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Russia is a wonderful place to try different types of tourism. In this country you find wonderful beach resorts, ancient cities with rich historic heritage and magnificent nature parks.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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We should start from describing the most famous places of interest of the capital. Kremlin is the main symbol of the city and an internationally famous attraction. This is a very important historic and architectural landmark, and every building on its territory is a new page in the history of the country. The Red Square is located in front of the eastern wall of the complex. During several centuries the square was a witness to many important historic events. The Red Square was constructed on the site of numerous wooden houses, which made the threat of fire very real and, therefore, their presence was inacceptable near the royal residence. Nowadays, there are many exhibition halls, museums, parks and churches near the Red Square and the Kremlin complex.
The city of Saint Petersburg remains the cultural capital of Russia. Nearly every street in this city is an important historic and architectural place of interest. Travelers are recommended to visit Peterhof, a famous series of palaces and gardens, which is located not far away from the center of the city. Peterhof was built by initiative and under control of Russian tsar Peter the Great. Nowadays, the palace exhibits numerous historic documents, plans and drafts. The Smolny Cathedral is one more famous attraction of the city that is also recommended to visit. The beautiful cathedral is made in best traditions of baroque style. Its height is 94 metres; its halls and the facade are decorated with gilding, and blue walls of the cathedral feature skillfully made fretwork. Inner premises of the Smolny are no less beautiful and amaze visitors with stunning frescoes and carvings. Copyright
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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The most famous resort destinations in Russia are Sochi, Anapa and Adler. These cities are also rich in numerous historic buildings and modern entertainment centers. Travelers are recommended to visit the dolphinarium, which is open in Adler. Here visitors will be able to see entertainment performances and shows. Besides dolphins, the shows feature seals and visitors can see a true king of the sea - a giant white whale. The tomb of Hercules remains the most unusual landmark of Anapa. It was discovered during archaeological excavations in 1975. The tomb belonged to Gorgippia, a noble family. It's more than 1500 years old and got such an unusual name because of beautiful drawings that feature scenes from myths about Hercules.

History and Entertainment

The most famous and most popular tourist route in Russia is the Golden Ring. This route covers a range of beautiful historical cities, each of which attracts with its historical sites. Sergiyev Posad is famous for its religious attractions. Pereslavl-Zalessky will impress you with its historical architecture and breathtaking landscapes. In Kostroma, travelers can visit many interesting museums. The entire territory of historical city Suzdal is considered as a museum in the open air at all.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Fans of beach recreation often visit the resorts of Krasnodar Krai and, on the contrary, many people prefer the beaches of the Crimean Peninsula. Beach resorts located on the Black Sea coast have another interesting feature - upscale treatment centers. The region is notable for its healing climate. There are healing mineral springs and unique liman lakes. In Crimea, there are famous mud-cure resorts, some of which were formed in the 19th century. Vacationing here is interesting and comfortable for everyone who used to combine its favorite entertainments and care for the health.
In Russia, there are also excellent ski resorts. The best region for fans of active recreation and winter entertainments is the Urals. There are such famous ski centers, as Abzakovo and Bannoye. Picturesque ski areas are visited by tourists not only in winter, but also in the warm season. In summer, fans of hiking tours like vacationing here. The Urals are notable for their amazing nature attractions. Besides, the Urals are climbers’ favorite place for recreation.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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A very few foreign guests visit the Far East region of Russia but it is not less interesting because of this. This region is very far from the capital. Its main value is enchanting national parks. The main city of the region is Vladivostok that will impress you with various historical and architectural attractions. Nature admirers have an opportunity to visit national parks of the Kamchatka Peninsula, reach beautiful desert islands and admire magnificent volcanoes. The Far East region will impress gourmets too, as they can taste the rarest seafood delicacies here.
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Famous and uniques places in Russia from our review series

Butyrskaya Prison

From the series “Famous prisons of the world”
There are several historical prisons in Moscow. Butyrskaya prison is considered the most famous of them. Officially, it is called Pre-Trial Detention Center No. 2. The prison building is the most valuable historical and architectural monument for the Russian capital. Butyrsky Khutor was located on the site of the current prison during the reign of Catherine II. It was decided to build a barracks for the Butyrsky Hussar Regiment in it. It was converted into prison later. Many famous personalities served their sentences in it.

It was here that Yemelyan Pugachev spent the last days of his life. His cell was located in the basement of the prison tower. This tower is one of the main features of the architectural monument. It is named in honor of Pugachev. The building of the old barracks … Read all

Siberian Traps

From the series “Volcanoes that changed the face of the Earth”
One of the world's largest igneous provinces was formed in Siberia more than 252 million years ago. The eruption happened then. It is considered one of the largest in the history of the existence of our planet. According to only approximate estimates of researchers, the volume of lava that came to the surface of the earth was about 4 million cubic kilometers. The large igneous province occupies the entire territory of Western Siberia. Its area can be compared with Western Europe.

Such a serious eruption led to the death of 70% of the animals that existed on the planet. No more than 4% of marine animals survived the disaster. It is to this incredible eruption that Western Siberia owes its present unique appearance. It also influenced the formation of landscapes in the surrounding areas. … Read all

Moscow Oceanarium

From the series “Famous unfinished buildings ”
Construction of the new Oceanarium began near Victory Park in Moscow in 2007. According to the existing project, it was planned to build several dozen objects with a total area of 180,000 square meters. The area of the Oceanarium itself was supposed to be 24,000 square meters. It was planned to build apartment complexes and hotels near the modern entertainment center. The total cost of the grand project was estimated at the US $600 million.

It was the unique Oceanarium that was supposed to be the main component of the complex. About 6,000 expositions were planned to be placed in it. However, it was possible to implement less than 10 percent of the project during the work. The construction had to be stopped due to a serious economic dispute in 2008. It was only possible to settle it by … Read all
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