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The Portuguese had a major impact on formation of culinary traditions of Goa; however, many ways of cooking national dishes haven’t changed for hundreds of years. Like many centuries ago, local cuisine is based on seafood, fruits and vegetables. One of the most common components of national dishes is coconut milk. Various culinary trends can be found in tourist areas of Goa; local restaurants are usually located next to beaches and lively shopping streets.
Many national holidays carried out on Goa have religious roots. However, they are quite similar to religious celebrations in usual meaning. Locals devote incredibly interesting festivals and … Open
Travelers are recommended to go to distant towns of the state in search for local dishes, as there they could find nice family restaurants. The basis of the daily diet in Goa is rice and curry sauce; that’s the usual food of locals. It is worth noting that dozens of different varieties of rice are used for cooking, so their taste may differ a lot.
There are many vegetarians among locals and some allow themselves to eat meat dishes only a few times a week. Delicious seafood is a perfect replacement of meat; all national restaurants will offer it. Fairly common treat is Codd, curry with seafood, which will certainly appeal to those accustomed to European cuisine. Curry lovers will have an opportunity to taste hundreds of variations of their favorite dishes. Depending on the combination of spices, curry may be of many different colors, ranging from light green to deep ocher. Copyright
The major attraction of Goa is its charming nature complementing local historical and religious monuments. Idalkao Palace is notable among the historical monuments of the capital; … Open
The most common addition to rice and curry is grilled fish called tondak. Some species of fish are intensively flavored with spices, while others are served to the table without condiments. Those who want to taste more exotic treats should order kissmur salad. It is based on a rather unusual ingredient - dried shrimp fried with coconut. Seafood lovers will be delighted with seafood balls, as well as an amazing assortment of clams and sukem shrimp. The special secret of local dishes is not only in using specific ingredients, but also in cooking process. Despite the ubiquity of modern dinnerware, chefs of Goa prefer to cook their culinary masterpieces in pottery; that’s why they taste just fantastic.
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National cuisine of India

India is the birthplace of many interesting, tasty and healthy drinks. The well-known drink called “falooda” is a sweet and cool drink, which is especially good for quenching one’s thirst during the heat wave. It is often drunk especially in big cities. Milk, ice cream, pink syrup and other ingredients that give an unusual taste are added to the drink. Coconut water is equally a favorite drink for Indians. It is sold in many stores in the country and is adored for its refreshing taste and great health benefits. “Nimbu Pani” is lemonade in which ginger, lime, salt or mint may be added. The choice of drinks in India is huge, from creamy mango drink, turmeric milk, to tea with masala, buttermilk, and milk with dried fruits. Coconut alcohol drink “feni” can be drunk only in Goa while white “toddy (palm wine)”, also from coconut, can be easily found in any bar. … Open

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