Sightseeing in Colombo - what to see. Complete travel guide

1. The best time to visit Colombo is the period from May to September. The air temperature is high all year round, its average value here is about 27 °C. At other times of the year, it often rains and strong winds blow.
2. In the vicinity of the city, there is a major international airport, which receives flights from many countries. There is also a large railway station, and the most convenient way to travel around the country is by train or bus.
3. In addition to a state-owned bus station, the city has a private one. It offers higher prices for services, but buses are more modern and comfortable.
4. Those who're going to rent a car should take into account the city's left-hand traffic. Local car enthusiasts cannot be called safe drivers. It is quite dangerous on the local roads where accidents are not rare.
5. A common form of public transport is tuk-tuks, their services are quite cheap. By such a comfortable auto rickshaw one can reach any part of the city. Copyright
6. The official language is Sinhalese, but many locals speak English quite well. Most of the signs in the city are duplicated in English.
7. In accordance with local traditions, when visiting Buddhist temples and some other sites, be sure to take off your shoes. It's recommended to clarify the existing rules in advance.
Colombo is one of those amazing cities that carefully preserve their historical traditions paying great attention to the modern culture at the same time. This is evidenced by many bright … Open
8. In local stores and markets, there are no price tags for goods. Before buying things you like, don't hesitate to bargain. Usually, tourists are offered a price several times higher than the actual one.
9. Fruits bought in the markets and stalls must be washed. To ensure complete sanitary safety, they are recommended to be washed with boiling water.
10. Locals do most actions with their right hand. This rule should be observed in order to comply with the traditions and not raise general indignation.
11. Taking pictures is prohibited in many local churches and museums; before you start shooting, be sure to clarify the existing procedures. It is also not allowed to take pictures of local residents without their prior permission.
12. Every month on the day of the full moon important religious holidays are celebrated in Colombo. On such a day, the sale of alcohol may be prohibited in many restaurants and shops.
13. For exploring the city, it is best to choose covering clothes of neutral colors. Bright and revealing outfits will only be appropriate for relaxing on the beach.
14. Fans of walking in natural places should definitely take mosquito repellents along. They can also come in handy in hotel rooms where mosquito nets are often missing.
15. Here it is not customary to look into the eyes of strangers. If you don't want to embarrass locals, eye contacts should be avoided.
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