Sightseeing in Bangalore - what to see. Complete travel guide

Shri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple 1. Supply voltage power is 220 V. The majority of hotels in Bangalore offer their guests to rent a special adapter for various electrical appliances. You can also easily purchase such adapters in specialty stores.
2. The best way to exchange currency is in special exchange offices or banks. While exchanging currency, you should take into consideration not only current exchange rate, but also the amount of the commission charged.
3. Import and export of the local currency is strictly prohibited. You should also not forget to declare cash if the sum of money you have exceeds 10,000 U.S. dollars.
4. Despite the fact that Bangalore is considered quite a quiet city, travelers are not recommended to go to its remote areas alone. Tourists will also need to be careful in crowded places, markets and public transport as they have an opportunity to become a victim of pickpockets.
5. Visitors should not forget that the locals have great respect towards various religious customs. Travelers should also show respect to the rules set in the city. Above all this concerns clothing, which should be as closed and neutral as possible. You also are not recommended to behave noisily in the streets and in the public places of the city. Drinking alcohol is allowed in restaurants and bars only. Copyright
6. You shouldn’t drink tap water. Instead of this it is better to buy bottled water which is sold in the local shops. Fruits and vegetables purchased in markets or stores need to be rinsed thoroughly before eating.
7. While eating in a restaurant, do not select delicacies only as this way you miss a lot. All local dishes are prepared with lots of spices and seasonings. Such culinary tradition may cause a negative impact on the well-being of those tourists, who are accustomed to dishes of other culinary traditions.
Bangalore has amazing hotels in which modern designers managed to recreate the atmosphere of past centuries. One of these places is a luxury hotel The Oberoi Bangalore that can be found in a … Open
8. The city is home to various salons that offer visitors to make a memorial tattoo or a piercing. As a rule, the majority of visitors of such establishments are tourists. While choosing a salon, you should check its sanitary conditions carefully and ask the staff to show you their license.
9. Leaving tips in the local restaurants and cafes is not customary, but waiters will be really grateful if you treat them with some tips. You can also leave tips to maids in hotels. Taxi drivers usually receive tips in the form of change from the payment for their services.
10. Travelers, who expect to spend a lot of time in nature, are recommended to make a vaccination against malaria, or take special medicines.
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Dell EMC Campus

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The market value of EMC Corporation is estimated at $54 billion today. Many experts believe that the once outstanding company will cease to exist very soon. It has been one of the world's largest suppliers of technical products designed for data storage for many years. This technology sector has lost its importance in recent years. Large companies spend too much on purchasing new equipment. They are forced to look for a cheaper replacement for the already familiar services. … Read further

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