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Beach Club in IR The main ingredients of the local cuisine are fish and seafood as well as rice, coconuts, limes, and spices. The spices were brought here y Indians and Indonesians. So, people on the resort have a wide range of menu positions. You can find easily find Asian and European dishes here. That is why in case you’re suspicious about exotic food, you still will never be hungry.
North Male Atoll is probably the most adapted island of the Maldives for exciting holidays with children of any age. First of all, the capital city with all the country’s main cultural … Open
The most popular ingredient of all here on North Male Atoll is tuna. Locals cook it in different ways and usually serve it with various sauces and rice just a roti flatbread. For instance, tuna curry is a highly popular fish among people here. In addition, they also really enjoy papaya, sweet potatoes or breadfruits. However, locals eat meat extremely rarely. They cook it very rare, so they just serve chicken and mutton exceptionally for special occasions.
Concerning fish, it’s cooked in every restaurant. Fish is mostly served smoked or dried, the dish is called hikimas. A fish broth soup, tuna fish balls, garudhiya rice, and boiled or roasted fish. The entire population eats mashuni roshi – a fish paste with spices baked in roshi flatbread. You might not like such a breakfast, however, you actually have to try local pies. We would especially recommend you kulhi borkihaa made with fish, fried onions and coconut. Actually, people of Maldives add fried bajia onions literally in a great number of meals. Copyright
North Male Atoll is mostly populated with people from South Asia and the Middle East. Also, Indians, Indonesians and Saudis also live here. The capital of the island has the highest … Open
Coconut milk and rice are a base for several desserts. Rice pudding, baked or roasted mix of coconut milk with breadfruit meat, and areca nut desserts. All local sweet dishes taste quite unusual. You can order it in small tea houses on Boduthakurufaanu Magu embankment or in the city centre.
Street food is rather peculiar as well, you will find a nice mix of mango, coconut and dried fish called masskashi in food trays and Gaadiya trucks. Besides, you should also try sweet coconut bondi sticks – a nice snack.
All the main sights of the Maldives are right here on North Male Atoll; and, certainly, the major amount of it is in the capital. So, one of the must-visit places is the Sudan Palace. This … Open
As there is no alcohol on the Maldives (forbidden by Islamic laws), the main drink here is tea. People make it very sugary and with a decent amount of milk, so it then appears to remind the Indian Masala chai. What about coffee, you can order it in every café, but it’s rather expensive, just like any other imported products. On the other hand, you should definitely buy yourself a cup of raa – a palm juice beverage – or a traditional suji.
Diving Maldives: Sunset There are no many restaurants here on North Male and most of them are located on the resort territories of the island and in the capital. Mariyaad Restaurant is an expensive but a very romantic restaurant with European cuisine and live music. They provide tasting nights here when professional sommelier offers guests to try the most exquisite wines from all over the globe.
North Male Atoll offers its guests perfect conditions for water sports and beach vacation. For example, it’s, of course, diving. There are several wonderful marine reserves in the … Open
Trends Restaurant is one of the most popular places among tourists here on the island. Even though it’s located on the hotel’s territory, anybody can come there. The restaurant serves national dishes. Couples usually come to that place for a romantic dinner.
Thulhaagiri Those who are fond of Oriental cuisine should go to Sala Thai Restaurant. They serve fantastic Thai dishes. Prices there are certainly not low, and still, they provide live music, a terrace with a marvellous view, a music fountain, and, of course, delicious food are definitely worth it.
1. There are always holidays on North Male Atoll. It’s always warm here, and you won’t be trapped in your hotel room even during the rainy season, as it pours only in the night … Open
A place with pleasant prices which is popular among tourists is Salsa Royal. The cuisine there is highly diverse – they cook Asian as well as Italian dishes and, for example, offer a decent choice of pizzas. Families with kids are frequent guests there.
A Blanket of Stars Kam Hotel restaurant complex attracts people not just due to its extraordinary décor and seafood dishes but also a billiard room, karaoke club and a delightful choice of alcohol drinks. The place is not a cheap one, and anyway, you can order yourself a dish for a very good price thanks to special offers.
Almost all islands of the atoll are available for beach holidays. Territory of some small atolls is fully occupied with hotel complexes, so some beaches are accessible only to hotel guests, … Open
In case you are fond of Indian cuisine – go to Athamaa Palace. You will find spicy and hot dishes there for a very pleasant price. The place is rather small with quick service and delicious food. You can taste Indian dishes in Kings Corner, prices there are above the average but they cook in a true tandoor oven and, besides, offer Chinese meals too. As well as in Hulhule Island.
Aerial view of North Malé Atoll, Maldives As for families with children, we would recommend you to go to Seagull Cafe House. You can try European and Australian dishes there, those who are keen on seafood and incredible pizzas should really approve it.
Upscale beach hotels represent the main pride of North Male, and each of them has its amazing features. Travelers who wish to spend a few days at a cozy villa should pay attention to Coco … Open
Maniks Restaurant provides its guests with reasonable prices and a diversified menu. A good choice of seafood dishes and a nice wine list is waiting for you there. They also have lots of visitors so it’s better to make a reservation in advance.
A Night of a Thousand Stars Laban Diner is quite a big place, and still, you can get there only by a pre-booking. If you bring your own meat or fish, they will cook it just for you and, what is more, there is a gorgeous bar on the lower deck with a wide choice of alcohol drinks and cocktails.
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National cuisine of Maldives

It is important to remember that the Islamic religion influences Maldivian culture and traditions. Most of the population professes it. It is not possible to buy alcoholic beverages in most stores. But travelers will be able to taste exotic alcoholic cocktails from a mixture of juicy, fragrant fruits and rum or coconut vodka at the resorts. Raa is mainly popular with the local population on the island. This is the sweet juice of a palm tree. It is extracted from the tops of trees. Gaa is an amazing low-alcohol drink made from fermented palm milk. Sometimes it is served even during fermentation. Tea is drunk with the addition of a large amount of milk and sugar. Ordinary black tea is not common here. Coffee is not very popular due to its high cost. There are many fruits on the Islands. Therefore, fruit juices are popular. … Open

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