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Krasnaya Polyana is a popular ski resort located not far from Sochi. At one time, there were highlanders’ settlements. Their main village was called Kbaade. The highlanders of the Black Sea coast revered these lands as sacred ones. There were lush centuries-old firs, under which the Council of Elders met when the village saw the most crucial times. Here, decisions on piece or wars between the tribes were taken. The beauty of this place attracted many tribes. A little later, Krasnaya Polyana became a hunting fiefdom of the royal family, which members came here to hunt the bison.
Originally, the village was called Kbaade and then Romanovsk, as it was often visited by the representatives of the Romanovs. Consequently, the city was eventually changed to Krasnaya Polyana. It is considered that this name was given by Greeks inspired by the beauty of the fall purple fern growing here. Not far from Krasnaya Polyana, in the mountains, the famous mineral water spring called Sochi Narzan is located. The water from the spring surpasses even the famous Kislovodsk water with its taste.
Krasnaya Polyana is protected from bad weather by the Caucasus Mountains with snow tops. There is crystal-clear mountain lake Kardyvach that gives a start to one of the biggest rivers of the Black Sea coast, Mzymta. This region is rich with natural resources. Bison, deer, boars, and bears dwell in the woods. The rivers here are rich with trout and salmon that spawn here every year. These places would probably be uninhabited thus far if engineer Konstantinov had not built a good road from the village to the Black Sea coast. Then, the royal family and other aristocrats started coming here for recreation and enjoying the useful climate of the region. Copyright
The first tourist camp was opened here in the Soviet period, in 1924. It was called Mountain Air. Since that time, Krasnaya Polyana has become one of the centers of the ski tourism. Now, the most expensive road in the world stretching from Krasnaya Polyana to Adler is being built. One kilometer costs the Russian Government 140 million dollars. The sea is only 40 km from Krasnaya Polyana, so you can easily combine skiing with beach recreation here. The highest mountain of Europe, Elbrus, is located exactly here, which will delight fans of unusual tours.
The guests of Krasnaya Polyana can take part in many interesting entertainments. Fans of sightseeing tours can see mysterious dolmens. The scientists have argued over the history of their appearance for many hundred years. These are small stone constructions. Dolmens were created by humans in the prehistoric period. It is still not known what they were made for. Some of the monumental constructions are aged over 6 000 years and have been preserved to this day. You can see one of the most interesting and oldest dolmens in the district of Soloh-Aul.
In the territory of the resort village, there are several interesting historical monuments. There is the preserved Imperial Hunting Lodge that was built for Nicholas II in 1903. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were precious hunting grounds near the house. Only representatives of the royal family were permitted to hunt here. After the Revolution, the beautiful building was in disrepair. Later, the sanatorium was opened here. After the Second World War, the house lost its status and had been ignored for many years. This valuable historical monument started to be reconstructed only in 2013
In the territory of the resort village, there are several religious monuments, including the Temple of St. Haralampy. It was built in the period between the 19th-19th centuries at the initiative of the Greek community living here. It was the first stone temple in Krasnaya Polyana. It was constructed in the best Greek traditions. Near the temple, there is a tiny Chapel of Holy Martyr Zinaida that is distinguished by its spectacular architecture and Greek design.
Another interesting historic site here is the ruins of Fortress Achipse. It was built in the 8th century for protecting the nearby territory. In the early Middle Ages, the huge stone fortress lost its original status and was in disrepair. Today, the visitors of the historic district can see here the preserved fragments of the old magnificent stone construction. It will be very interesting for tourists to visit the Museum of the History of Krasnaya Polyana. Its exposure will certainly impress school-aged children.
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