National traditions of Lithuania. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Lithuania is often called the Northern Italy because of the similarity of inhabitants’ nature. Lithuanians may appear calm and cold-blooded, but they can show truly violent emotions. The main qualities that are typical for all Lithuanians are sociability and love for fun. People of all ages enjoy singing and dancing, even those who are far beyond sixty. Locals share an enthusiasm for life and hospitality. They easily converge with new people, always interact with the guests of the country. Lithuanians are characterized by thrift and rationality. They are famous as great fans of arguing and proving their opinion. Another great feature of the Lithuanian temperament is patriotism. Locals are happy to help tourists learn words from their language and can long admire their state.
Lithuania is an incredibly cozy and quiet country, which is a great place for a family holiday. Due to the compact size of the state, traveling …
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Lithuanians are family people. You can often meet corporations and companies, which consists of members of one family. Lithuanians care very much about what other people think about them. Therefore, they always try to demonstrate the very best side. The people of Lithuania are punctual; they always come to meetings on time and do not tolerate delays.
Smoking in Lithuania is prohibited at the legislative level, except for specially designated places. There are high penalties for violating this rule. It’s also prohibited to drink alcohol in public places. Local law enforcement agencies are carefully monitoring to ensure that these laws are respected. Lithuanians are very law-abiding citizens, so, such a prohibition does not cause special problems. Copyright
Lithuania is a surprising country. Despite its small geographical size, it has several large cities with shopping centers and malls where you can buy …
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It is strictly forbidden to go through private estates, which are marked with special plates. Lithuanians, though hospitable, don’t like unexpected guests. There may be a conflict, which can unpleasantly affect an offender. Lithuanians are incredibly polite and cultured; they always show a high level of tolerance. They do not interrupt interlocutors and expect the same from others. Lithuanians are very calm. They show great respect to the unique nature of their country. Another local feature is helpfulness. Lithuanians always come to each other's aid. Tourists can recon on help. Locals easily tell the direction or even accompany a tourist if they have free time.
An integral part of the life of any Lithuanian is a song. In ancient times, Lithuania was called the land of songs. The greatest popularity has choir singing and various folk ensembles. In the last week of May, there is a folklore singing festival in Vilnius, which attracts more and more guests every year.
Over the centuries of its rich history, Lithuania has got many festivals. These are celebrated grandly. Unforgettable festivities are held every …
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All significant dates are celebrated on a grand scale. Events are cheerful and noisy. Grandiose processions, fairs, songs, and dances accompany them. Residents of cities tend to show that the old traditions are still alive today. People gladly take part in all kinds of entertainment and necessarily buy souvenirs brought by local craftsmen. On the fairs, you can see gingerbread with biblical texts and household utensils made of straw, as well as beautiful jewelry made of amber.
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Unique traditions in cities of Lithuania

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