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Novorossiysk is a really unique city. It is famous for its heroism during the Great Patriotic War. Originally, there was a usual military post at the site of Novorossiysk. Today, it is one of the biggest cities of Krasnodar Krai. Very few people know that there are a lot of marl deposits in the city. Marl is used to produce concrete, so Novorossiysk can be considered as a concrete capital of Southern Russia. There are about 5 concrete plants.
Also, very few people can doubt the fact that Novorossiysk is a large transport hub. Firstly, there is the powerful port on the Black Sea. It includes passenger, cargo and oil terminals. Secondly, there are highways and railroads in Novorossiysk. Finally, Novorossiysk is a big tourist city. It is the popular resort of Kuban that attracts people from all corners of Russia. There is also a water park that is one of the biggest in the country.
It should be also noted that it is also a hero city that became famous during the war. This means that there are many pilgrimage places for tourists interested in history. The nature of the city surroundings is very fascinating. That is why many travelers prefer to stay not in Novorossiysk but in one of the picturesque districts with the amazing sea, air and sanatoriums. There is also the cleanest and most beautiful lake of the North Caucasus, Abrau. Not far from it, there is the Sparkling Wine House where “Abrau-Dyurso”, one of the most popular Russian sparkling wines, is produced. Copyright
There are multiple picturesque vineyards around the city catching the imagination. Wines that are famous all over Russia are produced exactly of the local grapes. The popular Krasnodar resort annually attracts thousands of connoisseurs of exquisite wine, as well as fans of beach recreation and eco-tourism. This is a universal resort in every respect that will impress absolutely everyone. Novorossiysk is also not without unique historic attractions, pleasant restaurants, and modern entertainment centers.
As for architectural monuments of the city, the Assumption Cathedral built at the beginning of the 20th century is worth being mentioned. Since its construction, this temple is a main religious institution in the city. It was damaged significantly in the period of the Great Patriotic War. After the war, the temple was restored completely. Now, its facade is painted in sky-blue and interestingly contrasts with golden domes. As the temple is located on a small hill, so it is visible from many city streets.
You can learn more about the city history in the Novorossiysk State Historical Museum Reserve. It was opened in 1916 at the initiative of L. A. Senko-Popovskiy. In the first years of its existence, the historical museum worked only on voluntary contributions. After the Revolution, the museum gained a status of the local history one. In the period of the Great Patriotic War, it almost lost its collection. Only some of the exhibits have been preserved and transferred to Tbilisi. In 1944, the museum was opened again. It works uninterruptedly and its collection is constantly broadened.
The main nature attraction here is the Tsemesskaya Grove located in the immediate surroundings of Novorossiysk. The beautiful grove occupying 150 hectares is often called “city’s lungs”. When walking through the natural reserve, you can see rare maples, ashes, poplars, as well as birds and insects. It is more interesting to visit the grove in summer. At this time of the year, you can see here a lot of miraculous butterflies, most of which are listed in the Red Book.
Fans of hiking will be really impressed by excursions around the Andreevsky Pass. There is the most popular viewing platform in Novorossiysk. It is called “Seven Winds”. These places have an amazing view of the coast. They also attract fans of paranormal phenomena. Here, people often witness unexplainable things. Many travelers state that they’ve seen the maiden’s ghost on the viewing platform.
Admiral Serebryakov Embankment is the most favorite place for walks of the natives and city guests. It stretches along the Tsemesskaya Bay and has a length of 2 km. The embankment is well-equipped. Here, you can visit the cinema, waterpark, several restaurants, and cafes.

Sightseeing in Russia: things to see

The city of Saint Petersburg remains the cultural capital of Russia. Nearly every street in this city is an important historic and architectural place of interest. Travelers are recommended to visit Peterhof, a famous series of palaces and gardens, which is located not far away from the center of the city. Peterhof was built by initiative and under control of Russian tsar Peter the Great. Nowadays, the palace exhibits numerous historic documents, plans and drafts. The Smolny Cathedral is one more famous attraction of the city that is also recommended to visit. The beautiful cathedral is made in best traditions of baroque style. Its height is 94 metres; its halls and the facade are decorated with gilding, and blue walls of the cathedral feature skillfully made fretwork. Inner premises of the Smolny are no less beautiful and amaze visitors with stunning frescoes and carvings. … Open

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