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Nagano's main shopping street is Naka-mise. Its name can be literally translated as "shops inside the temple." On this historic street, you can find shops of various profiles, many of which have been operating for dozens of years. Besides the stalls, you can see small street cafes serving the most popular national dishes at moderate prices. A common treat is “manju” - small steamed buns stuffed with beans. Strolling through the shopping street, tourists can find shops of all possible types. These include several large tea shops, as well as a store selling the popular national drink Sake. There are also great shops offering traditional clothes and accessories. The most popular among tourists are numerous souvenir shops. Some shops on Naka-mise Street may seem pretty unusual - one sells pickles, and in the other, you can buy unique works of art. A must-have for ice cream lovers is Miso Soft where dozens of versions of their favorite treats are sold. Numerous craft shops deserve special attention - here you can buy interesting home decorations and very practical accessories. The main shopping street also accommodates the most interesting gastronomic shops where customers can find the most popular national delicacies. Nagano cannot boast an abundance of large shopping centers, and Midori Nagano is considered one of the largest. Here you can choose new clothes and accessories, as well as taste specialties at national restaurants, all day long. The mall houses dozens … Read further

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Attractions and active leisure

Travelers with children will be happy to discover Nagano Chausuyama Zoo. The bulk of its inhabitants are animals inhabiting Japanese forests and mountains. Some of the friendliest are monkeys, which are allowed to be fed and even held in arms. The zoo is well equipped, with many ornamental plants planted throughout its territory. Visitors can enjoy recreation areas with benches, as well as several playgrounds for … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Meat dishes have become common in regional cuisine relatively recently, and most of them are prepared from beef. The simplest and most widespread one is "Yakiniku" grilled beef. All chefs have their own traditions of cooking this dish. Some combine different types of meat, while others complement the meat with grilled vegetables. There are several restaurants and eateries in the city that specialize exclusively in … Open

Travel guide to Nagano

A beautiful traditional wooden building houses Tanaka Honke Museum. The historical building in which the museum is located was once the residence of wealthy traders of Tanaka. In this museum, visitors can see examples of goods that helped traders to multiply their wealth hundreds of years ago. Samples of cotton, rapeseed oil, grains and other goods that were worth their weight in gold are stored here. The museum … Open

Nagano for children - what to visit

Nagano Chausuyama Zoo boasts of an incredible collection of animals from all over the world. Here you can see giraffes, red panda, porcupines, rare predators, as well as cute lambs, which are allowed to be fed by visitors. Another attractive feature of the zoo is the variety of trees and exotic covering its territory. With smaller children, it'd be a good idea to visit Nagano City Joyama Zoo featuring an … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

In Nagano and its environs, you can visit several farm shops. The famous Michi-no-Eki Nakajo store can be found near the Olympic road. It sells seasonal vegetables and fruits from local farms. In summer, the store always presents a huge selection of flowers. Apart from foods, customers can choose cute wicker baskets and garden decorations. Miniature bags with spices remain one of the most popular souvenirs among … Open

Advices for travellers

9. Popular entertainment in Nagano is swimming in hot springs. Some traditional-style hotels have their own springs or thermal pools. 10. Some thermal centers and spas have relaxation rooms that can be even rented for a full day. They are quite affordable, so some tourists choose this accommodation option in order to save. 11. On the streets, there are many stalls and open-air cafes selling popular local … Open

Japan - moving around the country

Narita is considered to be the next important airport in Japan. It is located in the eponymous city of Narita, which is near Tokyo. In addition to the fact that the airport conducts both domestic and international transportation, it is also a transit area for passengers who are flying from Asia to America or vice versa. After a grand reconstruction in 2004, the airport began to be considered as a first class air harbor. Today, Narita is the fifth largest passenger traffic airport in the world. The terminals of this airport are extremely spacious, despite the heavy workload. At the airport you can find inexpensive cafes and bars, respectable restaurants, shops with branded clothing, original souvenir shops, food stores, newsstands, a bank, ATMs, a currency exchange office, and much more. … Open

Nature and parks of Japan

The natural beauty of Japan is represented by many beautiful places, with each one creating an atmosphere of serenity. The most famous natural landmark is Mount Fuji, the current stratovolcano of Honshu Island. Fuji is popular among guests of the country and the Japanese themselves, who consider it a shrine. Every Japanese dreams of reaching the peak of this mountain at least once in their lifetime. It gives tourists exciting experiences and pleasure from contemplating its divine appearance. Fujiyama is located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The Park also includes five lakes, geothermal springs and the Izu Peninsula. One of the main beauties of these places is Lake Ashi, in which the mountain is reflected. Water tours are organized along the lake. To the south-east, is located the double volcano Owakudani which is still active. The main attractions can be easily seen from the monorail track. You can climb to the top of Fujiyama by cable car. … Open

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