Sightseeing in Bandung - what to see. Complete travel guide

Bandunv visit 1. In addition to the native language, a large part of the city’s population speaks decent Chinese. As a rule, young people can also speak English pretty well, therefore It won’t be hard to communicate with the local people.
2. The best place to exchange currency is in the local banks as they usually offer the most favorable rates. Vast majority of banks are open on weekdays from 7:00 - 8:00 to 15:00. Friday is often considered a short working day. Specialized exchangers offices can work around the clock seven days a week, but they offer less beneficial terms of the exchange and usually charge higher commissions.
3. You can easily pay by your credit card in large restaurants, hotels and shopping malls, so carrying large sums of cash is absolutely not necessary.
4. Bus remains the most convenient and cheapest way to move around the city. The public transport network in Bandung is quite well developed and can bring you to all main sights of the city.
5. The tourists, who plan to use a taxi, are recommended to negotiate the price of a trip in advance. As a rule, taxi rates are the lowest on weekdays, but they can rise significantly after 22:00 and on weekends. Copyright
6. The tourists, who plan to rent a car, will need to have an international driver's license and a credit card. The price of rent usually varies and depends on a specific rental office. As a rule, the closer the office is located to the city’s airport, the higher rates it provides.
7. The power supply voltage is 220 V. It is worth noting frequent power outages are allowed in many economy-class hotels. As a rule, upscale hotel complexes have their own private generators of electricity, so guests will not have to suffer from this inconvenience.
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8. You will find quality clothing and footwear offered at very attractive rates in the local shopping centers. Many large shopping centers work seven days a week and are closed no earlier than 21:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.
9. Tips in restaurants and cafes usually estimate 5 - 10% of the total bill and are rarely included in the total amount of the order. Taxi driver should also receive a small cash reward for his services. A sum of three thousand rupees will be sufficient. Do not forget about guides, who should definitely receive tips for their help. As a rule, guides are given 4000 - 5000 rupees.
10. Travelers are recommended to refrain from drinking tap water. For this purpose visitors are suggested to purchase bottled water in shops.
11. Despite the fact that Bandung is a fairly quiet city, its remote areas are better to be explored in a large company or together with a guide.
12. Bargaining is typical in local markets. Quite often it helps to reduce the price of the product in several times. Tourists should also not to forget to bring more money in small denominations. This will help you to pay to a seller without any problems.
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What to visit being in Bandung - unique sights

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