Colors of Lombok Island - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Standard touristy pic As anywhere else in Indonesia, in Lombok it is forbidden to smoke in public places. If you get caught by police, you will have to pay a big penalty. On the whole, the locals are quite loyal towards the tourists but be sure, if they can sell something for even more money, they will make every effort to get maximum profit. This especially concerns taxi drivers, boatmen, and hotel administrators. You should also remember one thing: if in response to your request someone told you it will be done tomorrow, you will probably hear the same thing the next day. The thing is, it is not common in Indonesian culture to say no directly, but they are always eager to make a nice excuse.
One of the most meaningful architecture monuments of the past centuries is Majura Water Palace. This majestic building is located right in the center of Cakranagera district, so you will … Open
It is also better to remember, that even though the people in Lombok has their own peculiarities of a mindset, they are still Muslims in their majority, though they have an animalistic emphasis, which dictates certain characteristics of behavior. You should give and take things only with your right hand, the left hand is considered to be “unclean”. If you want to point to something, do it with the thumb of your right hand, and don’t stretch your elbow, while doing it. In any circumstances, do not touch anybody’s head, it is unacceptable for the Indonesians. They believe that’s where the soul is. That’s why you should also not stand near someone, who sits on the ground.
To avoid a conflict with the locals, you shouldn’t sunbathe topless, even on the remote beaches of Lombok. Despite the pure nature, it is not common here. As well, as wearing just a swimsuit anywhere, outside a beach. Open and loud displays of affection are totally not welcomed. Kisses and hugs in the public places are considered to be rude to other people. Keep in mind, that if you decide to visit any temple or a mosque, you will not be allowed to enter, wearing shorts or a mini skirt. In most of Lombok’s cult buildings, you may enter only wearing the traditional clothes. If you don’t have it with you, you can rent it in the store nearby. One of the peculiarities of the local mentality is that if a person has a bleeder of any origin, it is forbidden for him to enter a temple. It’s just something you have to accept. Copyright
One of the main touristic attractions of the island is climbing the Rinjani volcano. It should be mentioned, that a walk to the top of the volcano will take one whole day. And it is for a … Open
The locals in the remote villages are quite friendly towards the tourists. If you want, you can negotiate to join them in planting rice, which is the center of agriculture here. A couple of working hours and a lifetime memory is guaranteed! The locals follow the traditional technologies in everything, including agriculture, doing things exactly like their ancestors did. This adds some color. You should save some time to visit the aboriginals’ villages, whose tribe is called Sasak. Here you can see, how the pottery and weavings are made according to the century-old traditions. And also buy an authentic souvenir, of course.
A participation is one of many festivals in Lombok will give you some unforgettable memories. In the middle of February, there are festivities in honor of Princess Mandalika. A parade, a music show, a race, games, and competitions, eating of Nyale and glowing warms, which has a symbolic meaning – all of these are an integral part of the festival. Here they celebrate Muslim and Chinese New Year, the end of Ramadan and Indonesia’s Independence Day. Also keep in mind, that during Ramadan some of the restaurants and cafes are closed. Those, who like traditional music, will enjoy Gendang Beleq Festival, and Malean Sampi, a cows’ race, is just a totally unique thing.
Hallmarks of the picturesque island of Lombok are fantastically beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise water. Kuta is considered the most famous beach resort; it has long been … Open
Senggigi Festival is organized to get the tourists acquainted with the traditional culture of the island, and the International Martial Arts Festival means a lot to the local people. During Mulang Pekelem, everybody, who practices Hindu, goes to Segara Anak lake. Under the fool moon, the gifts are launched onto the water, and the pilgrims dive into the water. During Perang Topat, Sakak people and nationals from Bali pay together, asking for a big harvest in the next year. After that they have a mockery fight, throwing sticky rice, covered in coconut leaves, at each other.
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National traditions of Indonesia

Despite the fact that most of the inhabitants profess Islam, pagan traditions exist here. Some pagan traditions are quite shocking. For example, relatives are removed from their graves in the rocks every three years in the province of South Sulawesi to dress them in a new outfit. The unique microclimate of rock tombs contributes to the fact that the bodies are mummified and look quite decent. The honor is paid to the dead in this way. Local residents walk with relatives for a while before returning them to their place after changing clothes. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Lombok Island

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