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The local cuisine of Lithuania is the personification of the culture and history of this country. Many centuries ago, it was conditionally divided into two types - peasant and aristocratic. The first consisted of simple and inexpensive dishes with maximum satiety. Aristocrats could afford intricate recipes and unique tastes. So, local dishes include stroganina, bovine meat with berries sauces, and pheasant with juniper. The main vegetable in Lithuania is still the potato. It is served as an independent dish and added to other. In general, the Lithuanian cuisine is similar to the cuisine of other Baltic countries. It was strongly influenced by the traditions of the eastern countries like Poland or Belarus. For a long time, Lithuania was the leader of gastronomic trends throughout Europe. Lithuanians were the first to serve snacks to the table.
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The most popular meat in Lithuania is pork. Lamb and beef are less used. One of the most famous Lithuanian meat dishes is zrazy, which is a meatloaf with stuffing. They are cooked from tenderized beef. Vegetable filling, eggs, and sometimes porridge is put inside. A garnish is a porridge or mashed potatoes. Another popular dish is shyupinis is cooked of potato and peas. It is served along with fried pork. Potatoes in Lithuania are often cooked in a sauce of sour cream and milk with the addition of spices. A unique potato dish is cepelinai, which are large dumplings of raw and boiled potatoes with a filling of meat or cottage cheese. They are served with sour cream and fried bacon. It is interesting that the name of the dish was obtained thanks to a form similar to the German Zeppelin aircraft.
The Lithuanian cuisine has a wide variety of soups. The most famous of them is a cold borscht, cooked on kefir or beet broth. It is cooked with pickled beet, which gives the dish a beautiful violet color, and fresh vegetables. The dish is served cold with the addition of boiled potatoes. This borscht is not the only one in the Lithuanian cuisine. There is mushroom borscht with dough, soup with smoked meat, and cold tomato soup. Lithuanian cuisine pays much attention to flour dishes. That’s why dumplings with different fillings are very popular. Pancakes are most often cooked in Lithuania with the addition of potatoes. There are different fillings and sauces. Copyright
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It is necessary to try the local seafood and dishes of it. Eels are caught in the Couronian Lagoon. This fish can be tasted at local restaurants. Herring in Lithuania is marinated following a special recipe with sour cream and fried onion. Smelt in fried in breadcrumbs. Lithuanian rye bread has an excellent taste. It can be stored for a very long time, without losing its qualities. It’s not accepted to throw bread away. The old one is fried in oil, rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with grated cheese. So, it becomes an excellent snack for beer. The main dessert of Lithuania is Sakotis, which is the local Lithuanian cake. It is cooked with whipped eggs with the addition of flour and sugar on an open fire on a spit. The heat deforms the dough, creating a bizarre shape reminiscent of a branchy tree. Sakotis is one of the most popular souvenirs among tourist. It is often served as a main wedding cake.
Various milk drinks and milk-based products are very popular in Lithuania. Besides milk, the inhabitants of the country like curdled milk, cottage cheese, and kefir. The most popular non-alcoholic drink in Lithuania is kvass. Tinctures are popular among alcoholic beverages. The most famous of them are 999 and Zubrowka. One of the traditional drinks is Krupnik, which is made on the basis of alcohol with the addition of honey and spices. Excellent beer is brewed in Lithuania. It has already been recognized throughout the world. The most popular brands are Utenos Alus, Taurus, and Gubernia. The best and strongest beer in the country is produced in the Biržai area.
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