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Lithuania is a developed country which has a fairly high-quality and extensive transport infrastructure. You can move around the country using different convenient means of transportation. Here you will find a railway service, a bus service, maritime transport, popular car and bicycle rental, as well as taxi and hitchhiking services. The bus is the most popular mode of transportation for moving within one city and around the country. There are both public and private owned carrier companies. As a rule, such public transportation works from five in the morning until midnight. It should be noted that there are also high-speed long-distance buses. Usually, they are indicated by the letter “G”. Transportation is organized in strict accordance with the schedule. You can get acquainted with it on the website of the carrier company or at the local bus station. There are also electronic or paper timetables at the numerous stops in large cities.
The local cuisine of Lithuania is the personification of the culture and history of this country. Many centuries ago, it was conditionally divided …
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All the buses are in good technical condition. Decent amounts of money are regularly allocated from the budget towards the modernization of the bus fleet. In such large cities as Vilnius or Kaunas, you will come across trolleybuses and fixed-route taxis. Virtually all regions of Lithuania are connected by rail. Suburban electric trains run within the city, usually every half hour. Tourists, as well as many local residents choose this kind of public transportation. After all, this is a great way to reduce the time you lose getting stuck in traffic jams. And also, you gain the advantage of reaching your destination in the most comfortable condition. Trains in Lithuania are clean and tidy, and the seats have soft upholstery. The driver always warns of the upcoming bus stops in advance. Comfortable trains run between cities and regions, as well as on international routes. The railway schedule is well organized; the trains move on time so there are no deviations from the schedule.
Road coverage in Lithuania is at a very high level. Consequently, car rental services are very popular among tourists. It is especially relevant when there is a need to travel between cities. And as the distance between cities is not too big and the cost of renting a car is quite affordable, this type of transportation is chosen even by budget conscious tourists. You can rent a car in any city. To return the car, simply visit a similar agency in any city. The only disadvantage of this choice of transportation is the need to pay for parking space anywhere. If you do not want to drive yourself and would rather enjoy your comfort and instead have someone drive you, then you can acquire the service of a taxi. It should be noted that according to the legislation in Lithuania, every taxi car should be equipped with a meter, and the driver himself must possess a license permitting him to transport passengers. The fare is approximately between 0.5 and 1 Euro per kilometer. Pick-up will also cost at least 0.5 Euro.
Lithuania is often called the Northern Italy because of the similarity of inhabitants’ nature. Lithuanians may appear calm and cold-blooded, but …
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Bicycles are becoming more popular every year, not only among the local population, but also among tourists. This is an ideal option for traveling within a city. First of all, you can rent a bicycle in any city. Secondly, the price for renting is affordable even for a budget constrained vacation. Thirdly, you would be better off using a bicycle since it allows you to avoid suffering from huge traffic jams in the downtown and get to the desired destination as quickly as possible. Fourthly, you can save on parking, as free parking is often provided for bicycles. You can travel on such a two-wheeled transport even between cities. The authorities of the country regularly improve and expand the bicycle intersection. In order to return the bicycle, it is not necessary to take it back to the exact agency. It is enough to simply leave your bicycle at another rental point, even if it is located in another city.
Kaunas Castle, Lithuania The air transportation network in Lithuania is quite well developed. However, due to the fact that the country’s territory is too small, the airline does not conduct domestic flights. On the other hand, on private airfields which are about thirty in the state, it is quite possible to take any charter flight. The terminals of airports have a fairly well-developed infrastructure. The most comfortable conditions are created here for each passenger. Thanks to the fact that Lithuania is located on the shores of the delightful Baltic Sea, water transportation is also widespread here. The main port is considered to be Klaipeda. It is from here that various ships and ferries take off. As a rule, there are international cruises to neighboring countries which make it possible for tourists to travel across the beaches of the so-called Curonian Spit. In this same port, you will find a huge pier for private yachts and a jetty for cruise liners. It is worth noting that another fairly popular port is located on the largest river in Kaunas. There everyone can buy a ticket and go aboard a ship going to Nida.

