Colors of Bandung - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

The majority of residents of Bandung are the adherents of the Muslim traditions. The locals deeply honor the traditions of their ancestors and various religious customs have great importance for them. Guests should also not to forget to respect the established order and in no manner hurt the traditions of the natives. For example, you shouldn’t go for a walk wearing revealing and bright clothes or extravagant apparel. Bathing suits will also be relevant at the beach only. You should be especially careful while visiting the local religious sites as there are really many rules connected with them. For example, you should definitely take your shoes off at the entrance. Men also need to remove any headgear they have. During an excursion in a mosque or other sight tourists cannot talk loudly or make any other noise. Pay particular attention to the outfit of your choice when you plan to visit state institutions. Women should not wear short skirts. The optimal length is below the knee level. The upper part of the garment must necessarily be with sleeves. Shoulders should also be covered. Men should also exclude from their wardrobe such details of clothes as shorts and sleeveless shirts.
Travelers with children in Bandung will not be disappointed. The choice of entertainment in this city is more than admirable. The most incredible and interesting amusement park in the city … Open
Even the legal spouses mustn’t walk holding hands in the streets of the city. Showing personal feelings in any way is prohibited because this can be interpreted incorrectly and can cause confusion among the locals. When you communicate with the local residents, make sure you don’t accompany your speech with disparaging gestures and do not point a finger at someone. Such behavior will be considered as a sign of contempt. Local residents have already got accustomed to a large number of tourists and travelers, so they are very friendly and tolerant. For example, during the Muslim fasting the natives follow certain restrictions, but they are not spread to tourists. The restaurants and cafes of the city will continue serving various delicacies and alcoholic beverages to foreigners who have come to Bandung.
Many residents of Bandung may seem a bit slow at a glance. However, they are very diligent and hardworking. In vast majority of public institutions, shopping centers and other organizations working days start very early - at 7:00 in the morning. As a rule, working days end no later than 15:00. The rest of time the locals devote to home and family. Travelers can feel free to ask the local residents to help them. As a rule, the locals are very friendly and are always eager to help foreign visitors. The only thing – you need to avoid the discussion of political and religious topics, which are considered a taboo in Bandung. Copyright
Restaurants of Bandung will definitely surprise even most hard-to-please gourmet customers. The menu of the restaurant contains lots of signature and exotic dishes, as well as true … Open
Those who have already planned the trip to Bandung in March, should not miss the chance to enjoy one of the brightest local holidays - Bandung Lautan Api, which takes place at the end of the first spring month. During the festival, you will witness the authentic festive program that includes the Torch parade and fun carnivals. The first procession starts from the Tegallega province and leads towards the Bandung City Hall. The festival gathers numerous participants: local people and tourists, students and schoolchildren. Kids from local schools play an important role in this festivity, as far as each school sends its representative who will take part in song competition and perform on the local stage to mesmerize the spectators. The main aim of this festival is to honor Bandung Lautan Api moment in 1946.
The city of Bandung is a well-known producer of a qualitative textile, that's why the Bandung Clothing Expo takes place here every year. If you desire to purchase one of the samples, make sure to visit it in the Monument Perjuangan Bandung and Jalan Dipati Ukur Bandung. If you planned your trip to Bandung in September, do not forget to put the visit to the Braga Festival into your calendar. This annual event is dedicated to the art exhibitions, talent performances, and gastronomic activities.
In the end of the 19th century Bandung was already a famous and a popular resort town and a favorite place of rest of wealthy Europeans. Nowadays numerous mansions and palaces built in the … Open
Fans of art will be also interested to witness the Bandung Festival of Traditional Art and Culture. It takes place every year and is aimed to reveal an important problem as the extinction of traditional art and local culture. The main and only venue for the festival is the Ujungberung Public Square, where you will see numerous participants and actors performing traditional arts.
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Unique landmarks in Bandung and around

Gunung Padang

From the series “Top Survived Pyramids from Previous Civilizations”
On the island Java in Indonesia is the mysterious Gunung Padang pyramid. For many years the pyramid was hidden under the soil layer of the Pandang Mountain. The local population thought that the mountain was of natural origin, and had cultivated it diligently and the vegetable gardens on the mountain slopes. To the great astonishment of modern researchers, the mountain has proved hollow. A huge pyramid was discovered beneath the thick layer of soil, the age of which was at least 15,000 years. … Read further

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