Top architectural sightseeing and landmarks of Bombay - ideas on city exploration routes

Mumbai 1. The city is convenient for cruising by taxi as all means of public transport available in the area are always crowded. A cost of a trip should be discussed in advance and the counter should be cautiously tracked when a taxi is taken. If a taxi driver tries to skyrocket a cost of a trip, one should better reject the service as in this case the driver will immediately offer a more profitable rate for services.
2. Travelers looking for exploration of local natural attractions should give preference to guided tours. During a tour through a park one must not touch any strange plant.
3. Travelers should keep in mind that Mumbai sun is rather hot and cruel. Even if the open air leisure and recreation is not of prime interest for tourists, they should better be backed up with necessary sun protecting means. Setting off to a park or natural reservation area one should take insect protection means as well.
4. Local residents are rather friendly, amicable and sociable. They are always eager to help tourists to find the way to a desired landmark or sight. However local folks expect a cash reward for any assistance provided. A reward of 0.5 – 1 US dollar will be quite enough in this case.
5. Travelers should also keep in mind the pushiness and importunity of the local people. During a walk beggars and poor people will be met at every turn. One should avoid any contact with them especially giving them some change or buying some goods from them otherwise tourists will be haunted by beggars during the day. Copyright
6. One should not keep substantial sums of cash, documents and other valuables by oneself when setting off to a walking tour. City streets, boutiques and shopping centers, public institutions are always crowded. The chances to turn to a pickpocket victim are rather high.
7. Restaurants and cafés welcome tips. The average amount of tips is up to 10% of the total sum of the bill. The same reward is expected by taxi drivers, beauty parlor and esthetic centers assistants.
Mumbai is a popular destination among eco tourists. The nearest suburbs of the city host the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The territory of the park is crossed with numerous touristic walking … Open
8. Only the central areas of Mumbai are safe for tourists alone hiking. The slum area is forbidden for visiting as the chances are rather high to be met by robbers. Another challenge of the slum area is an intricate network of similar streets which are hard to cruise even for local folks.
9. For hygiene reasons tourists should use only bottled water for drinking and food preparation. Usage of tap water should be avoided in any case and vegetables and fruits bought at local markets should be washed with lean manganese solution.
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What to visit being in Bombay - unique sights

Bijoy Jain Studio

From the series “Extravagant houses and apartments of designers”
There is a special open doorway in almost every room. It allows going outside freely. Special white screens protect the residents of the house from heat and insects. The original house is located in the Alibag district. The Studio Mumbai Architecture Office is located in the immediate vicinity. Bijoy Jain is known for his caring attitude towards animals. Several dogs and cats live with him in the original ecological house. … Read further

Royal Opera House

From the series “The Most Elegant Buildings of Baroque Architecture”
Notwithstanding all attempted measures to the increasing of the theatre profits, in the 1980s the theatre was on the verge of bankruptcy and was closed. The last fashion show was held there in 1993. The empty historical building has begun to ruin and in 2008 the Indian government decided to rebuild it. Today on the ground floor you can see a small shop with great Indian tea and some accessories stores. … Read further

Tips for the cities around Bombay

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