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Beach Club in IR North Male Atoll is probably the only place on the Maldives where you can actually do shopping in its true sense. There are almost no stores on «holiday islands», however, Malé – the capital – is perfect for people walking around shops looking for peculiar souvenirs, clothes, etc. So, do like the local population and go shopping in the night time when it’s already not that hot. Most stores work until 10 p.m., some of them even till 11 p.m.
All the main sights of the Maldives are right here on North Male Atoll; and, certainly, the major amount of it is in the capital. So, one of the must-visit places is the Sudan Palace. This … Open
Besides, you can start your shopping as soon as you arrive at the airport. There is a great duty-free zone here with small stores offering a decent choice of items: clothes, food, alcohol, sweets, perfumes, bags, books, guidebooks, postcards. You can also buy a local SIM card, a detailed map of the island and some tiny mementos there. Concerning electronics, it’s better to get it in the town.
If you’re looking for some special items, we would recommend you go to all the shops in Malé the majority of which are located on Chandhanee Magu Street, also known as Singapore Bazaar. It’s not like a typical bazaar, it’s more like a bunch of small shops and stores. And still, you can bargain everywhere in this place. There are no fixed prices; you can easily make a price three times lower if you know how to do it right. By the way, you can bargain even in duty-free. It’s a fantastic way to save some money, so try it. Copyright
North Male Atoll offers its guests perfect conditions for water sports and beach vacation. For example, it’s, of course, diving. There are several wonderful marine reserves in the … Open
The most useful goods are sun creams, glasses, swimming suits, and beach footwear – you can buy them all in hotel shops. Moreover, you can always buy there all you need for active holidays: flippers, masks and even diving costumes. On the other hand, such essential stuff as medications, baby food, diapers are better to be bought in advance.
The best point to purchase souvenirs is Malé. There are the whole streets here with small shops like Orchid Magu, Faamudheyri Magu and Fareedhee Magu offering diverse ethnic goods. But, those are all imported and have nothing to do with the locals’ crafts. Nevertheless, you can buy various Indian jewellery, Sri Lanka fabrics or Indonesian carved figurines to remind you of your trip here. There are no rest days in stores, it’s only that all of them are open only after 2 p.m. on Fridays.
1. There are always holidays on North Male Atoll. It’s always warm here, and you won’t be trapped in your hotel room even during the rainy season, as it pours only in the night … Open
In case you’re looking for national curiosities, try to go to the non-touristic islands of North Male Atoll (Huraa, Himmafushi, Mafushi). Here you can find wooden, coral, nacre, and pearl wares by local craftsmen. Make sure you don’t forget to get a certificate in a shop that proves you can export the wares you’ve bought. Concerning souvenirs, wooden lacquered dishes made in the traditional technique will definitely be a good choice. In addition, you can find plates, vases and statues brought from Thulhaadhoo – the centre of this craft. Certainly, it’s better to get right to that island, but it’s on Baa Atoll, so this kind of trip would be rather expensive and long.
Diving Maldives: Sunset A mini dhoni boat – sometimes made from corals and shells or just wood- would be and usual and very special gift. If you buy an expensive one, sure ask for a certificate and pay attention to a proper package, as they are usually quite fragile and may get damaged while transporting. Coral handmade stuff and jewellery are another marvellous gift idea, you should buy it in specialized stores – you can ask guides or hotel staff for an address – and, again, remember about a certificate in order to avoid problems at customs.
Almost all islands of the atoll are available for beach holidays. Territory of some small atolls is fully occupied with hotel complexes, so some beaches are accessible only to hotel guests, … Open
You definitely should go to the Malé fish market, buy fresh fish (some restaurants are glad to cook fish or meat for their guests who bring it from the market) and then smoked or dried fish in a vacuum. They usually sell tuna filet like this. In addition, you have a chance to buy shark teeth too. You can get it in most small shops due to the fact it’s one of the most popular souvenirs among visitors. It’s pretty cheap. Shark jaws are believed to be a greater option, you can find them in shops as well.
Thulhaagiri The local traditional praying mats made from coconut fibre are especially popular around tourists. However, it’s not an easy task to find them in Malé, but still give it a try – you might succeed. Nevertheless, coconut souvenirs are one of the best gifts for relatives and friends. For instance, you can buy spoons, bowls, figures of animals and fish. What is more, kitchen stuff to crack coconuts – like knives and peelers – would be very original gifts.
Upscale beach hotels represent the main pride of North Male, and each of them has its amazing features. Travelers who wish to spend a few days at a cozy villa should pay attention to Coco … Open
And t-shirts with prints on it, of course. The t-shirts themselves are of a high quality (produced in India) and still pretty simple, but prints with palms, waves and islands – that’s what makes them so special. Diverse techniques are used to make these t-shirts. There are workshops right in the stores, so you can choose a design yourself.
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Shopping in Maldives

It is not necessary to go to Male to buy souvenirs. There are a lot of them in hotel shops. However, prices are quite high there. There are also shops on the so-called islands-villages. The Maldives is famous for diving. Therefore, a lot of appropriate equipment is sold here. By the way, the prices are quite reasonable. Dive Shop and Water World are two of the best stores. You can buy the latest diving equipment in the Maldives here. Both stores are located fairly close to each other. Real products of famous brands are sold in them. Many tourists specially come to these stores to buy new equipment for spearfishing or diving. … Open

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