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Hanoi 1. Many tourists choose Hanoi because of geographical location. It is convenient to plan the route through the northern part of the country from here. The picturesque Halong Bay is located near Hanoi. It is also convenient to get to mountain areas and nature reserves from the capital of Vietnam. However, you can also have a few wonderful days in Hanoi.
2.The beaches are quite far from the city. Therefore, you should go here, first of all, to get acquainted with the culture of the country and its history. There are many ancient temples and monuments in Hanoi. They will be interesting for any tourist.
3. It is worth considering that Hanoi is a very noisy city with a huge amount of transport and people. You should be ready for the constant crush on the sidewalks and the need to dodge passing mopeds and cars here.
4.There is almost no night entertainment here. There is almost nothing to do other than sightseeing and visit the traditional puppet theater in the city. However, there are many shops, markets, and shopping centers here. You will find restaurants and cafes almost everywhere here.
5. The weather is very comfortable almost all year round. The rainy season lasts from May to September. It often rains and very high humidity here at this time. The temperature is about 30°C. There are not many tourists in Hanoi at this time. Therefore, prices for housing and other services are lower. However, you need to take care of insect protection in advance. Copyright
6. It is better to go to Hanoi in the spring or autumn. Rains are very rare at this time. The air warms up to a comfortable temperature. It can be cool here in the winter months, especially at night. The temperature drops to 15-16°C. Be sure to take warm clothes with you.
7. There should be no problems with the food. Even if you don't like the local cuisine, you can always go to familiar fast food places, such as KFC or McDonald's.
Discovering the architecture of Hanoi from bird's eye view! Hanoi Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, all those monuments are defining the image of Hanoi … Open
8. It is recommended to buy ready meals or semi-finished products in supermarkets for especially budget tourists.
9. It is very convenient to move around the city on city buses or taxis. Special tourist electric cars and buses will take you to the main attractions. However, they are significantly more expensive than public transport.
10.You can also rent a moped, car or bicycle. However, it is worth considering that the traffic in the city is crazy. Local drivers do not follow any traffic rules. In addition, most of the attractions are located in the city center. You can get around them on foot.
11. The crime rate is low in Hanoi. However, pickpocketing and theft in hotels are possible. So be careful on the streets. It is better to leave valuables in the safe.
12. Be attentive because the probability that local sellers will try to cheat you for money is very high. They often announce for tourists prices that are inflated several times. You may also be offered questionable souvenirs and services at an unreasonably high price. Therefore, try to order everything in advance and specify the cost before making a purchase or deal.
13. It is recommended to choose hotels that are located near the Old Quarter. The main tourist sites are concentrated here. This will allow you to save on trips around the city.
14. You can exchange currency at the airport or exchange offices. Also, dollars are accepted for exchange in jewelry stores. It is recommended to visit some of them in order to compare the course. Be sure to carefully count the money to avoid fraud.
15. It is better to order a taxi through the app. Street taxi is very cheap. However, taxi drivers often refuse to take tourists on the counter. The price may be several times higher than the real price.
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