Top architectural sightseeing and landmarks of Jakarta - ideas on city exploration routes

Classic Marina @ Jakarta,  Indonesia 1. While walking around the city, travelers are recommended to monitor their belongings closely. Do not take large sums of money without any particular need. Pickpockets are one of the main problems of Jakarta. There are plenty of them in public places and public transport.
2. It is better not to use tap water for drinking. Despite the fact that the local water is not dangerous for health, it can worsen the process of acclimatization. Bottled water is always available at all grocery stores.
3. Fruit purchased in the market should be cleaned thoroughly. When choosing ready to eat food in a market or supermarket, tourists should be very careful. All the food you buy must be fresh and well packed.
4. Travelers who expect to devote much time to rest in fresh air, should not forget to stock up on means of sun protection. Special creams, sunglasses and hats have become the objects of everyday use in the city. Fans of eco-tourism will also do a right thing if they keep anti insect solutions handy.
5. Travelers should not forget to treat local traditions with great care and respect. This is particularly important for tourists who plan to visit various religious sites. Entering mosques and temples is possible only when you wear closed clothes. Tourists must also take their shoes off before entering a mosque. Copyright
6. Giving money to a seller is possible only with your right hand because the left hand is considered “unclean”. This rule also applies to other actions such as giving or receiving food at a table. These actions also must be done with your right hand.
7. Loose and closed clothes is the best choice for a walk around the city. Try to avoid too bright or too extravagant apparel as it may cause confusion among the locals. Beach dress will be appropriate at the beach only. Wearing sports clothing is considered a sign of bad taste.
Jakarta is famous for large choice of wonderful places, entertaining and cultural facilities. Many travellers visit Jakarta only when transferring from one destination to another, but this … Open
8. Smoking in public places is prohibited in the city, therefore, you should carefully examine prohibitory signs. As a rule, there are special areas for smokers close to all major government agencies, restaurants and shopping malls.
9. Visitors should leave tips in the restaurants of the city. A reward of 5 - 10% of the total bill is enough. In some dining facilities service charges may be already included in the bill.
10. Power supply voltage in all major hotels of the city is 220V. In small hotels which use individual generators of electricity voltage can be 110V.
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What to visit being in Jakarta - unique sights

Argo Gede Train Railroad

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Its confident journey through this sector is not supported at all, the bridge is unfenced. Not all passangers dare to look through the window at this railway track section. Although modern designers argue about the complete safety of the bridge, crashes occurring indicate the opposite. The last major accident on the Cikurutug bridge occurred in 2002, when a part of the train derailed. But, miraculously, everyone survived. … Read further


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The island formed by a volcano is uninhabited, moreover, its surroundings are considered to be a very dangerous area. Currently local fishermen are prohibited to swim closer than 1.5 kilometers to the volcano and the area is closed for tourists. Opportunity to observe the volcano from a distance doesn’t upset tourists, which can admire very exciting boat trips and overnight excursions. Exploration of volcano is held continuously. According to modern volcanologists, its activity led to the formation of the Sunda Strait and also played an important role in global climate change on the planet. … Read further

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