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Mumbai Among Indian cities, Bombay is arguably the most shopping-friendly one, as it’s littered with various markets and shops full of exotic goods. Zaveri bazaar should definitely spark interest among wealthier tourists. The best jewelers of the city sell their products here, and every single of them seeks to attract customers with their exclusive jewelry. Many of the items presented here are unique and can’t found elsewhere in the world. That said, inexperienced tourists are advised to hire a keen-eyed guide, as the market is full of low-quality fakes.
Mumbai is a city of rich historical and cultural heritage. The landmarks and sights of this tourist destination will be of great interest to all the travelers. One of the most beautiful … Open
If you’re looking for inexpensive locally produced clothing and textiles, head to the Khadi Village shopping mall. It houses only local manufacturers and offers a wide range of high-quality traditional clothing. Men should appreciate a large selection of cheap shirts, whereas ladies can choose fabrics for sarees, as well as buy gorgeous ready-made national dresses. The mall also has a traditional sewing workshop, where you can ask local artisans to sew you some clothes from the newly-bought fabrics.
National outfits and fabrics can also be bought at the Mangaldas Lane. This local market has several counters with inexpensive fabrics from local manufacturers, as well as beautifully made cashmere and silk apparel. Cashmere scarves are especially popular among women. Alternatively, here you can buy lovely canvas wall art to decorate your house, as well as some traditional souvenirs. Copyright
Mumbai is a popular destination among eco tourists. The nearest suburbs of the city host the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The territory of the park is crossed with numerous touristic walking … Open
Speaking of souvenirs, if you’re looking for some, then you should definitely visit the World Trade Center shopping mall. It’s mostly comprised of small family shops, offering various traditional art and handicrafts. All products here are of the highest quality and are much more expensive compared to ordinary markets. That said, every Sunday the shopping mall introduces special offers, allowing visitors to buy goods at a great discount.
Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) Chor Bazaar (also known as a “market of stolen goods”) is yet another major city attraction. Here, you can buy literally everything, from inexpensive clothes and shoes expensive to the jewelry from local craftsmen. The market also offers antiques and exotic art, although tourists are advised to pay special attention to the quality of the purchased goods.
1. The city is convenient for cruising by taxi as all means of public transport available in the area are always crowded. A cost of a trip should be discussed in advance and the counter … Open
Crawford Bazaar is an important historical landmark since it has been operating continuously since 1871. The market’s stalls are abundant with fresh vegetables and fruits, various meat delicacies and spices, popular national sweets and other local culinary delights that are can’t be found in regular supermarkets.
Mumbai Skyline Fashion Street is the main shopping street of Bombay with about 500 stores of all shapes and sizes. Here you can find fancy shops with urban clothes and accessories at an affordable price. Fashion Street offers a wide range of casual clothes and shoes for everyday wear, jewelry, and various fashion accessories, making it a great shopping destination for low-budget tourists.
Bombay is a city of extremes and unexpected discoveries, where skyscrapers stand tall next to slums, some aspects of livelihood of local residents are simply mindblowing. Everyone who wants … Open
All modern shopping centers fans should visit R City Mall. All European-style shoes, electronics, and jewelry familiar to tourists can be found here. On the side note, women will most certainly enjoy local beauty shops and perfume stores. The mall is also great for family recreation, as it houses many toy stores, popular fast food restaurants and sweetshops.
Mumbai High Rise Growel’s 101 Mall is noteworthy for its peculiar traditional design, making it a popular community center. There are several large beauty shops on the ground floor right next to a spacious food court. The shopping mall is worth visiting for a large variety of apparel and footwear stores, offering locally produced and inexpensive goods. On sales days, many products here can be bought at a 50% discount.
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