Family trip to Maldives Island with children. Ideas on where to go with your child

maldives There is almost ideal climate for children on Maldives, and a lot of families tend to spend their holidays here in the winter season. Perhaps, the long flight is the only problem for young tourists who are going to visit the resort. The main hotels and resorts are located on the islands, which you can reach in two ways: by seaplane or by boat. You should know that it is better for small children to go by boat, because you have to wait for a seaplane at the same airport, it can be quite difficult for a small child. However, some hotels organize comfortable waiting areas.
Maldives are one of the most popular diving destinations. The islands have excellent conditions both for professional divers and for newcomers. Almost all of the resorts have their own … Open
There should be no problems with the accomodation here. Families should better choose large hotels which offer a varied program for children, and they have various entertainments. It is important to book a family hotel, as there is a certain category of resorts, designed for romantic couples and intended for adults, people under 18 years can’t stay here. Family hotels offer cartoon channels and children's animation. You will be provided with a cot, a stroller, the necessary baby stuff and even the opportunity to leave the baby in the nursery or with a babysitter, if necessary.
You should choose the hotel carefully, focusing on the needs of the child and the service provided. Be sure to check the issue of food and additional services. If there is all inclusive system, the diet is usually very diverse, there will be diet dishes, including cereals and yogurts. You will hardly find it in the hotels with a different system. The cuisine of the Islands is specific and may not be appropriate for your child. Copyright
1. Maldives have a very mild, comfortable climate. Temperature doesn’t change here a lot during the year, but there is still the rainy season. It is better to go to Maldives from … Open
Maldives are a resort, favored by tourists, so the infrastructure and accommodation options here are extremely diverse. Families with children can stay in a comfortable bungalow near the ocean or in the depths of one of the Islands of the Maldives archipelago. There is quite comfortable temperatue about 27-28 degrees, there is no strong heat or too high humidity.
You definitely need to have medical insurance, if you are traveling with children. Almost all resort complexes have their own doctor and medical office, if something more serious happens, you can always ask for help in medical institutions. Here is also enough entertainment for children, however, they are all quite expensive. There are no water parks, museums or historical antiquities, but there is a magnificent nature. An important advantage of Maldives is a calm ocean. There are no strong waves on the shore, which is very convenient if you are traveling with children.
Guests of Maldives enjoy beach vacations, as there’s everything for upscale rest. Literally each atoll has beach places and many of them are converted into first class resorts. The … Open
The most memorable adventure is flying over Maldives. Of course, this kind of activity is not the choice for very young travelers, they prefer to play on the beach in the sand or in shallow water. You can see bright tropical fish very close to the shore and build a huge sandcastle. It will be interesting to visit the settlement of local residents with the child, to get acquainted with the culture of the aboriginal Islands, and to see the conditions they live in. These excursions are organized in any hotel and they are nice for families with children of any age.
It is very important to remember about tropical hot climate and scorching sun. Be sure to bring sunscreen to the islands. Almost all excursions, whether it is a trip to the island of the locals or a walk on a yacht or kayak in the ocean are held in the open air, and it is necessary to protect you and your family from the sun. You can go sea fishing or snorkeling with older children, teenagers will certainly be interested in diving, windsurfing or kite surfing. You can go kayaking, surfing, and with younger children - swim in a boat with a glass bottom and see the marine life.
Hotels of Maldives are associated with luxury and prestige. However, there are not only expensive accommodation places in the archipelago. Male features the majority of hotels; the unique … Open
Children will be happy to watch the stingrays that swim very close to the shore. In addition, Maldives are located in a beautiful ocean, excellent sandy beaches and shallow water, where there is no need to fear for the safety of a child who can not swim. Large sea turtles swim directly to the beaches on some Islands, children will surely enjoy this neighborhood. You can see the unusual glowing plankton in the evenings. It is an exciting spectacle not only for children. There are crabs of different sizes and colors on the local beaches, young naturalists will definitely be happy to admire these amazing creatures.
Maldives Usually a lot of different activities are organized on the territory of hotels: entertaining programs (day and evening), children's clubs, playrooms, and even discos for kids. Your child will definitely find a company of peers, if you choose the right location. It is recommended to take canned food and diapers, if you are traveling with a baby. The reason is that the resorts occupy a large part of the island and there may be problems with the purchase of necessary things for the child here.
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Things to visit with your kids in Maldives

The Maldives is popular with romantic couples and older people who do not crave active entertainment. But the Maldives is not very popular with families with children. Choosing the right hotel is the key to the success of a family holiday. Otherwise, there is a risk of ruining your vacation by listening to children whining about how bored they are. You need to be very careful when choosing a hotel. There are many adult-only hotels on the Islands. There is absolutely nothing of children's entertainment there. Children from 4 to 12 years old are accepted to children's clubs. You will have to entertain teenagers on your own. Per Aquum Niyama resort offers to entertain children in the explorers club. They have their own small water park, playground, trampolines, and kitchen. Master-classes and even snorkeling safaris are held there. … Open

Interesting places to visit with children around Maldives Island

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