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Maldives are one of the most popular diving destinations. The islands have excellent conditions both for professional divers and for newcomers. Almost all of the resorts have their own schools and equipment rentals. Beginners are offered diving in the waters of the Islands, where you can see tropical fish and different types of corals. Professionals will surely appreciate the extreme diving in underwater caves and diving at night.
1. Maldives have a very mild, comfortable climate. Temperature doesn’t change here a lot during the year, but there is still the rainy season. It is better to go to Maldives from … Open
Almost every of 26 atolls in States of the Republic of Maldives can offer divers their own interesting places for diving. Each resort has its own reef, where you can see the diversity of the underwater world of the Islands. The water is clear and the visibility is excellent here. There is so-called faro inside the atolls -reef formations in the shape of a horseshoe or a circle. You can dive to a depth of 4 to 6 meters in such places. You can see clownfish, sea turtles, moray eels, schools of tuna and mackerel, huge whale sharks or giant black manta rays here.
Experienced divers, plunging to a sufficient depth, will have a chance to observe the nurse sharks, which are often found in deep-sea caves of atolls. There are even underwater attractions – sunken ships. This spectacle is an unforgettable experience. One of the most popular is the Halaveli Atoll. This is a small vessel, you can admire it and look at the rays that come here, attracted by almost daily feeding from instructors. The second ship is not far from the capital. This is «Maldive Victory». Copyright
Guests of Maldives enjoy beach vacations, as there’s everything for upscale rest. Literally each atoll has beach places and many of them are converted into first class resorts. The … Open
Diving schools on the Islands are equipped according to international standards, there are professional instructors. After completing the course, you will obtain a certificate of international standard category PADI. However, this requires a fairly good knowledge of English.
maldives A very exciting holiday option for experienced divers – diving safari. Usually, the tour is designed for a few days, and every day is a new island, new underwater beauty, new experiences. The Safari also includes fishing in the open sea and overnight on uninhabited Islands.
Hotels of Maldives are associated with luxury and prestige. However, there are not only expensive accommodation places in the archipelago. Male features the majority of hotels; the unique … Open
Besides diving, there is another very popular entertainment such as sea fishing. You can’t find fish in coastal waters, so you will be taken on a yacht to the open sea, where you can catch marlin, sailfish or yellowfin tuna. Your catch will be cooked immediately on the yacht or on arrival ashore.
Night fishing is the main feature of the islands. You will feel indescribable excitement and unity with nature, when you go on a traditional dhoni boat at sunset in the open ocean, with the most primitive gear waiting for the bait to bite mackerel or kingfish. Usually, such trips are group and time is calculated for a few hours. And, importantly, the entertainment is not very inexpensive, only $ 15 per person.
Maldives offer a wide range of opportunities for those who love shopping. Here you can find interesting souvenirs, stylish things and much more. You should better buy everything you need in … Open
A very interesting adventure is an island tour. It usually includes a visit to a desert island, a visit to a local village on another island, and a visit to a couple of resort Islands. The cost is not very high-about 30-40 dollars.
Surfing and windsurfing are also gaining popularity in Maldives. But there are not everywhere appropriate conditions for these sports. The best beaches with good waves for surfers on the Islands are located near the capital Male. There is some seasonality - for the waves you need to come here from March to November.
Maldives have always been associated with upscale vacations. Archipelago located in the Indian Ocean includes 1190 atolls, where top-class hotels and resorts are situated. Each atoll is the … Open
One of the most attractive surfing locations is the hotel Dhonveli Beach. North Male Atoll is also popular among tourists. Here are the best beaches and the most «surfing» waves, but be sure to check whether there is a surf program at the selected hotel-such services are not offered everywhere. It is necessary to look for special places for windsurfing and snorkelling. Each island has comfortable lagoons and good wind for sailing. And snorkelling is available at all resorts and is nice even for beginners. The reefs are at a shallow depth, so you can see a lot of interesting things with a mask.
Maldives There are two ways to enjoy the nightlife of Maldives. First of all, these are parties, shows and bars in the resorts. Secondly, you can go to Male, the capital of the islands. Since the country is Muslim, in Male you can go shopping, shops are opened until 10 pm, and some of them are even up to 11 pm. Because of the heat of the day, the main life begins in the late evening. People walk, street musicians perform, restaurants, cafes and tea shops are full of people. Go to the cinema or to the park. But there is no active entertainment, you will not find here parties and bars. The only bar is located on the territory of the airport hotel.
There is almost ideal climate for children on Maldives, and a lot of families tend to spend their holidays here in the winter season. Perhaps, the long flight is the only problem for young … Open
The main activity at night begins at the resorts. You will see dance groups performing traditional dances, such as Boduberu, and concerts of guest musicians, and animation parties, and discos. You can sit in the bar late at night, or dance, or just admire the tropical sky and wander along the beach. You will not be bored in the evenings.
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Fish Head, Manta Reef, Banana Reef, Cocoa Corner, Kandooma Thila, Broken Rock, and Gangehi Kandu are the most popular dive sites. You can see many manta rays and even whale sharks in Hanifaru Bay from August to November. Even professional scuba divers will find something to do here. Diving near unexplored reefs or in strong currents can be a real challenge for them. … Open

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