Sightseeing in Chiang Mai Region - what to see. Complete travel guide

1. There is a temperate climate in Chiang Mai, from November to February the average daily temperature is comfortable, and this is the best time to travel to Thailand. From March to June – the hot season, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees. It is too hot here during this period and fires may appear. The rainy season is usually described by night rains for 1-2 hours, so you can come here at this time. It can be an even better time for a holiday, as there are fewer tourists.
2. Preparing to the road, put a couple of warm things: despite the mild tropical climate, there are still cool nights, and if you are going to the mountains, a jacket or sweater will certainly be needed.
3. If you are going to visit local temples, be sure to take a long skirt or pants and something with sleeves. According to the rules, the legs and arms should be covered.
4. You can reach the city from the airport by bus or taxi, and take the official, airport-owned taxi cheaper than a local one.
5. Public transport in the city is not very developed, but nevertheless, you can get to the desired point without problems. You can rent a motorbike, car, take a taxi or tuk-tuk to move to any place you want. Copyright
6. Unfortunately, car accidents in Chiang Mai, as in all of Thailand, are common, so be very careful driving your own transport and be sure to buckle up even in buses. Use official flights, it is safer and in terms of accidents, and in terms of the safety of luggage.
7. You should be careful about renting a bike because you do not have a local licence. If you have an accident, you will be punished in any case, and you will get a very large fine.
Buddhism plays an important role in the life of Thais. You can see monks on the streets at dawn collecting alms, and most young people go to the temple for a kind of obedience after reaching … Open
8. Hailing a taxi, pay attention to the presence of the meter in the car, it will allow you to avoid overpayment and unpleasant explanations with the driver.
9. Since the city is large, then try to count the time with a margin, there is a chance to get in traffic jams.
10.Thais are very friendly to visitors, they are calm, smiling and always ready to help.
11.Most residents speak English well, problems with the explanation should not arise here.
12.You can and should bargain here, especially in the market or negotiate with a taxi driver or tuk-tuk about the cost of the ride.
13. You can’t pay by a card everywhere, so try to exchange some of the money for local currency in cash, and better in small banknotes. It is better to change in official exchangers.
14.Try to plan trips and hikes for the morning or late evening: the day is usually very hot here. You will be looking for somewhere to hide from the heat instead of sightseeing.
15.Don't drink tap water, be sure to buy bottled water in local supermarkets, it is not expensive. Try not to drink cocktails with ice in local restaurants.
16. Be careful because some of the drinks, including beer, are usually served with ice. Tips are not mandatory and not even accepted in Thailand.
17. You should behave decently in temples, do not take pictures and do not touch images of Buddha – ask the guide if it is possible to do it. It is necessary to behave quietly on the territory of a temple, be sure to wear closed clothes and not try to touch the monk – it is prohibited.
18. It is not recommended to wear short shorts and open dresses in the city, it can be perceived negatively by local residents. Entering a house, it is customary to take off shoes.
19.In General, Thailand has a low crime rate. Local laws are quite strict, the distribution of drugs is punished by the death penalty. Prostitution exists only in tourist areas, the rest of the country is very puritan.
20.There are almost no public toilets, but you can easily come to any store or cafe.
21. In general, the epidemiological situation in Chiang Mai is favourable, there are no terrible infections and it is very difficult to get infected with anything. All sorts of dangerous insects and snakes are also found only in the jungle, and not everywhere.
22. Medicine in the city is very developed, but it is still recommended to take full insurance, especially for children. Immediately contact the insurance company and require an international clinic in case of difficulties.
23.Thais honour the Royal dynasty, so you should treat the images of the King and Queen with respect and you can’t say anything insulting about royal people.
24.You will never be refused directly, but if you see that the local interlocutor does not give a direct answer to your request and change the topic, back off.
25. If you get lost, do not ask locals to show something on a map, they are bad with images, it is better to try to ask verbally.
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