Sightseeing in Gili Islands - what to see. Complete travel guide

1. If you want to have a diverse holiday and are planning to enjoy nighlife of the islands, choose to stop on Trawangan. There are more hotels, nightclubs and even a market.
2.The other two Islands, Meno and Air, have significantly fewer accommodation options, so you should better book everything in advance, especially during the high season.
3.There is a seasonality on Gili, high season is from April to September, during this period there is sunny and hot on the Islands. The remaining six months are low season, when it rains, but it is usually night showers for 1-2 hours. There is a good sunny weather during the day. It is more profitable to go in the low season because the prices are reduced.
4.There is no airport on the Islands, you can get here only by sea. There is a fairly regular transportation from Bali or Lombok, or you can order a private transfer, however, it will cost more.
5.If you want to find a cheaper transfer – bargain. It is better to go here in the morning, most of the floating vehicles go before 1 pm, later you can face the problem of finding a carrier. Copyright
6.There is no road transport on the Islands. It is expected to move on foot – the island is small, you can get around each island in a circle for an hour or two or go round by bike or by horse cart. The latter option is the most expensive and it is a nice entertainment for children.
7. There shouldn’t be any problems with accomodation. There is a large selection of hotels on Trawangan, both with the usual rooms and accommodation in bungalows. There are less options on Meno, and there are bungalows almost everywhere.
There are no usual hotels and inns on Gili Islands. The only one accommodation option, bungalow, is available there. Local complexes are suitable for both thrifty and for the most discerning … Open
8. Note that the Islands do not have sources of fresh water, so there is almost everywhere salt sea water in the showers.
9.There are almost no attractions and entertainment here, so the island is a nice place for those who love quiet beach holidays.
10.Gili Trawangan is the largest and the most partying island, it is the best place for young people. Gili Air is usually visited by those who love diving, surfing and other water activities. There is not a good entry to the water everywhere because of the coral, but diving conditions are perfect. Meno is an ideal place for a secluded holiday, it is preferred by newlyweds and couples.
11. There are mosques on the Islands from which the sounds of prayer are carried daily. So when choosing accommodation, take into account its location, if you do not want to wake up at 4-5 am because of the voice of a Mullah.
12.Almost every bar sells hallucinogenic mushrooms, they're legal here. They also offer marijuana, but it is illegal, however, there are no police on the Islands.
13.Preparing for the journey, be sure to take sunscreens. It is best to take shoes that can be cleaned easily, for example, flip-flops. The roads on the Islands are dirty wherever you go –your feet will be dirty.
14.You can not take warm clothes, because there is quite hot even in the rainy season.
15. It can be said that there are almost no shops and pharmacies on the Islands. You can find some, but they do not work every day and have their own schedule. Be sure to take care of everything you need (medicines, baby food, special products, cosmetics, etc.) in advance.
16.It is highly recommended to bring flashlights on Meno and Air –there is absolute darkness at night. There is almost no lighting.
17.You can’t pay everywhere with a card, so be sure to take cash, and better before the trip. There are ATMs on the Islands, but they are very few, and Meno doesn’t have them at all.
18. Locals speak English quite well, especially the younger generation.
19. There are no knifes in restaurants on the table. It is customed here to handshake and eat with the righ hand. Most of the local population is Muslim, and their left hand is considered unclean.
20.Buy only bottled drinking water.
21.Be careful with draught drinks on Trawangan, people usually poison. It is better to order bottled drinks.
22. Despite the fact that the Islands suggest a beach holiday, it is not accepted to walk in a swim suit in local villages.
23.The Islands are safe enough. Exotic diseases and dangerous animals can’t be found here. There are also very few people. But note that there are no hospitals.
24.The crime rate is almost zero, however, sometimes people steal from the rooms, and the safe in the hotel will not help you. So be careful with the money. It is desirable to take cards with you, and keep cash in different places. In case of something bad, you won’t be left completely without money.
25.You should know that Gili Islands offer pretty monotonous holidays. If you are looking for entertainment, it is wiser to stay on Gili for 3-4 days and then visit larger ones-for example, Lambok or Bali itself.
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