Main airports and avia transportation

Lithuania is a modern developed country. Therefore, air transportation services here are represented at the highest level. There are only four major international airports in the country. It is worth noting that due to the small size of ​​the country, there are no domestic flights, since they have extremely small polarity. There are however over three dozen landing sites in Lithuania which receives various international and domestic charter flights daily. The largest airport in Lithuania is Vilnius International Airport. It is located just a few kilometers from the center of the capital city. The history of the airport sums about a hundred years. During this time the airport has been upgraded several times. The terminals were increased, and the runways improved. Copyright
1.Lithuania is a member of the EU. Citizens of other states will require a Schengen visa to visit the country. 2. The official currency in Lithuania …
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To date, the carrying capacity of the main metropolitan airport is about 1.8 million passengers. At the same time, about thirty thousand sorties are carried out each year (cargo aircraft are not taken into account here). Bus stops are situated near the terminals, so everyone can get to the city in the shortest possible time. There is also a small railway station which you can get to from the airport using a special railbus. It is worth noting that the infrastructure of the central airport meets all modern rules and trends. Each traveler can perform automatic registration by himself, using special devices. There are a lot of different stores and souvenir shops on the territory, as well as shops that sell duty free goods. You can have a snack in one of the small restaurants and cafes present on the territory of terminals, or enjoy a drink in any of the bars. There is also a nursing room and a waiting room where you can relax.
The next largest in terms of size is Kaunas Airport. It is located only 10 kilometers from the center of the Kaunas city. The airport is intended for the reception of any type of aircraft. The length of the runway is more than 3 kilometers, and the width is 45 meters. It is worth noting that the largest reconstruction at this airport took place in 2008 and now a modern three-storey terminal has been made available for passenger. The government also plans to further increase the territory of the air harbor. You can get to Kaunas airport by taxi or by transfer. Also, about thirty bus routes go into the Kaunas airport. On the territory of the airport you will find everything needed for the comfortable reception of passengers including shops, restaurants, recreation areas, offices of international and local banks, ATMs and currency exchange offices, car rental agencies and other amenities.
Lithuania is a surprising country. Despite its small geographical size, it has several large cities with shopping centers and malls where you can buy …
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The next largest airport is the Palanga International Airport on the Baltic Sea. It is worth noting that this airport is focused on exchanges with other European countries, so all routes are of medium duration. At the end of the last century, the entire airport was completely modernized. The areas affected include; the luggage inspection unit, the passenger terminal, and also the control room. In 2007, the Southern terminal was expanded and the Northern Terminal was opened as the inflow of tourists increased significantly. You can get to the airport by the Palanga motorway on a rented car or by taxi. There are also regular buses to the airport. You also have the opportunity to use the transfer services. The last Lithuanian airport is the Šiauliai International Airport. It is located in Šiauliai, near the border with Latvia (only about forty kilometers). It should be noted that it is this airport that is considered the main base for the Lithuanian air force. In comparison with other described airports, it is small but has within its territory everything necessary for the comfortable relaxation of passengers who are waiting to board or those who have recently just arrived.

Railway, bus, water and other transport

Church of St. Anne and St. Bernardine Travelers ought not to have any problems with transportation in Lithuania since the infrastructure here is quite developed. The bus is the most popular mode of transportation. Buses depart from the bus station every 20-30 minutes in different direction within the city. It should be noted that all trips always go in strict accordance with the schedule. Therefore, you just need to clarify the schedule and quietly plan your trip. The standard schedule of the bus is from five in the morning until midnight. On holidays and on weekends however, the schedule may vary slightly in small cities. Buses run not only within the city, but also on intercity routes. There are both state and private passenger carriers. However, the vehicle fleet is generally in a decent condition and you will find the buses clean and comfortable. There are also special bus routes, which are called fast buses. They are indicated by the letter “G”. These buses stop only at major stations. That way, you can get to your desired destination as quickly as possible. Bus tickets can be bought from the driver and the prices start from one euro. You can also buy special plastic travel cards. In the capital city and in several major cities, trolleybuses and fixed-route taxis also run on schedule.
