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Restaurants of Bandung will definitely surprise even most hard-to-please gourmet customers. The menu of the restaurant contains lots of signature and exotic dishes, as well as true masterpieces of the national cuisine. Do not forget to try “batagor” - one of the most famous national dishes. This dish is cooked from meat, which is grilled and is usually served with soy sauce and peanut butter. The dish is offered in numerous culinary establishments of the city, starting from luxury restaurants to modest street cafes and bistros. The dish called "martabak" is a no less popular meal. These are fresh pancakes served with various fillings. Pancakes can be also stuffed with vegetables, chicken, stewed mushrooms and cheese, and, of course, various fruit fillings. When it comes to first course dishes, we should definitely mention "Soto Bandung" – a delicious nourishing soup made of meat broth with beans and spices.
Bandung is one of the largest economic and cultural centers of Indonesia. The city attracts thousands of tourists by its unforgettable mix of western and European traditions. The city was … Open
Mie Ayam chicken noodles will become a perfect way to rejuvenate after a long day full of sightseeing and excursions. This dish is popular among both locals and tourists. Adherents of vegetarian food will surely like the dish called “nasi timbel”, which is cooked from rice baked in banana leaves together with various vegetables and herbs. "Bandung laksa" is one more quite an original dish. This is a soup cooked on a chicken broth with the addition of turmeric, beans sprouts and coconut milk. Such restaurants as Seit Cardin, Bubur Ayam Mang Oyo, Baso Lela, and Keda Ma Uneh are considered the most prestigious dining facilities among the restaurants of the national cuisine. In these high quality gastronomic establishments visitors are welcome to order popular dishes of the national cuisine as well as signature delicacies, which you will simply not find in any other gastronomic facility of the city.
Kampung Dawn restaurant is definitely the most romantic gastronomic facility in the city. The tables of the restaurant are located in cozy huts. Guests of the restaurant are able to try delicious meals and enjoy a magnificent waterfall located nearby. The top of Dago Pacar is the location of a well-known restaurant Sierra Cafe, which also offers its visitors to try best dishes from the traditional cuisine. The restaurant features an excellent panoramic view of the city. This restaurant will be a great solution for a romantic dinner or for an unforgettable ceremonial event. Fans of seafood and those tourists, who make a vacation with children, simply cannot ignore Raja Race restaurant. Enormous selection of delicious fish and seafood dishes, a special menu for children and a rich entertainment program – this restaurant has simply everything you need for a great rest in a large company. Copyright
Travelers with children in Bandung will not be disappointed. The choice of entertainment in this city is more than admirable. The most incredible and interesting amusement park in the city … Open
In Bandung, travelers will easily find restaurants specializing in different cuisines of the world, and Hummingbird Eatery is considered one of the best restaurants specializing in international cuisine. Among the signature dishes of this restaurant, it is important to mention nutritious steaks in the American style, deep-fried seafood, and vegetable salads. For dessert, consider ordering Vienna waffles with ice cream. This restaurant is targeted at guests with any budget, so there are suitable dishes for both savvy travelers and discerning gourmets.
As one can guess from the name, Street Grill & Friends is a restaurant that specializes in cooking magnificent grilled food. In addition to meat with various signature sauces, visitors can order various potato dishes, fresh salads, and mouthwatering pizza. For dessert, guests are welcome to select from numerous types of milkshakes and ice cream. The latter has a very unusual serving method. There are not many restaurants that offer ice cream together with a large biscuit.
The majority of residents of Bandung are the adherents of the Muslim traditions. The locals deeply honor the traditions of their ancestors and various religious customs have great importance … Open
Purnawarman restaurant specializes in classic Indonesian and Asian cuisines. Many travelers visit this restaurant with one purpose – to enjoy delicious seafood. The choice of desserts is also striking at Purnawarman. Fans of classic treats will like pancakes with nuts and milk sauces or ice cream with fresh fruit. There are also very unusual desserts that are served in a coconut.
All travelers who prefer to eat at unusual places will like Saka Bistro and Bar. This small restaurant has a creative design that features many unusual retro items skillfully mixed with modern designer decorations. Saka Bistro and Bar specializes in international cuisine and offers food that is not only delicious but also good looking. This restaurant also has true masters of brewing coffee. Having ordered a cup of fragrant coffee to a favorite dessert, travelers can be sure that will get an exclusive drink prepared exactly for them.
In the end of the 19th century Bandung was already a famous and a popular resort town and a favorite place of rest of wealthy Europeans. Nowadays numerous mansions and palaces built in the … Open
It is also important to mention The Valley restaurant that remains one of the leaders in the city in terms of cooking seafood. It is a great venue to try signature soups with seafood, various types of fish, and deep fried squid. The Valley also offers meat dishes, as well as various salads with fresh vegetables and fruit.
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