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Maldives Maldives offer a wide range of opportunities for those who love shopping. Here you can find interesting souvenirs, stylish things and much more. You should better buy everything you need in the capital's shops-in the resorts the choice is small and the prices are much higher. The best places for daily shopping are supermarkets people's choice on Orchid Magu or Fantasy on Farad Magu. The largest store of Maldives is located in the capital, it is called Najaah Artpalace, here you can find almost everything from clothing and souvenirs to jewellery and postcards.
Maldives are one of the most popular diving destinations. The islands have excellent conditions both for professional divers and for newcomers. Almost all of the resorts have their own … Open
There is a very good, convenient duty-free territory. It has a wide range of products, including alcoholic beverages, and quite reasonable prices. Here, in addition to alcohol and perfumes, you can buy clothes and branded bags, toys, chocolate, sweets and books. But it is better to buy electronics in the shops of the capital –prices are high in duty-free. It is worth noting that you can bargain in Maldivian duty-free.
Perhaps the best place to buy Souvenirs is the Singapore Bazaar. In fact, this is not a market, but a small neighbourhood, where small shops and stalls are concentrated. However, it is quite difficult to find something produced on the islands, almost all the goods are brought from Sri Lanka, India or Thailand. It is simply necessary to bargain here, fixed prices can be found almost nowhere, and if you have a desire and special skills, you can reduce the price. Copyright
1. Maldives have a very mild, comfortable climate. Temperature doesn’t change here a lot during the year, but there is still the rainy season. It is better to go to Maldives from … Open
Shops are opened from 9 am to 10 pm, but keep in mind that the sellers make a mandatory break for prayer several times a day. Shops are not closed at this time, you just have to wait for a little time. Many tourists buy T-shirts with Maldivian motifs (palm trees, fish, sea and boats). You can choose the image for your taste. The quality of products is very high. T-shirts here are not simple consumer goods. Patterns are applied to them with the help of various techniques, often the workshop is located right in the shop. This is a real Maldivian «pearl», perhaps the most popular type of gift from the Islands.
In the capital you can buy clothes made in India or Indonesia, also of good quality. The most popular places to shop are Royal Arts on Orchid Street or Bamboo shop on Chandani Magu. You will find carved wooden masks brought from Sri Lanka in the capital's shops, Indian fabrics and ethnic jewellery. Wooden figurines of fish and monkeys, coconut oil and works by Maldivian artists are also brought from the Islands. Unfortunately, you will also mostly find Souvenirs from Indonesia or India on the most popular Islands located close to the capital.
Guests of Maldives enjoy beach vacations, as there’s everything for upscale rest. Literally each atoll has beach places and many of them are converted into first class resorts. The … Open
Bring shark teeth from Maldives-the original souvenir will remind you of the trip and will surely appeal to your friends. You can even buy shark jaws.There are very nice places with a large selection of goods, they are Schist on Faridi Magu or The Shop. A valuable souvenir is the dhoni wooden craft. They are made of different materials-mother of pearl, coral or ebony, and all you need is a special export permit – it should be given to you in the store. The best place where you can buy dhoni – Orchid Uffa and Gloria Maris on Famulari Magu.
Take a look at the decorations made of coral. Don’t miss a chance to buy amazing jewellery made in ethnic style: it will remind you of your holidays for a long time. The nice place where you can go shopping is Glamour Souvenirs shop. If you want to buy truly Maldivian souvenir, pay attention to the reed mats. It is better to buy them on remote islands. It is impossible to find this kind of souvenir in the capital. We recommend you to get to Gadu or Fiori islands.
Hotels of Maldives are associated with luxury and prestige. However, there are not only expensive accommodation places in the archipelago. Male features the majority of hotels; the unique … Open
You can buy lacquerware made of wood on Thulhaadhoo Island: boxes, carved canes and vases and elegant dishes with floral ornaments. Traditional clothing can only be found on remote, non-resort Islands, such as Baa Atoll. The clothing is called feliz. A popular type of braiding on the Islands-kajan, if you find a small mat for the house, be sure to buy it.
Maldives It is very difficult to find something national and local here. Do not despair, it is possible to buy interesting, though unconventional souvenirs on Male. If you look carefully, in the capital's shops you can buy Guduguda water hookah. Household items can be also an interesting souvenir. For example, a special knife for coconut or grater for it and original cutlery made of coconut shells. You will definitely find something interesting at hardware stores.
Maldives have always been associated with upscale vacations. Archipelago located in the Indian Ocean includes 1190 atolls, where top-class hotels and resorts are situated. Each atoll is the … Open
Be sure to buy spices and local sweets for friends and family at the vegetable market. Find breadfruit chips - you can also bring them to your friends as a souvenir. A little strange, but authentic souvenir is Dhiraagu phone cards, the company places beautiful photos on them with views of the Islands, and there is an inscription on the reverse side that you can use them only in Maldives. It is highly recommended to buy a card. This is a souvenir, and the opportunity to determine the location and plan sightseeing trips. Of course, you can buy magnets with the inscription «Maldives» everywhere.
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Shopping in Maldives

You can also shop at the Centro Mall shopping center on Hulhumal. There are more than 30 stores of the world's leading brands, as well as outlets here. Nala Boutique is a stylish store with women's and children’s clothing, jewelry and fabrics. … Open

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