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Hong Kong Any guide of Hong Kong City would be incomplete without a review of its most impressive architecture monuments - Tian Tan Buddha, Convention and Exhibition Centre, Clock Tower, The Center, Tsing Ma Bridge and many others. It’s difficult to overestimate their historical and cultural importance for Hong Kong. The style and architecture of any of these landmarks are worth a visit when you are on vacation in Hong Kong City. However, you can virtually visit any of these wonderful monuments without leaving your comfortable chair. For that purpose, simply 'fly' over the 3D model of Hong Kong City that was created by OrangeSmile and GoogleEarth. All you need to do is to click the video on this page.

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

Location on the map:   Facts:
» It’s a modern memorial built in 1993 in the form of a large seated statue of Buddha that is 34 metres high and weighs 250 tons. To get to the statue, you need to climb 268 steps.
» There’s a temple inside. The first floor decorated with paintings of the Buddha’s earthly life houses the Hall of Benevolent Merit. The second floor has a wooden panel depicting 160 pairs of eyes conveying different human emotions. The third floor houses the Hall of Remembrance where a holy relic of Buddha is stored.
»  An intriguing feature of Hong Kong’s statue of the Buddha is that it is the only one in the world that faces north, while others traditionally face south.
» On the Buddha’s birthdays, an interesting event takes place: you can see how monks are washing the feet of the statue.

Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre was built on an artificial peninsula.
» Several well-known companies led by architect Larry Oltmanns worked on the design of the huge complex. All the buildings in the centre, which include hotels, meeting rooms, theatres, exhibition halls, restaurants, parking, etc., are interconnected through covered passages.
» The glass-covered facade of the complex is the largest in the world.
» In 1997, the historic ceremony of the handover of Hong Kong – from Britain to China – took place here. In 2005, the centre hosted the WTO Ministerial Conference, which delegates from 148 countries participated in.

Clock Tower, Hong Kong

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Clock Tower was built a hundred years ago together with a railway station meeting and seeing off a huge number of Chinese immigrants seeking a better life in Hong Kong.
» Over the years of its existence, the clock stopped only during the years of Japanese occupation.
» Today the old tower is surrounded by modern buildings, but it continues to be a popular tourist attraction.
» Since 1990, the Clock Tower has been declared an architectural monument.

The Center, Hong Kong

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Center is a 73-storey skyscraper located in Hong Kong.
»  As of 2015, The Center is the fifth tallest building in the city, 14th in China, and 32nd in Asia. It is the 43d tallest building in the world.
»  The skyscraper is located in the popular shopping quarter in Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island.
»  The skyscraper has three underground levels, a shopping mall on the ground floor, 41 lifts, 400 parking spaces.
»  The famous postmodern Hong Kong skyscraper was built in 1998. The construction cost 384.6 million dollars.
»  The average floor height in the structure is 2.51 metres.
»  There are neon lights on the facade creating a light show when it’s dark.
»  The Center made an appearance in film The Dark Knight.
»  The Hong Kong skyscraper is popular among roofers from around the world. Some of the most popular YouTube videos were shot on the roof of the skyscraper.
»  Cheung Kong Holdings and Land Development Corporation were the developers of the skyscraper.
»  In early November 2017, Li Ka-shing’s company sold The Center for HK$40.2 billion, which is equivalent to $5.15 billion USD. It was bought by a consortium of Hong Kong and Chinese investors. The deal set a record on Hong Kong’s real estate market.

Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong

Location on the map:   Facts:
» Tsing Ma Bridge was named after the two islands it connects, sing Yi and Ma Wan.
» The project of this construction was presented 120 years ago. However, the bridge started to be built in 1992 when there was a need for transport communication between the city and a new airport at Chek Lap Kok.
» In 1997, the bridge was commissioned. The opening ceremony was visited by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher.
» The bridge is one of the longest suspension two-level bridges for car and trail traffic. It is 2.2 km long. The main span is 1 377 m long. The supports of the bridge are 206 m high.
» Besides railway lines, at the lower level, there is also a spare motor road for car traffic during typhoons. There is no pedestrian walkways on the bridge.
» Tsing Ma Bridge is very picturesque and attractive, especially at nights when it is illuminated.
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