Colors of Maldives Island - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Despite the fact that the islanders were adherents of different cults for centuries, today the official religion of the country is Islam. For more than 8 centuries, almost all Maldivians adhere to Sharia law, they are of national importance. Perhaps followers of Buddhism and Hinduism are remained only on the island of Ukulhas. Islam, of course, affects all spheres of life of the islanders. First of all, it is a daily prayer. The voice of the Mullah sounds from all the minarets, there is a mosque on almost every island.
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The national language on the Islands is Divehi, but almost the entire population in the tourist areas and the capital speaks English, a little German, Italian and French. Since the Islands are small and inhabited by very small groups, the entire population of the islands is often perceived as a single family, where all members of the community care for each other, and the children are looked after by the whole world. Communities here are quite closed, there is almost zero communication between the Islands, except for trade and, of course, tourists.
Family life is organized in the same way as in most Islamic States. The man is the head of the family, who earns money, and the woman runs the household and raises children. The only place where the way of life is different – the capital island Male .In general, Maldives inhabitants are quite friendly and hospitable people, but very sensitive to the observance of religious canons, so try not to provoke the locals, it can cause problems with the authorities and the negative attitude of the local. It is prohibited for men to talk to local women. Defiant behavior is not appreciated here, especially if you go to remote Islands. This is unacceptable. You can not litter and wear revealing clothes. Copyright
Hotels of Maldives are associated with luxury and prestige. However, there are not only expensive accommodation places in the archipelago. Male features the majority of hotels; the unique … Open
Like many island nations, much emphasis is placed on culture and traditions. This attitude is expressed in music and dances. Dancing here is rhythmic, but quite smooth. One of the most famous dances is Boduberu. It is performed by a large group-up to 20 people. There are exclusively female dances. There are other dances, such as Langiri or Gaa Odi Lava.
To fully experience the national flavor, come to the Islands during festivals and holidays. Holidays in Maldives are mainly religious in nature, and various historical dates of importance to the country are celebrated. There are also traditional events in the life of the community, weddings and circumcision of boys. The main one is Independence Day, July 26. On this day, a military parade is held on Male, musical performances and performances of dance groups are held and, of course, in the evening, fireworks are launched into the sky. Republic Day is celebrated in a large scale, especially many events on November 11 are held in the capital: street processions and concerts, colorful parades and performances of local bands in all squares.
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Traditional Islamic holidays Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are celebrated in a large scale. It is customary to cook a meal on these days, be sure to invite guests and go to visit friends and family members. On Eid al-Adha it is customary to slaughter a sacrificial animal, but often this tradition is replaced by alms. Of course, the Prophet's birthday is celebrated here. There is not particular date of this event, like of all Islamic holidays, it is determined by the Muslim calendar.
Maldives Maldives also host a number of annual festivals dedicated to a variety of events. A special feature of the archipelago is that some festivals are held exclusively on one of the Islands and are organized by the resort. During the festivals there are exhibitions, various creative workshops and cultural events. Of course, all this is accompanied by music and performances of local bands. One of the most popular events is Dusit Thani Maldives festival in April. Here you can buy a variety of souvenirs and works of local artists and try national cuisine.
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Rangali island hosts a whale shark festival. The event is organized in late June and is dedicated to the protection of the predator population in the region. Concerts and charity events are held, excursions to shark habitats are organized and various seminars, lectures and presentations dedicated to the problem of the festival are held. You can participate in various activities and quests to find treasures, to visit a concert and enjoy the masterpieces of local cuisine.
Maldives A major event is the world food day-October 16, this day food fairs are held in the capital, where the products of local manufacturers are presented. There is also an official reception with the participation of the president.
There is almost ideal climate for children on Maldives, and a lot of families tend to spend their holidays here in the winter season. Perhaps, the long flight is the only problem for young … Open
Fisherman's Day is celebrated everywhere here. After all, fishing is the main business in the region. Celebrations are held on December 10. Music sounds everywhere and national dances are performed, the fish markets can be found almost on every street at this day. National musical groups, including amateur with the participation of residents of fishing villages perform here during the celebration.
Eid-ul Al`h`aa is quite an interesting festival.This Muslim holiday is probably one of the oldest on the Islands. Traditionally on this day competitions are held on the drums on 'Nabuskhan'. Various competitions and games are held on the Islands.
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National traditions of Maldives

Family is very important to Maldivians. Premarital relationships are condemned and even prosecuted. A marriage contract and mutual agreement between the parties are often signed at the time of marriage. Families are very friendly. The authority of the elders is unquestionable. The family ties are carefully maintained. Often young families continue to live with their parents. Maldivians rarely leave the country due to attachment to family and loyalty to traditions. They prefer to live in the place they were born and grew up. Maldivians are reluctant to make friends with foreign visitors. But globalization and a large influx of tourists have an impact on this aspect. Maldivians are becoming more open to the world. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Maldives Island

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