Sightseeing in Chiang Mai - what to see. Complete travel guide

Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai 1. Travelers who plan to have a rich excursion program are recommended to go sightseeing in the morning. Daytime in Chiang Mai is always very hot, so it may not be the most enjoyable entertainment to walk around the city.
2. To soften the bad acclimatization period, foreign visitors are advised to purchase bottled drinking water. Soft drinks in restaurants and cafes, which are often diluted with ordinary tap water, have to be taken with great caution.
3. Be sure to go shopping with enough of local currency. Some shops and markets may also take U.S. dollars and euros; seasoned travelers recommend having several types of currencies making it easier to find the most profitable method of payment.
4. It's worth noting that isn’t possible to pay with a credit card in all local stores and restaurants. Going to the market, it’s better to take more notes and coins of small denomination, so it would be easier to pay off.
5. Foreign visitors should be aware that all images of Buddha are considered sacred. For the desecration of a religious symbol severe punishment of imprisonment is provided; you can touch statues and pictures of Buddha only after consultation with a guide. Copyright
6. Monks in local monasteries and temples are also considered sacred. In no case touch them or take a picture with them. The head is also considered a sacred part of the body; don’t touch the head of a stranger in any occasion.
7. Locals are very welcoming and patient. Travelers who are interested in Thai culture and honor local traditions are treated with great respect. In public places you need to be quiet and peaceful; violent display of emotion in public is considered a major sign of bad manners.
Chiang Mai is ready to offer its guests a wide choice of entertainment options for every taste. There are incredibly beautiful nature reserves, national parks, wonderful waterfalls and … Open
8. In any case it is impossible to go for a walk around the city in a beach dress; shorts and short skirts are appropriate only on the coast. Given the hot climate, foreign visitors are advised to wear clothing made ​​of natural cotton or silk of light shades.
9. Don’t buy jewelry at local markets, as a risk to get a fake is very high. Those who want to bring jewelry from vacation are advised to go to local shops together with a guide.
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