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Hong Kong Island In Hong Kong you will find the largest choice of culinary establishments, but, without a doubt, the restaurants devoted to the national cuisine occupy the leading position. The local cuisine is characterized by unique and sometimes even unexpected combination of ingredients. This fact makes it very attractive in the eyes of gourmets. Such ingredients as soybeans and rice are widely used in local cuisine. Vegetables and seafood also occupy an honorable position in the diet of local residents.
You can hardly find a similar number of amusement parks and play centers as in Hong Kong in any other city in the world. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort remains the most popular amusement center … Open
Rice flour is used to make delicious noodles served with spicy sauces. This is one of most popular dishes among the fans of Eastern cuisine. Dumplings and pastries, which will be offered to guests in each restaurant, are equally popular. The method of preparation of vegetable garnishes is very peculiar here. Side dishes can be cooked not only on grill and served fresh, but also can be marinated in salty soy sauce.
As for meat, the menus of local restaurants often have game cooked with various spices. Meat here is usually cooked in another way than Europeans steaks and chops. Dairy products are rarely used in the national cuisine. Even the dough for baking is usually made on water by local chefs. However, the quality of baking is simply great. Green tea remains the favorite drink of local residents. National restaurants and tea houses usually offer more than a hundred of varieties of green tea. The drink is traditionally made without sugar, so travelers usually order cakes filled with fruit or soy cakes. Copyright
Local people are very sensitive to issues related to education. A person with a prestigious profession is respected by everyone. Teachers are all considered to be wise men. Local people tend … Open
Causeway bay is a great place where you can try best dishes of the national. This restaurant will please its guests not only by a rich choice of culinary delights, but also by original design of the hall. Lan Kwai Fong restaurant serves international cuisine. On evenings the restaurant often hosts interesting entertainments and concerts. Fans of exotic cuisine will definitely prefer Tsin Shai Tsui restaurant, the menu of which consists entirely of Eastern delicacies.
HONG KONG IV (CITYSCAPE) Hong Kong is famous for its special type of dumplings called dim sum. These dumplings are quite big and can contain absolutely different fillings. In the variety of types of this dish, there are more typical versions, such as dim sum with duck meat or brie cheese. Some varieties can be very exotic or very expensive. For example, fine cuisine restaurants can offer dim sum with truffles or foie gras.
A modern and crowded metropolis, Hong Kong never ceases to amaze its guests by largest choice of historical attractions and cultural institutions. A walk on Admiralty district will surely … Open
Soft ice cream has always been one of the most popular dessert types that locals enjoy eating. Many think that Soft Crème café offers the most delicious soft ice cream in the city. The dessert comes with dozens of flavors and tastes. For example, there is an ice cream with sour plum taste. Fans of exotic food are even welcome to try beacon flavor ice cream.
Nan Lian Garden Kurobuta Char-Siu is an unusual meat dish. It is roasted pork with honey sauce. Sounds quite usual, but only pork meat from pigs of a particular species can be used to cook this dish. Besides Japan, such pigs cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In accordance with the classic recipe, the meat is not fully cooked, so when ordering it at a restaurant, don’t forget to indicate how you want your meat to be roasted. Travelers seeking more usual and inexpensive meat dishes will find it very interesting to visit Sunday’s Grocery restaurant. On weekends, it always offers Korean style roasted chicken that is very popular in Hong Kong. On weekdays, many come to this small restaurant to enjoy signature katsu sandwiches.
In 2005 took place the grand opening of the Disneyland theme park in Hong Kong. It has quickly become a favorite place for family rest not only among visitors but also for locals. Huge … Open
Not many know that there is a brewery in Hong Kong. It is called Hong Kong Beer Co. The brewery produced five varieties of Qingdao beer, so everyone will easily find a drink to fit his/her taste. Big Wave Bay IPA beer has quite an unusual, somewhat bitter taste. Dragon’s Back Pale Ale is a classic beer that appeals to many people. Small bottles of local beer are available in many supermarkets in Hong Kong, so numerous tourists buy them as a souvenir for their friends or family.
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center Egg waffles are one more popular type of street food. These waffles have a very unusual shape that is nothing like the traditional one. Well roasted, crispy waffles are available at many cafes, but Oddies Foodies is one of the most popular cafes serving this dessert. By the way, it offers take-away waffles as well. Many come to Oddies Foodies to try its signature ice cream Dr. Oddie that contains pears, ginger, oatmeal, and traditional ginger ice cream.
1. The majority of the locals speak English very well, so travelers will find it easy to communicate with local people. 2. Leaving tips in cafes and restaurants is not common, but you can … Open
When exploring the city, travelers can try many interesting dishes in Thai and Malaysian style. Small street food carts offer delicious stewed meat with various sauces, vegetable salads, and various skewers with meat and seafood. Beef with coconut sauce remains one of the most delicious street food variations. Street cafes also offer a special type of dumplings that are called wonton.
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Where to go for dinner in Hong Kong City: recommended cafe and restaurants

Café Deco
Where: Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2849 5111;
Spring Deer
Where: 42 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2366 4012;
Open Kitchen
Where: Sixth floor, Hong Kong Arts Centre,2 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2827 2923;
Where: Island Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2820 8590;
Che’s Cantonese Restaurant
Where: Fourth floor, The Broadway, 54-62 LockhartRoad, Wan Chai, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2528 1123;
Jumbo Floating Restaurant
Where: Shum Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2553 9111; More info: Free boat leaves from aberdeen promenade.;
Where: 28th floor, Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2315 3188;
Yi Jiang Nan
Where: 33-35 Staunton Street, Soho, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2136 0886;
M At The Fringe
Where: 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2877 4000;
Yung Kee
Where: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2522 1624;
Where: 131 Tseng Tau Vill., Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2791 2684;
Long Men Lou
Where: 5 Chi Lin Drive, Diamond Hill, New Kowloon, Hong Kong City; Telephone: +852 2354 1888;

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