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Kraton Indonesia is the most picturesque country of South East Asia that never ceases to amaze its guests with numerous natural and cultural sights. While describing traditions and lifestyle of Indonesia, it is simply impossible to fail to mention their diversity. There’s nothing strange in that as Indonesia is home to more than a hundred of different nationalities. Consequently, historic monuments are also very different and unique.
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Borobudur, the temple of Buddha, is the most widely known holy place of the archipelago. The temple is distinguished by a very original design. Borobudur looks like a pyramid that consists of many steps. It looks like the temple was made of numerous stone blocks. In true, this is a part of a hill, which slopes were tiled with andesine blocks. In the complex, travellers will find amazing terraces, beautiful statues and galleries that will tell guests more about life of Buddha. Borobudur is not the only famous sanctuary on Java Island. Lara Jonggrang Temple Complex is also very popular with tourists. The complex includes three large temples, several towers and five sanctuaries. The Temple of Siva is considered the most beautiful building of the complex.
Besides religious sanctuaries, there are many nature reserves, parks, museums and entertainment centres in Indonesia. Subak Museum, which is located in Tabanan, is a very interesting place. The museum is dedicated to the farming and exhibits peasant tools, models of newest irrigation systems and other important items. One more interesting tourist object is located nearby. This is Butterflies Park that features many rare species of the beautiful creature from different parts of the country. There are petite butterflies and quite big butterflies with wing-spread exceeding 10cm. Copyright
There are many hotels that can impress the imagination with their amazing design in Indonesia. The Amandari hotel in Ubud in Bali looks like a …
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Air Panas springs are added to the list of most famous nature wonders. The water in the springs has temperature that is comfortable for a human whole year round. There are swimming pools, restaurants and entertainment centres for kids near the springs.
Tranquility To The Tired Soul At Padang Padang Beach, Bali Songan remains one of the most interesting cities in the country. It is also the location of ancient temple Pura Ulun Danu Batur. There are several observation decks in the mountains, from which visitors can see amazing panoramic views of Lombok Island and Agung Volcano. Both are widely known as popular tourist destinations. The town of Sangsit is home to a unique sight – Pura Beji Temple. The temple is made of pink sandstone, a very unusual material for the country.
There are many luxury hotels that can satisfy the most discerning public in Indonesia. Amankila in Bali is a complex consisting of a multi-level pool, …
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History and Entertainment

The first settlements on the territory of Indonesia were formed in the 1st-3rd centuries AD but there are just a few written references to these states. In the 7th century, the large country of Srivijaya was formed and controlled the entire territory of present Indonesia. Consequently, its territory and several neighboring kingdoms were conquered by the Majapahit Empire that had existed until the colonial period in the 16th century.
In the Middle Ages, these lands attracted European colonizers with vast plantations of spices, some of which were literally worth its weight in gold in Europe. The first colonial settlements were formed by the Portuguese people in 1512. At that time, spices started to be delivered to Europe for the first time. In the 17th century, the Netherlands fought with the country for the right to sell spices. Several decades later, Portuguese colonizers controlled only the island of Timor. Then, Portugal assigned this right, so Indonesia remained the Dutch colony until 1945.
The history of some hotels in the country is associated with the names of kings and presidents. Royal Ambarrukmo in Yogyakarta was one of the …
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At present, Indonesia attracts not only fans of amazing excursions and exotic nature, but also fans of beach recreation. The most famous beaches are located in Bali. This resort is famous for its fashionable hotels and spa centers all over the world. Bali is one of the romantic resorts in the world because of its exotic landscapes.
The noisiest and most crowded beaches are in Kuta. They are visited by young tourists and adherents of budget recreation. These beaches are perfect for surfing. Near them, there are a lot of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Seminyak has also gained a status of the elite resort. It is notable for its well-equipped coast, upscale hotels and restaurants.
Indonesia is a mix of cultures, religions, and traditions. 13 public holidays are celebrated here. Every island also has its own festivals and local …
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Shopping enthusiasts will be impressed with many pleasant surprises in Indonesia. They can buy here beautiful clothes of batik, as well as souvenirs and accessories of natural mother-of-pearl. In every gift shop, you will find accessories from local craftsmen. The most popular souvenirs here are hand-made caskets and rattan bags. In Indonesia, you also can buy inexpensive jewel with pearls and excellent natural cosmetics made on essential oils and herbal extracts.
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Famous and uniques places in Indonesia from our review series

Kuta Beach

From the series “Top Beaches for Surfing on Huge Waves”
Kuta Beach is one of the most popular and crowded in Bali. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This beach is not suitable for a classic beach holiday. Strong waves and tides are here all year round. It is very inconvenient to swim here. But the beach is ideal for surfing. Kuta is one of the largest, most developed, and populous resorts in Bali, despite such a specific coast. Numerous hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and shops are located near the coast.

Kuta is considered a very noisy resort. Dozens of bars, nightclubs, and discos are located along the coast here. The fun does not stop until the morning here. This resort is not suitable for tourists with children and fans of a relaxing holiday. But it will be comfortable and interesting for fans of water … Read all

Canggu Beach

From the series “Top Beaches for Surfing on Huge Waves”
Canggu Beach is located in North Kuta. It may seem like a real exotic to many travelers. Volcanic sand of a dark gray hue covers it. It makes the local landscape unique. The coast of Canggu Beach is a combination of several beaches. The boundaries between them are very arbitrary. The total length of these beaches is about 8,000 meters. Surf fans like to relax here because of the strong waves. They take place on this stretch of coast all year round.

Several surf schools have opened on the coast of Canggu Beach in recent years. They are aimed at surfers of various levels of training. The coast is not very suitable for a classic beach holiday. Therefore, it is not crowded with tourists, even at the height of the tourist season. Numerous hotels, restaurants, as well as sports and beach … Read all

Pacific Ring of Fire

From the series “Dangerous Faults and Rifts of Earth Crust”
Recently the researchers stated that Pacific Ring of Fire is a really a huge tectonic fault. This unique area is located all around the Pacific Ocean. There you can find 328 volcanoes of 540 presented on the Earth. The volcanic chain goes through a lot of countries. One of the most earthquake-prone places is located in Indonesia.

Near the popular exotic resorts and snow-white beaches have placed the dangerous volcanoes that can become a reason for a real catastrophe. The tectonic plate that is a floor of the Indian Ocean goes lower and lower. Regular earthquakes are the main reason for this. Sumatra Island regularly suffers from the storms. In 2013 there were two strongest earthquakes that wiped out several villages and claimed the lives of hundreds of people.

Pacific Ring of Fire is a … Read all
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