Colors of Male Atoll - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Diving Maldives: Sunset North Male Atoll is mostly populated with people from South Asia and the Middle East. Also, Indians, Indonesians and Saudis also live here. The capital of the island has the highest population. The Maldives is an Islamic State, so Islam has a significant influence on locals’ lives. First and foremost, it also about an alcohol issue. You won’t find it in any local store or street café. The only exception is the touristic zone. But remember that it’s strictly forbidden to drink alcohol on the territory outside hotels and resorts.
1. There are always holidays on North Male Atoll. It’s always warm here, and you won’t be trapped in your hotel room even during the rainy season, as it pours only in the night … Open
There is also a number of rules concerning clothes and public behaviour. For instance, you can’t wear beach or too revealing clothes when you’re in town. Light trousers, shirts, blouses with long sleeves would be just perfect. Moreover, there are also regulations when it comes to mosques. Besides, one is not allowed to swim or sunbath shirtless and speak to unfamiliar local women. It’s forbidden to litter on the streets and beaches – you’re likely to get a fine for doing so. What is more, there is a ban on the export of many kinds of corals and shells.
Talking about family structure, it’s pretty the same as in any other Muslim country. Traditionally, men are busy with the financial side of life, while women assume housekeeping and children. Life in the capital is kind of different, European features govern life and family standards. One of the island’s peculiarities is that locals prefer to communicate only inside their own small communities. They raise their children together, get married to people of the island they live on and celebrate diverse holidays together. Copyright
Almost all islands of the atoll are available for beach holidays. Territory of some small atolls is fully occupied with hotel complexes, so some beaches are accessible only to hotel guests, … Open
Holidays of North Male can be divided into national and religious. Both are always celebrated exceptionally bright, loudly and with a bang. People dance national dances, organise music occasions with modern bands and performances.
Thulhaagiri Maldivians’ dance culture deserves special mention. There are female and male traditional dances. For example, ones like Dhandi Jehun (danced by men) and Bolimilaafath Neshun (danced by women). They’re both group dances involving 30 people. Bodu Beru is the most known national dance, it was named after a big drum that sets performers’ moves rhythm. It’s danced at every celebration. About 12 dancers, a drummer and a singer usually participate in it. One more group ritual dance is Bandiyaa Jehun. Groups of young men and women play songs accompanied by rhythmic metallic crockery beats.
Upscale beach hotels represent the main pride of North Male, and each of them has its amazing features. Travelers who wish to spend a few days at a cozy villa should pay attention to Coco … Open
Thaara is a local traditional music genre. It represents religious melodies played on tambourines. Musicians sit in two rows in front of each other. You can also find this type of ritual rhythms in Arab culture.
A Blanket of Stars National holidays are celebrated on fixed dates and connected with events and people of country importance. One of the most importance is, certainly, National Day that is dedicated to celebrate the victory over the Portuguese occupation, Victory Day (on 3rd November) and Republic Day (on 11th November). The whole population traditionally participate in celebratory processions on those days, national flags appear on many local buildings, music is everywhere, and the streets are decorated with flowers. Celebrations are typically ended with a dinner with various national dishes and fireworks.
North Male Atoll is probably the only place on the Maldives where you can actually do shopping in its true sense. There are almost no stores on «holiday islands», however, Malé – the … Open
Maldives Independence Days is celebrated on July, 26. This is an actual flower fest. Diverse concerts, celebratory processions, theatrical performances, and fairs take place in the capital. Apart from music performances and processions, there are also military parades during the Republic Day on Male.
Aerial view of North Malé Atoll, Maldives World Food Day is also celebrated here. There are small markets all around the capital city which sell products of the local production and crafts. Furthermore, there are official events dedicated to the population and development of farming and different local traditional crafts.
North Male is the main atoll of the Maldives. This is where the capital of the republic, Malé, with its priceless attractions, cultural centers and luxury hotels is situated. The atoll … Open
One of the most significant local holidays is Fishermen’s Day (December, 10). Fishing is the base of the local mode of life, so the holiday is celebrated literally in every house of every island. And, of course, it’s celebrated in the biggest way here on North Male. Fish is a queen of islands on that day. It’s sold everywhere and, in addition, everyone can try a great variety of fish dishes. All the performances and songs are about fishing and traditions connected with the profession. The majority of performing bands are people who inhabit fishing villages. If you have a chance to get to one of these celebrations, you will completely immerse yourself into the life of the Maldives.
A Night of a Thousand Stars Concerning religious celebrations, Eid al-Fitr is one of the bright ones, symbolising the end of Ramadan. It’s typically celebrated with a rich dinner, locals visit each other, invite their relatives and give gifts. In addition, they treat kids with tasty sweets too. Then, the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday and Eid al-Adha - the Festival of the Sacrifice – are hugely celebrated as well. People of Maldives usually celebrate these days with their families.
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National traditions of Maldives

Maldivians are very friendly and cheerful. They are always happy to welcome travelers. It seems that the smile never disappears from their faces. Maldivians have never been angry or sullen despite the poverty of the region and the small number of sources of food. Maldivians have mostly always lived off the ocean. They respect the sea and nature. Fishing for food has become a cultural tradition. This profession is passed down from generation to generation. Fishing is the second largest industry on the islands. About 22,000 people are employed in it. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Male Atoll

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