Over the centuries of its rich history, Lithuania has got many festivals. These are celebrated grandly. Unforgettable festivities are held every …
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The Lithuanian railway has a fairly extensive network. Thus, you can get to any region of this small country by train. All trains are in excellent condition, the upholstery of the seats is soft and the tambour clean. As a rule, there are two clean toilets. This you will find even in the wagon of the lowest class of train. You can buy a train ticket at the counter or from the conductor. If however the passenger is picked up at a railway station where there is no ticket office, then buying a ticket from the conductor will cost about a quarter more. Suburban electric trains run within a city or region. The level of comfort in the wagons of suburban electric trains is usually lower than that in long-distance trains. Nonetheless, travelers will not spend much time on the way. Air transportation in Lithuania is also well developed. Nevertheless, in view of the fact that the territory of this State is rather small, airlines of international airports do not conduct domestic flights. If necessary, you can use the services of charter flights which can land on one of three dozen airfields.
Lithuania is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. As a result, water transportation in the country is also quite developed. The most popular form of such transportation is ferry. This is an excellent opportunity to travel along the Baltic coast especially with cargo. In addition, it is only by ferry that you can get to the resort of Neringa from the mainland. The price of tickets for a ferry varies depending on the season, the time of day and the company that operates the particular vessel. At the peak of the season (mid-July to the end of August), cost of ferry tickets are almost double and an additional fee is charged for the cargo. The central port in Lithuania is Klaipeda. Ships and yachts regularly go on trips to neighboring countries from its dock. During the summer period, a huge number of yachts and cruise liners sail along the coast. Also, the port which is located on the Neman River (this is in Kaunas) is a very important object of the traffic interchange. On this channel, regular exchanges are made daily with Nida. Such a journey will take no more than four hours, but will give you an opportunity to enjoy the delightful scenic landscapes.
Lithuania is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea and this factor largely influences the formation of the climatic conditions of the state. Summer …
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The state of roads in Lithuania is excellent. As a result, most travelers prefer to rent a car. Besides, if you rent a car in Lithuania, then you can easily travel to Estonia and Latvia on the same transport. This is very convenient in case of a combined tour. In order to rent a car, you must have an international driver’s license, as well as a credit card. The average price for renting a car is in the range of thirty to eighty dollars per day. However, the final price depends on the auto-maker, year of manufacture, and the season. Some international airports also have car rental agencies. Before you sit behind the wheel in Lithuania, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road as they are very strict. For the slightest violation, a very large fine will be imposed on you. Especially high fines are imposed for over speeding, as well as for driving in a state of intoxication. Also, it is worth considering that there is almost no free parking in the country.
Klaipeda If you do not want to get behind the wheel yourself, and yet do not want to give up speed and comfort, you can employ the service of a taxi. In Lithuania, there are serious restrictions for taxi drivers according to the law. The car must be equipped with a meter, and the driver must himself have a license authorizing him to transport passengers. In spite of this, quite a decent number of taxis do not have meters in them. The fare in such instances can be a little lower. However, you cannot be sure as you cannot calculate it. In addition, please note that you are not responsible for the technical servicing of such cars. In usual taxis, the rates are practically the same. For pick-up you will have to pay at least 0.5 Euro, and a kilometer drive costs from 0.5 to 1 Euro on average. You can call the taxi and calculate the cost of the trip from the dispatchers of the carrier.
At present, Catholicism prevails in Lithuania. According to the last census, at least 85% of the general population consider themselves Catholics. It …
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Please note that as in all European countries, the popularity of bicycles in Lithuania is increasing with time. Now this two-wheeled transport can be rented in any city. In this case, the main advantage of renting is the fact that you can return the bicycle at any rental point, even if it is situated in another city. In large cities, there is an excellent bicycle interchange; it is also convenient to travel between cities by such transport. If you are already in an area or city where there are no special bicycle paths, then do not worry, since bicyclists are very much respected and given a lot of leeway on ordinary roads. Accordingly, the government and citizens themselves are trying to emphasize the importance of using noiseless and environmentally safe modes of transportation. If you are a sophisticated traveler, then you can fully use the services of hitchhiking. This type of transportation is common here. Sometimes this is due not only to the lack of money, but also to the lack of direct access to a particular area or region.
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