Sightseeing in Kaunas - what to see. Complete travel guide

Kaunas at night 1. Travelers, who want to visit local parks, are recommended to learn their rules in advance. As a rule, picnics and kindle fires cannot be made throughout the park. Even a vehicle left in the wrong place can become the reason for a fine.
2. Streets of the city are distinguished by extreme cleanliness. Throwing garbage is allowed in specially designated areas only. According to the city’s rules, smoking in public places is prohibited, so smokers should pay attention to the presence of special prohibitory signs. Any violation of public order will result in large fines.
3. Fans of hunting and fishing should care about the registration of all necessary documents in advance. Without them any fishing or hunting will be an illegal activity. The papers can be obtained from the administration of any national park or nature reserve. The process will take very little time.
4. A large part of local shops and shopping centers is open every day except Sunday. A usual working day starts at 10:00 and lasts until 19:00. Saturday can be a short working day. Some grocery stores work without weekends.
5. Large shops and supermarkets accept non-cash payments. A sufficient amount of cash is needed only to tourists who plan to make purchases in local markets and small private shops. Copyright
6. The most advantageous way to pay for your purchases is to use the national currency. Some shops of restaurants may accept euros and the U.S. dollars, but at an extremely disadvantageous rate. You can exchange money at a bank or in one of currency exchange offices. Please keep in mind that the closer an exchange office is located to a hotel, the less favorable rate and conditions of exchange it will provide.
7. Tips are not officially accepted in restaurants and cafes, but if you want to thank a helpful waiters, feel free to leave a small monetary reward. The tip of 5 - 10% of the total order will be enough. Visitors can also round off the amount indicated in the bill in a big way to any convenient sum.
The most famous and largest shopping center in Kaunas is Acropolis. Hundreds of shops, as well as an excellent cinema and restaurants, are represented on its four floors. In total, the … Open
8. Locals are very friendly and welcoming. Feel free to ask them for help in case you need it. There is a simple way to please indigenous people - to learn a few phrases in their native language.
9. Line power supply voltage is 220V. Make sure you check all electrical appliances that you plan to take to the trip before you leave. In case you need some adapters and connectors, you can find them in specialty stores.
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Lithuania: travelling advices

5. Couples and older people will enjoy vacations in Lithuania. There are several sanatoriums in this country where you can have mineral water treatment.
6. Like other Baltic countries, Lithuania has a rather low crime rate, which makes a journey even more comfortable. However, you should be cautious in popular tourist places, as there is a risk of encountering pickpockets.
7. Pay attention to the zones of private property. Fishing or picking up mushrooms and berries there can cause detention by the local police or even deportation.
8. You should observe all the rules of conduct in the national park. You mustn’t kindle fire, litter, pick flowers or grass, set tents, make noise, and scare birds. … Open

What to visit being in Kaunas - unique sights

Kauno Choraline Synagogue

From the series “The most luxury and famous synagogues”
The history of the construction of this synagogue is connected with the name of the famous Lithuanian merchant Levin Borukhovich Minkovsky. He lived in Kaunas in the mid-19th century. This merchant bought a small plot of land in the center of the city for personal funds. It was here that the construction of the synagogue began later. It is notable for its spectacular interior design. Beautiful finishes and dark wood furniture have been preserved in the synagogue since the last reconstruction. You can also see the artful gilding elements here. Ancient candelabra, artful paintings on the walls, and a beautiful dome with stained glass windows – all this reminds visitors of the synagogue of the traditions of the architecture of the 19th century. … Read further

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