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Journey to the Tangkuban Perahu

If you like to explore the natural attractions, you can take a trip to the active volcano Tangkuban Perahu while vacation in Bandung. It is located 32 kilometers north of the city. You need not fear its eruption. The volcano erupted last time in 1983. It will be better to reach it by car. The trip costs $25. You will also pay $30 for admission and a tour guide hired for 2 hours. You will leave your car in the parking lot. It is located on the edge of the main active Kawah Ratu Crater. You will have the opportunity to admire the panorama here.
In the end of the 19th century Bandung was already a famous and a popular resort town and a favorite place of rest of wealthy Europeans. Nowadays numerous mansions and palaces built in the … Open
You will see sulfurous vapor above the crater. It is combined with passing clouds creates a spectacular landscape. You will go to the nearby crater Kawah Upas after that. You will enjoy the view of two craters here. You will climb to the nearest peak and reach the parking lot from this point if you have the courage. However, if you do not want to risk it, you will return the same way.
You will also walk to the third crater of Kawah Domas. You will be able to see mud pools and spouting hot springs here. Stone seats are set around them. Scientists claim that the springs and mud have medicinal properties. You can swim in the pools, where the temperature is not very high. You can also dip your feet into the hot pools. If you buy eggs from a nearby store, you can cook them right in the boiling stream. It is always cool near the Tangkuban Perahu, despite the hot springs. So you should come here in a jacket and trousers. Copyright
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Fantastic Forest Tour

If you like to travel on foot, then a walk through the rainforest will appeal to you. The forest is located north of Bandung. A 5 km long trail passes through it. It originates in the Maribaya village and ends in Dago. It is from here you can reach the city center. There is a hot spring in the forest. However, access to it is paid. Your way will pass through the river valley.
Bandung, Indonesie You will see conifers, waterfalls, caves, and monkeys jumping on the branches. Taxis and motorcycles often ride on the trail. You should skip them. If you get tired on the road, any driver will take you to the end of the route for $2. You will visit 2 caves during the journey. These are Gua Jepang and Gua Belanda. They are located along the trail. Trails have been used as part of an electrical power generation system in the past.
1. In addition to the native language, a large part of the city’s population speaks decent Chinese. As a rule, young people can also speak English pretty well, therefore It … Open
You will be offered to rent a flashlight for 3 thousand rupees before entering there. However, the flashlight of the mobile device will be enough for you. The caves are similar to old tunnels. The forest route will end at the picnic area. There is a descent to the main Dago road here. It is from here you will be able to reach the center of Bandung by bus. You will pay 4 thousand rupees for this. If you tell the driver the name of your hotel, he will stop near it.
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Fascinating Journey to the Lakes

If you want to admire the beauty of the lakes located near Bandung, then visit Kawah Putih Lake. It is located 45 kilometers southwest of the city. Lake Patengan is located 5 kilometers from it. Kawah Putih is of volcanic origin. It has a light turquoise color. Its landscape is amazing! It may look different.
Among the design hotels of Bandung Grand Royal Panghegar deserves special attention. Thanks to exquisite finish of nice marble and wood, the hotel looks very aristocratic and refined. … Open
You can see it both as a bright pond surrounded by rocks that covered with trees, and an eerie lake shrouded in fog. This is due to the changeable weather. You must wear long-sleeved clothing and a mask while walking along the banks of Kawah Putih. It's cold here. The air contains too much sulfur in this place. Keep in mind that you cannot swim in the lake or put your hand there because of the high acidity of its water.
Lake Patengan is different. It doesn't look as impressive as Kawah Putih. You will take a boat ride on it. There is an opportunity to admire the rock Batu Cinta and plantations where tea is grown. You will take beautiful photos. You will pay 300 thousand rupees for a voyage on the lake if you rent a whole boat. If you go as part of a tour group on a trip, you will pay 19 thousand rupees for it.
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