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Banknote Office Center

From the series “Top 16 Most Amazing Buildings of the Planet”
During a walk through distant Kaunas district one can see the original building, whose facade reminiscent of the huge banknote 1 000 Lit. Such banknotes were circulated in Lithuania in the first half of the 20th century. This original 20-storey building, completed in 2008, is considered the best office in the city. Here are the offices of the largest and leading companies. The office in the center 'Banknotes' is an honor for many entrepreneurs.
The picture of the old banknotes was not chosen by chance for façade design. The semblance is intended to remind modern entrepreneurs of the traditions of the previous years, the independence of the country and the advantages of its economy. The building looks not only very impressive, but also elegant. In the evening the facade of the office center is illuminated with the beautiful illumination. The facade of the building is lined with huge rectangular glass panels. At the center, the construction workers had to assemble the glass panels like a giant puzzle.
The specialists of the office RA Studija have developed the project of the original office center. It was originally intended to build the building on one of Kaunas' central streets. According to the design claim, however, the government of the city thought that its bold exterior shape would violate the harmony of the historic streets. The office center has its own 'longevity secrecy' which helps to maintain the faulty exterior view. This secret is the special lacquer paints with which the drawing was applied to the glass panels. The colors, as well as the building are therefore weatherproof. ... Complete sights collection

Apartment-museum of Wenceslas family

From the series “Apartment-museums of great celebrities”
The most interesting museum is located in Vilnius. It is dedicated to the Lithuanian literary critic, writer, and public figure Antanas Venclova. It was opened in the apartment where the writer's family lived between 1945 and 1971. The museum owes much of its foundation to the Museum of Vilnius Writers. Its employees began forming the museum's foundation in 1973. The main part of the exhibits that you can see in the museum today was received from the writer's wife.
A huge library, personal belongings of the writer, his manuscripts, and antiques are stored in the old apartment. The museum has more than 8,000 exhibits. The atmosphere of the writer's office was recreated as accurately as possible in the apartment. You can see beautiful furniture, old books, and unique works of art in the museum. The writer was very partial to them.
Antanas Venclova had many famous friends among literary figures, artists, and other artists. Many of them repeatedly visited his apartment in Vilnius. The museum continues to live an active life even today, despite the fact that it was organized more than 40 years ago. The museum staff is constantly searching for new historical facts about the Venclova family. They collect historical documents and other valuable artifacts related to family members. Thematic events are often held in the museum. They are dedicated to the activities of the writer, as well as contemporary writers and poets of Lithuania. It will be interesting to visit this museum once again, even for those who have visited it before. ... Complete sights collection

Kauno Choraline Synagogue

From the series “The most luxury and famous synagogues”
Kaunas Synagogue is located in the heart of the city. It is one of two active synagogues in the country. It occupies a very beautiful neo-Baroque building. It was built in 1872. Famous architect Justin Grinevich engaged in the development of the building project. The religious monument was reconstructed as quickly as possible in the post-war years, even though it was severely damaged during the German occupation.
The synagogue building is considered one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Kaunas at present. The synagogue has not only important religious but also historical significance for residents. A monument to Jewish children who died in the Holocaust was erected at the back of the building after the end of World War II. More than 50,000 children were killed during this period. The monument is a complex composition of 37 stone slabs with the names of Lithuanian cities where the dead children lived.
The history of the construction of this synagogue is connected with the name of the famous Lithuanian merchant Levin Borukhovich Minkovsky. He lived in Kaunas in the mid-19th century. This merchant bought a small plot of land in the center of the city for personal funds. It was here that the construction of the synagogue began later. It is notable for its spectacular interior design. Beautiful finishes and dark wood furniture have been preserved in the synagogue since the last reconstruction. You can also see the artful gilding elements here. Ancient candelabra, artful paintings on the walls, and a beautiful dome with stained glass windows – all this reminds visitors of the synagogue of the traditions of the architecture of the 19th century. ... Complete sights collection
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