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Most of the Japanese islands are located in a temperate climate zone, characterized by a clear division of seasons. This feature gives residents and guests of Japan an excellent opportunity to observe the change of seasons in the conditions of original landscapes and enjoy the changes occurring in nature. Many festivals organized in the country are devoted to natural phenomena. They are held throughout the year in different parts of Japan. Among the official festivals, one can single out the Emperor’s birthday. During the festivity, the Emperor, Empress and Crown Prince appear on the veranda of the Palace to meet with the people. At the end of the solemn part, everyone can come to the Palace and leave congratulatory messages for the emperor in a special book.
Japan has a highly developed transport infrastructure. Here, there is a high-quality road network, railway junction, and air transportation service. …
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One of the most loved events of the people is New Year. Its symbols in Japan are; Hamaimi (Special blunted arrows with white feathers believed to protect the house from evil spirits), Takarubees (boats with rice for the seven spirits of luck), Kumade (bamboo rake), “shovel” in the house for happiness and luck. The brightest event of the Japanese winter is the February festival of snow sculptures in Sapporo. During the week of this festivity, guests of the holiday can admire realistic ice palaces and figures of heroes of famous Japanese animated films. At night, a skillful illumination gives the ice and snow sculptures a truly majestic look. The festivity area is equipped with an ice park with attractions. Concerts are held and snacks with local food and drinks are distributed.
On the third day of March, Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day which is a romantic holiday is marked. The most beautiful tradition attached to this event is the ubiquitous exhibition of dolls. Richly dressed girls doll called “hina ningyo”, are exhibited in houses on specially designed stands helping to recreate scenes from the life of the imperial court. In the olden days, people believed that dolls are capable of driving away evil spirits. Japanese boys also have their own holiday, Tango no sacku or Boy’s Day celebrated on the 5th day of May. On this day, colorful carp images are displayed in the houses symbolizing the strength of spirit and courage. Copyright
Japan is a country with a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Emperor, but his functions are more ceremonial than legislative. The …
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The cherry blossom festival “Hanami” enjoys the love of the Japanese who are extremely sensitive to the process of observing flowering trees. Sakura blooms lasts for only a few days and when the cold comes, the flowering period lasts only a few hours. In addition to natural beauty, the locals see a profound meaning in this, which consists of the fragility and transience of human life. Sakura’s blooming begins at different times in different cities. Officially, the beginning of the holiday is announced when the first flower blossoms in the trees near the ancient Buddhist shrine of Yasukuni in Tokyo. This usually occurs in the middle or end of March.
Tokyo HDR On July 7th, Tanabata known as the Star Festival is held in Japan. According to legend, it was on this night that the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the Weaver Stars (Vega) and Cowherd Star (Altair)) who were previously separated by the Milky Way meet just once a year. The Japanese write down their wishes on paper tapes which they subsequently tie around the stems of wild bamboo. The Buddhist Obon Festival is a three-day celebration (August 13-15) dedicated to the commemoration of the dead. The Japanese believe that on these nights, the souls of the dead come to visit the living. During this time, festive services are held in temples. Refreshments are exhibited at the home altars and lights are lit at the entrances to the houses. They believe that by doing this, the soul can go to their light. In the evenings, traditional ritual dances are held in the Parks. The end of the holiday is marked with a ceremony of floating lanterns when a lot of paper lanterns with candles inside float on the water to lead the souls of the deceased back to the realm of the dead.
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Fukushima Daini Nuclear Plant

From the series “The Most Radioactive Zones on the Planet”
The accident that occurred at the notorious nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 is considered the most long-lasting and large-scale in the history of the mankind. Due to the earthquake, three reactors were damaged. There was a huge-scale radiation leak; the radiation has spread over a distance of 300 km. Now, the territory of the nuclear power plant and its immediate surroundings are among the most radioactive places on the planet. A strong earthquake in the Fukushima area began on March 11, 2011. A state of emergency was declared on the same day; all units were suspended.

Only because of qualified actions of station workers, it was managed to avoid the huge human losses. Just one person has died during the repair of the damaged reactors. The scale of an accident was surprising even for … Read all

Sky Tree

From the series “Breathtaking High-Altitude Observation Points with Panoramic Views on Cities”
The highest tower in the world, which is called Sky Tree, is situated in Tokyo. Its height is 634 meters. Those who like to look at the city with a bird's-eye view, will enjoy this tower equipped with three observation platforms; the highest among them is at an altitude of 450 meters. This observation deck is spiral. Glass high-speed elevators deliver visitors upstairs; they move with a speed of about 10 mps.

Construction of the world's tallest TV tower was completed in 2012. Today, it houses popular shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, and cafes. Viewing platforms are available for visits every day from 8 am to 10 pm. Experienced travelers advise to buy tickets in advance using an official website. You can also purchase them in a dedicated ticket office directly at the TV … Read all
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