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Over the centuries of its rich history, Lithuania has got many festivals. These are celebrated grandly. Unforgettable festivities are held every season. The main holiday of spring is Kaziukas Fair. This big fair is arranged on the first days of March to honor St. Casimir. It is believed that he protects the inhabitants of Lithuania, particularly artisans. The holiday is celebrated for several centuries. The first festive procession of masters and craftsmen was held in 1604. Later, it was transformed into a meeting of all folk craftsmen not only of Lithuania but of neighboring states. Every year, more than 1000 people come to participate in it. Artisans demonstrate their skills and new achievements in technology. Like many centuries ago, the festive day begins with a grand procession through the streets of old Vilnius.
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Later, the masters display their items in the Old City. You can see carvers on wood, blacksmiths, tanners, weavers, jewelers, and other artisans. In the times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the first fairs after long winter days were held on that day. In the height of summer, from June 21 to 24, Lithuania celebrates one of the most beloved and revered Lithuanian holidays. That’s Jonines, and only Christmas can surpass it. Festivities in terms of this holiday do not stop for four days. It begins on the day of the summer solstice. Originally, that was a pagan holiday. Many countries have similar holidays, for example, Belarusians celebrate Kupalle; it’s Ivan Kupala in Russia and Ligo in Latvia. At night, people light fires and weave wreaths to make them float. Lithuanians also tell fortune and conduct ceremonies on these days.
One of the most amazing activities of this night is searching for a fern. It is believed that it points to the place where the treasure was once buried. Despite the fact that the treasure could not be found by anyone, the tradition is alive and continues to exist. Lovers are invited to jump over the fire holding hands. Such a tradition is considered a symbolic test of feelings. Full understanding and harmony wait for the bold ones. Guests who come to see the celebrations are offered to collect herbs and take lake water since they will become healing on this night. Songs and dances in folk costumes do not stop for a minute. Copyright
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Prince Gediminas is honored on the day of the autumnal equinox, although this feast also had pagan roots. Prince Gediminas became the founder of Vilnius, and this festival was held in honor of him. Every year on September 21 and 22, an impressive carnival procession takes place on Gediminas Avenue. Anyone can take part in it. Several temporary stages are being built to hold theatrical performances and concerts of classical music. There is also a large fair. The main goods there are autumn fruits. After sunset, everyone rushes to the bank of the river Nyaris not to miss the amazing fiery show in terms of International Festival of Fire Sculptures. Huge straw sculptures are shaped as pagan idols. These are created by masters of different countries. Figurines stand all day waiting for an hour when they will be set on fire. The fire transforms and enlivens huge idols. The spectacle is unforgettable. Fireworks make a spectacle breathtaking.
Kaunas at night In winter, Lithuanian cities are transformed beyond recognition. On December 22, the Day of Bukas is celebrated. This is a special character with an unusual look of a huge old stump. It symbolizes all the misfortunes and failures that people had to face in the outgoing year. To be sure that misfortunes will not return the next year, locals carry the stump with them all day. Then, this character is burnt. Concerts of folklore ensembles and theatrical groups are organized in large cities on this day.
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Another winter religious festival is the day of the Three Kings. It is held on January 6. The festival is dedicated to the biblical magicians, Baltazaras, Märkalis and Kasparas. The huge figures of the Magi are created and swept along the streets accompanied by actors dressed as archangels and shepherds. The procession passes from the Ostrabrama Gate to the Cathedral Square. Actors wish Lithuanians Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
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