How to spend top weekend in Hong Kong City - ideas on extraordinary attractions and sites

Hong Kong Towers at Sunset Is it possible to find something unusual and authentic in a heavily populated megalopolis, where one can see only skyscrapers and endless rows of cars? That is possible if you step aside from numerous shopping malls and classic restaurants, and don’t pay attention to the most famous landmarks that are well-known to everyone. Do you want to see a completely different Hong Kong? If so, head to Lantau Island, to the ancient Tai-O village . This place will simply strike you with its unique atmosphere. There are absolutely no skyscrapers there, and you will see only tiny tin houses severely damaged by time.
It won’t take long to find an elite hotel in Hong Kong. The Langham Hong Kong is considered one of the most prestigious accommodations in the city. Th hotel’s light guestrooms … Open
Several hundred years ago, the village was founded by pirates who used this place to sell treasures, weapons, and tobacco they got during their raids. The pirate market was also a place to sell humans. When the pirates got extinguished, illegal immigrants became main inhabitants of the village. It’s hard to believe, but some people still live in these old tin houses. Many call the Tai-O village “Hong Kong Venice” because houses of locals are built on piles right above the water, and it’s possible to reach such houses by boat only. Tourists, who visit the old village, are primarily interested in small street cafes where local fishermen cook their morning catch. For a symbolic fee, you will be able to buy delicious fish dishes and lots of exotic seafood.
Having admired the unusual face of Hong Kong, it’s time to return to the stone jungle by ferry and then right away move to the real jungle, namely, to Sai Kung Nature Reserve. Many people consider the megalopolis a completely unsuitable place for hiking, forgetting about nature attractions located nearby. Tourists will find not only standard excursions and walks in the park. As excursion programs are developed by locals themselves, you can find some very interesting and exclusive routes that include hiking to the top of a mountain, walks to romantic beaches, and observation of exotic animals. When you feel tired and want to recharge after a long walk, a private guide will take you to Sai Kung Village on a private boat. The village is famous for its quality restaurants. The services of private guides are typical for Hong Kong. Many private guides collaborate with tourist centers and hotels. Copyright
The legendary The Peninsula Hong Kong is in the list of the most prominent sights of Hong Kong. This luxurious hotel greeted its first guests yet in 1928. The Peninsula Hong Kong is located … Open
Having enjoyed the nature, it’s time to return to the world of high-tech and visit Robot Kitchen restaurant that is known as one of the most technocratic places in the city. The restaurant is open in one of shopping malls of Hong Kong. Starting from the opening date, only robots serve visitors of Robot Kitchen. The robots cannot cook high cuisine dishes, but they are good as waiters and hostesses, leaving guests stunned and excited. Currently, the most high-tech restaurant in Hong Kong is under renovation, and soon after reopening robots will be able not only to bring food to guests but also sing and dance for visitors. If human waiters look preferable for you, there is a legendary restaurant complex Jumbo Kingdom that is worth visiting. The restaurant is open in a giant boat that looks more like a real Buddhist temple. The floating restaurant is very popular with celebrities and VIP guests. For example, Jumbo Kingdom was visited by Queen Elizabeth II.
Hong Kong If you don’t have much time or are not ready for long excursions, it’s still possible to make your stay in Hong Kong more diversified. Make a ride on the longest escalator in the world, Mid-Levels Escalator, that is located close to the Central metro station. Finally, Hang Fung Gold Technology jewelry shop offers a very unusual ritual. Generous visitors who make a purchase worth $200 are allowed to seat on a toilet bowl made of gold (to the regret of some guests, to sit only). The toilet bowl made of pure gold remains a dream of many millionaires in the world.
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Art galleries in Hong Kong City and around
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Original sights of Hong Kong City, deserving Guinness book

Swallow Nest in Hong Kong Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
Gathering swallow nests in Asian countries is one of the most dangerous kinds of fishing. There are cases when people slip out steep cliffs and die. For this reason, nests of swiftlets are very expensive. Properly cooked meal of them is much more expensive. Travelers can also taste swallow nest soup in Japan and Malaysia. The business of breeding swiftlets is considered one of the most profitable activities among Malaysians. … Read further

Golden Toilet

From the series “Public Toilets, Who Makes it Extravagant”
The unusual toilet was opened in 2001. For its design, about a ton of the Reingold was used. In addition to the precious metal, about 6,000 precious stones were also used in furnishing the toilet. The toilet, decorated with rubies, emeralds and sapphires, is simply magical. Although two golden cobblocks weighing 280 kg can function normally, not all visitors can use them properly. … Read further

Cullinan Hotel

From the series “The World's Tallest Hotels”
The impressive modern skyscrapers look just as impeccable as the beautiful diamonds. The rooms and the luxurious apartments are oriented to the richest tourists. The construction of the twin towers began in 2002, and six years later the hotel served its first guests. It is interesting that the grandiose architectural project was not completely finished. The architectural complex is already awaiting serious renovations that will require investments of 2.5 million dollars. In addition to the hotel, in the skyscrapers you will find office space and luxurious apartments. … Read further

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