Excursion tour in Hong Kong City. Top architecture - monuments, castles, temples and palaces

Look Up - HONG KONG/SKY/CLOUDS 1. The majority of the locals speak English very well, so travelers will find it easy to communicate with local people.
2. Leaving tips in cafes and restaurants is not common, but you can reward a waiter with an amount equal to 5 - 10% of the bill. In taxi it’s common to round the invoice amount to the nearest whole dollar.
3. The majority of popular shopping centers and shops are open seven days a week, but banks and other government agencies may be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
4. When visiting some religious sites, taking photos and videos is prohibited. Also, travelers are not allowed to make pictures of strategically important sites - the station, the city’s airport, bridge and other special buildings.
5. Tourists are best to keep a valid identity document with them. This may be a passport; a driver's license may become an alternative. Inspections are often organized on the streets of the city, this is the way the city’s authorities struggle with illegal immigrants. Copyright www.orangesmile.com
6. In this city you cannot smoke in places with large numbers of people, or places close to major public and cultural institutions. However, there are specially designated areas for smoking close to all major shopping malls, restaurants and bars.
7. In Hong Kong you will find an excellent system of public transport that can get you to all interesting sights by buses and subways. In order to make your travelling even easier, you can buy a city map showing bus routes.
Local people are very sensitive to issues related to education. A person with a prestigious profession is respected by everyone. Teachers are all considered to be wise men. Local people tend … Open
8. Tea remains one of the most popular souvenirs that travelers bring from their trip to Hong Kong. Purchasing expensive sorts of tea in the local shops is recommended to only those, who have experience in distinguishing sorts of this drink.
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What to visit being in Hong Kong City - unique sights

Swallow Nest in Hong Kong Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
Swallow's nests are often referred to as a white gold, because the cost of a kilogram of this delicacy is about 3 000 US dollars. Wealthy gourmands, who will order the soup of the swallow's nest in one of the elite restaurants, will have a plate of jelly-like muddy soup. It differs with quite a specific taste, which doesn’t please people. An appetite is usually spoiled by just looking on a slippery jelly-like mass. Guangdong is considered to be the homeland of this culinary masterpiece. There, many fans of exotic dishes prefer to taste the soup of swallow nests. The cost of the treat is usually around 100 dollars per serving. … Read further

Golden Toilet

From the series “Public Toilets, Who Makes it Extravagant”
The golden toilet can be seen. Before the entrance visitors have to take off the shoes, which can damage the brittle gold cover. For 20 dollars you can put on the golden cloaks with the clothes. The need for the most expensive public toilet in the world can only be paid by those visitors who spent at least 200 dollars in the jewelery business. The author of the unusual Goldtoilette is the well-known Jewelermagnat and owner of the business Lam Sai Wing. For more than ten years impressive the chic golden toilet the rich buyers and the ordinary tourists. … Read further

Lippo Centre

From the series “Famous buildings of Postmodern architecture”
The walls are decorated with bas-reliefs. There are also huge paintings by contemporary artists here. Despite the business status of skyscrapers, decorative lighting was actively used in the design of their interior spaces. It makes the environment more relaxed in the office center. Many large companies around the world are looking to have their office in Lippo Office Center today. It is considered one of the most prestigious office centers in China. Foreign consulates are located in skyscrapers today. Several thousand people come to work here every day. … Read further

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