Sightseeing in Maldives Island - what to see. Complete travel guide

1. Maldives have a very mild, comfortable climate. Temperature doesn’t change here a lot during the year, but there is still the rainy season. It is better to go to Maldives from November to April when the Islands have a dry season.
2. The rainy season also has many advantages. First, the rains are usually short-term, and there is a low season during this period of time, so prices for accommodation are lower than in high season in winter.
3.In July, it is better not to plan a visit to the Islands – this time of heavy rains and hurricanes. The sky is always clouded.
4.If you like surfing, the best time for Maldives is the period from March to April and November. These are periods of high waves and strong winds.
5. Holidays on the Islands are quite safe. However, there is not a very quiet political situation now, but, fortunately, it doesn’t concern tourist regions. Copyright
6. Accommodation is pretty expensive here. If you want to find cheaper accommodation, try to look in Hulumale town, near the airport in Male.
7. You should note that Maldives customs regulations are very strict. It is necessary to carefully study the list of prohibited things. For example, you can not import alcohol, pork, animals and pornographic materials. It spreads not only for baggage but also for hand luggage.
Guests of Maldives enjoy beach vacations, as there’s everything for upscale rest. Literally each atoll has beach places and many of them are converted into first class resorts. The … Open
8. The country is Muslim, so you need to follow some rules. You should greet and eat with the right hand.
9. You should choose appropriate clothing to the islands. For women, it's long skirts and sweaters, covering the hands; do not wear too revealing neckline or tight things. These rules do not apply to the beach and resorts, but you should dress appropriately for walks and excursions.
10.Men are not allowed to speak to local women. You can not drink alcohol in public places.
11. It is forbidden to sunbathe and swim topless. It is better to wear swimsuits on the beaches. Nudism is prohibited here. If you are stopped by police, you will have to pay a fine, or you can be even arrested.
12. Talking about health safety, it is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A before the trip. You should be careful in the sun, use creams with a high degree of protection, even in water. Be sure to wear a hat.
13. It is recommended to take bottled water for drinking. Many Islands do not have freshwater sources, and desalinators are used for water supply. The tap water is not of very good quality.
14.Be sure to bring the necessary medicines. If you are travelling with a small child – pay attention to diapers and food. you can hardly find them at the resorts.
15. Be careful when leaving the country and buying souvenirs. You can not take out pearl shells and souvenirs made of them, turtle shells, as well as some types of corals. If you buy something like this, then do it in the store and be sure to take a certificate confirming the right of export.
16. It is impossible to touch and especially to break corals. And it is better not to take the shells from the seabed, some species are protected, and you can get to the police station.
17. The law prohibits littering anywhere –a large fine is imposed for this.
18. Everything is fine here With medical care. if necessary, you can quickly get to a medical facility from any resort.
19. It is convenient that you can pay with US dollars everywhere, and you can pay by card in all hotels.
20. Bars with alcohol can be found only in hotels, restaurants do not sell alcohol even to tourists.
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Maldives: travelling advices

10. Attractive flights over islands also have some unexpected surprises. The fee for a photo can be added to the cost of the ticket. Therefore, it is better to discuss such things in advance.
11. You should think about the transfer issues in advance. Many hotels are located on remote Islands. It's hard enough to get there. This can be done by plane, ferry or boat. Ferry is the most budget option. But it departs without a schedule. Travelers who are tired after a long flight may well spend several hours in Male trying to leave. However, some hotels provide their own Shuttle service, for money or for free.
12. Perhaps the Maldives is the best place for diving in the world. You can dive all year round thanks to the unique climate. There are spots for beginners and professionals there. You can choose a hotel with a home reef and dive directly from the shore to save money. You can also go snorkeling on the home reef.
13. You should adhere to certain rules of behavior when communicating with Maldivians. You should not gestures actively, touch the person you are talking to, point your feet at people, and use your left hand to shake hands. It is also not allowed to take money or food with your left hand. … Open

What to visit being in Maldives Island - unique sights

Restaurant Per Aquum

From the series “Fancy Houses and Hotels Located on Water or Under Water”
The restaurant is distinctive in design, which fully corresponds to the marine theme. The hall has been equipped with a special system of artistic lighting, which is changing during the day. Travelers who wish to visit the Per Aquum restaurant, will need to swim from the coast of Niyama on a boat about 500 meters. After that, they will need to go down a spiral staircase. It is noteworthy, that a nightclub has been located previously in the underwater room. … Read further

Tips for the cities around Maldives Island

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