infrastructure here, unlike other Islands. The east coast is most suitable for surfing in Bali. The rainy season from November to April is the best period for surfing.
The best hideaways for couples in love, as well as top hotels for wedding and honeymoon.
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Rafting is also developed mainly in Bali. Rafting on the Ayung River is suitable for beginners. It is more like a river walk than extreme entertainment. Rafting on the Telaga Waja River is quite another matter. There are complex thresholds and waterfalls here. It is acceptable and necessary to bargain in travel agencies. Food and photographer services are included in the tour, as a rule.
Indonesia is a real paradise for diving fans. A quarter of all marine species live in coastal waters. One of the most popular places for divers is the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi. There are many special diving resorts here. This involves diving right on the spot, without complicated transfers and wasting time on the road. The so-called muck-diving is popular here. This is diving near the shore. In fact, many interesting organisms that are not found far out at sea live right off the coast. You can meet a scorpionfish, a giant frogfish, a stargazer fish, an ornate ghost pipefish, and a spotted harlequin shrimp off the coast of Sulawesi. Copyright
There are many hotels that can impress the imagination with their amazing design in Indonesia. The Amandari hotel in Ubud in Bali looks like a …
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These places are also popular with tracking enthusiasts. There are several active volcanoes near the city of Manado. The lake is located in the crater of one of them. Indonesia is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. Fans of adrenaline are happy to climb active volcanoes. Sometimes they pay with their lives for this. Smoke and clouds of sulfur constantly rise from the mouth of the Bromo volcano on the island of Java. The volcano rumbles threateningly. A narrow path that requires great care and concentration is laid to the crater. Beautiful views of Bromo open from Batok. This is a nearby extinct volcano. Semeru in Java is also an active volcano. Its crater is filled with lava. This is the highest volcano on the island. Its height reaches 3676 meters above sea level. It has been constantly erupting since the 60s of the last century. Ijen is a complex of volcanic objects surrounding the main crater. The caldera is filled with sulfurous water, which has a beautiful turquoise hue. The sacred mount Agung in Bali is an active volcano with a height of about 3,000 meters. Its last major eruption occurred in 2017.
Nightlife is very diverse in the capital Jakarta. High-level clubs are located here. They are quite expensive. Portico in Senayan City is one of the most interesting clubs. Guests receive headphones and choose music on their own. It is worth noting that the club is quiet. The pretentious Skye club assumes a dress code at the entrance. There are many simpler clubs on Jalan Jaksa Street. Prices are lower there. The most sophisticated and stylish establishments are located in the Kemang district. There are many clubs in Bali, as the most popular island in the country. The most popular place for nightlife fans is the Kuta district. There are many inexpensive clubs designed for fans of outdoor life here. They are especially popular among surfers. There is no dress code in local clubs. Everything is very democratic here.
There are many luxury hotels that can satisfy the most discerning public in Indonesia. Amankila in Bali is a complex consisting of a multi-level pool, …
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Adrenaline fans have fun jumping from rocks into the sea. This entertainment is simply called cliff-jumping. The most popular locations are located in Bali. Blue Lagoon is named so for a reason. The water is the softest blue shade here. It is very transparent. The cliffs surrounding the lagoon are equipped with stairs. There is a platform with a height of 6, 8 and 13 meters. It's deep enough to jump here. But the current is quite strong. Devil's Tears is a place where tourists come to admire the magnificent sunsets and jump from a fairly small height of 3-4 meters. Dream Beach is safe and deep water. It is possible to dive from a five-meter depth here. You can jump from platforms 5 and 10 meters high in Mahana Point. There is a good restaurant for tourists who are tired of jumping on the rocks.
Many people in Indonesia still lead a primitive lifestyle. They get their food by hunting. It can be an interesting and unusual experience to hunt with hunters using antediluvian tools.
The history of some hotels in the country is associated with the names of kings and presidents. Royal Ambarrukmo in Yogyakarta was one of the …
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You can communicate with elephants in Bali. You can not only see them up close but also can wash the elephant and ride it. Many travel agencies offer such safari tours.
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Water attractions in Indonesia
♥   Water park 'Taman Wisata Matahari Waterpark' . On the map   Photos
♥   Water park 'Waterbom Park' Bali. On the map   Photos
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Amusement parks in Indonesia
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Unique attractions in Indonesia

Togian Islands

From the series “15 Sparsely Populated Places for Solitude with Wildlife”
Togian Archipelago, consisted of 60 islands, is one more isolated place in the world. Only 6 islands are big enough, they look like small rocky shapes that are covered with flora. Such islands look very outstanding. Within years the water has formed a lot of grottos in these rocky islands. There are several picturesque beaches with a snow-white sand and azure water. There isn’t any touristic infrastructure on the islands.

They are mostly visited by tourists who like to camp wild, and to spend nights on the seashore. A special sightseeing of the island is the "Lagoon Jellyfish". It is place of an incredible beauty with crystal-clear water where live a great population of jellyfishes. They are absolutely safe for people as against other sea inhabitants. That’s why people can adore with … Read all

Liang Bua Cave

From the series “Famous Stables of Ancient People”
One of the most known encampments of primitive people in the world is the Liang Bua Cave in Indonesia. There were found the bones of Florentine people. That's why the cave relieved its unofficial name "The cave of Hobbits". A great number of artefacts from this place now you can see in the Djakarta archaeological museum. Even more, the cave is open for organized excursions. Near the cave has placed a small tourism agency, where lives the supervisor of this major historical place.

Also, you can find there a museum with the artefacts of the supportive importance. The main artefact of this museum is the replica of the primitive man’s skeleton. Liang Bua Cave, 380 thousand-year-old, goes up to 50 meters long and 27 metres deep. The interior height of the cave goes up to 13 metres. … Read all
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